The world on fire 2

Obama is doing nothing effective to stop Iran becoming a nuclear armed power.

At the same time as he is allowing Iran to develop a nuclear arsenal, he is weakening America’s nuclear capability with the expressed aim of ultimately abandoning it completely.

Does he understand what can happen as a result of these policies?

If so, he is intentionally bringing about Armageddon.

James Carafano writes at the Washington Examiner:

Recent research suggests that nuclear weapons are much more destructive than previously thought because of the effect of mass fire. At the moment of detonation, the heart of an atomic fireball is four to five times hotter than the sun. It generates a firestorm of hurricane-force winds. Air temperature soars above the boiling point.

Both Washington and Tehran have much to learn from this. The people of Iran should realize the terrible price they may pay due to their president’s relentless pursuit of nuclear weapons. For Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, nukes are more than a status symbol. He views them as a useful tool. He publicly yearns to bring about the “death of Israel” and live in “a world without America.”

Nukes are the way to reach these goals. Give this delusional dreamer a nuclear weapon and a missile to deliver it, and he’ll be only too eager to threaten his enemies with nuclear holocaust.

That, of course, would only invite atomic retaliation … the type that would obliterate Iran…

The lesson for Washington is that the United States, a long-established nuclear power, must act like a responsible one. President Obama has started a mad dash down the “road to zero” — with the announced goal of eliminating our nuclear arsenal. It’s a path more likely to end in a nuclear firestorm than in peace.

Why? The danger starts with the administration’s refusal to fully modernize our nuclear weapons. Our aging inventory is increasingly less usable and reliable. The continuing erosion of a credible deterrent force will only invite aggression.

Moreover, slashing U.S. arsenals may well spur a new arms race. It may encourage emerging atomic enemies such as Iran and North Korea to “pick up the pace” to become our nuclear equals. That in turn could spark other nations wary of these rogue regimes to fast-track their own nuclear programs. Instead of easing tensions, our nuclear drawdown could ratchet up worldwide instability.

The administration has compounded its nuclear error by hobbling our missile defense program. War gaming exercises consistently show missile defenses not only deter attacks, they deter others from even building up their arsenals. Why build missiles when they’ll just be shot down?

A world on fire is an horrific vision of the future. The Iranian administration views it as glorious, while our administration steadfastly averts its gaze…

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  • NoCountryForYoungMen

    Really I can't imagine it…even the most evil sane person who has any greed would not want to start ww3.

    Obama is so ridiculous to me so far in what he has done as a president, especially foreign policy wise.

    He has broken solidarity with traditionally close US allies: the UK (over the falklands), and Israel (over their capital city).

    He has refused closer discussion and cooperation with Europe.

    He has failed to even embargo Iran. Never mind calling Iran's leaders what they are… aggressive Totalitarian Theocratic Fascists. Mr. Aqmindinjihad (hehehe) threatens to wipe Israel and America off the map, but Obama does not condemn Iran, instead he picks a fight with Israel…. and sends more troops to Afghanistan, while abandoning infant Iraq.. even when control over Iran (trying to build nuclear weapons) and pakistan (Islamic country with nuclear weapons and named often as the root of all terrorism) should be the much more important objective.

    Obama has not addressed china's annexation of world trade! Not even the bare minimum equalizing tariffs to counteract chinese currency manipulation.

    All the while he is dismantling the worlds main peacekeeping deterrent. The US nuclear arsenal… Ok maybe if the US now has space based advanced laser or atom stabilizing field technology that obsoletes nuclear weapons it makes sense…. but this is highly unlikely. Even if this is so the US is encouraging future conflict by even discussing nuclear reduction without first 'Denuclearising' Iran, Pakistan, North Korea – and involving China in any talks with Russia in reducing nuclear stockpiles.

  • My guess is that Obama's agenda of destroying the US prevents him from destroying those who seek to destroy his target of destruction i.e. USA. Makes sense? ­čÖé