When is illegality illegal? 2

Here’s a snippet of news carrying the whiff and flavor of American bureaucracy in the Age of Obama.

An official whose business it is to enforce the law says he will not “necessarily” enforce it.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

John Morton, who heads U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said… the agency intends to increase scrutiny of employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

“If we’re going to bring about meaningful changes in behavior, you have to do that by focusing on the employer,” he said during a meeting with the Tribune editorial board. …

Echoing comments by President Barack Obama and others in the administration, Morton said that Arizona’s new law targeting illegal immigration is not “good government.” The law makes it a crime to be in the state illegally

Morton said his agency will not necessarily process illegal immigrants referred to them by Arizona officials.

What part of “illegal” does this law enforcement officer not understand?

  • Bill

    This administration is at least as irrational as the administration of Jimmy Carter back in the 1970s (I was in college during the “Carter Malaise”). Back in those days, traditional American law was made a mockery. Carter apologized for America every speech he gave, and he hobnobbed with terrorists. Carter is still a nutcase. I thought we'd never get another nut in the White House but many people under the age of 40 did not know of Jimmy Carter.

  • NoCountryForYoungMen

    Crime and illegality in my mind mean very similar things. Unless the Justice system has become more like an legal system where now right and wrong can somehow be separated from the concept of legality. This implies that some wrongs are legal, and some rights are illegal. This is what happens when politics – executive and legislative branches invade the Judiciary.

    When the law is not actively enforced with great stringently one makes a farce of the law – and the law is most likely greatly over extended bent out of shape from it's original purpose. When common people just by living like everyone else are suddenly criminals the society has extremely serious problems.

    More likely than the above however is pure stupidity or illegal the word is suddenly having a crisis of definition.