Lambs voting for the butcher 5

Why do African-Americans and Jews vote in such large numbers for the Democratic Party, which has a history of being the enemy of both? (For why it’s surprising that Democrats attract black voters, see our post Democrats for slavery, secession, segregation, socialism, December 7, 2009). They are like lambs voting for the butcher.

In our post A state condemned, March 21, 2010, we wrote about President Obama’s prejudices, plots, and policies as constituting an existential threat to the State of Israel.

The always interesting columnist David Solway sees what is happening between the Obama administration and the Israeli government much as we do. And he is as puzzled and irritated by the Jews who voted for Obama and habitually vote for the Democrats as we are (see for example our post Stupid Jews in Canada, January 11, 2009).

In an article that rewards reading in full, he writes at Front Page:

It is hard to avoid the conclusion that Obama deliberately provoked a crisis to weaken Israel’s bargaining position and bring it into even greater disrepute among the wider public… Obama’s malice toward Israel is quite frankly undeniable.

Anyone who says that this president is a friend to Israel is lying to himself or is living in some alternate universe. Anyone who cannot see what National Post columnist George Jonas calls the “anti-Semitism, and Arabist agenda that emanates from the Obama administration” should be treated for cataracts. As peremptory and unnuanced as this may sound, any Jew who approves of Obama or continues to invest his fealty in the Democratic Party works insidiously against the well-being and even the survival of the Jewish state as we know it. According to recent polls, 96% of Jewish Israelis have recognized this indubitable fact, yet Canadian and American Jews foolishly persist in massively endorsing the very political parties that, whether subtly or overtly, would diminish Israel’s ability to defend itself against its sworn aggressors.

Of course, Jews have a long history of turning against their own, from Korah, Dathan and Abiram who revolted against Moses to those who helped further the Medieval blood libels to the Yevsektsiya (the Jewish section of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union) to the despicable Richard Goldstone today—and the uncountable numbers in between. This is not—repeat, not—to suggest that the ordinary run of American and Canadian Jews are quislings and delators of the same perfidious stamp; nevertheless, there is something almost inexplicable in their political loyalties that calls their collective acuity into question.

  • Tyler520

    It is important to maintain a clear separation between the cultural, social and religious differences of American Jews, often referred to as “Jews In Name Only”, and who have a nasty habit of intruding in international Jewish affairs while falsely purporting to represent the interests of Israel and her people—and Israeli Jews, who are fighting for their very existence in the face of a still-present and growing world of anti-semitism

    Several months ago, an Israeli report indicated that 93% of Israelis have a negative opinion of Mr. Obama, while 75% believe he is an enemy of Israel, actively working to undermine its sovereignty and security.

  • aeschines

    It's nice to think that if Rome, et. al. disappeared everyone would lock hands in a chorus of “We are the World” to a backdrop of a rainbow flag.

    The truth is, as long as there is religion, religion will make sacred ground. Heck, if Mecca and Medina and Jerusalem disappeared tomorrow, Muslims would make pilgrimages to some place Muhammad took a piss break.

    Just as if Rome disappeared tomorrow, Catholics would flock to the shrine of St. Random of Anywhere.

    It's the religion in men's hearts, not on men's hills that we fight against.

    Besides, as C. Gee said, these places have historical value.

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  • NoCountryForYoungMen

    When you talk about jews are you talking Judaism, or the ethnic group. I can say this confrontation will only serve to deepen the religious views that the chosen nation Israel is being tested once again with enemies on all sides but no friends… another boost to the zionist complex.

    Sometimes I wish Rome, Jerusalem, and Mecca would just disappear by some means. Without these physical and geo-political beacons – a lot of religious people would think more freely, and maybe adopt a more realistic world view. Or at least disengage from geo-millitaristic politics and stop continuing their own self-fulfilling prophecies.

    But yes you must admit that once again Israel is being picked on like the jewish nerdy kid in high school. Intelligence and religion seem like a mix of fire and water but pride and self delusion is a powerful thing.

    • C. Gee

      Irrationality takes many forms, religion being one of them. Geo-militaristic politics is unavoidable for as long as there are nations, armies and laws and men. Wishing away Rome and Jerusalem would remove much of civilizational value. Mecca? In serious need of redesign – not least for crowd control. The imagineers at Disney could advise.