Obama the stooge 3

Is it possible to doubt that Obama is passionately devoted to Islam when he has made it glaringly obvious in his speeches and his deep obeisance to the “King” of Saudi Arabia; has deliberately alienated the US government from Israel; and has given an instruction to NASA administrator Charles Bolden to find – as a priority, rather than space exploration which has been all but totally abandoned – “a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution [in fact, non-historic and almost entirely mythical – JB] to science and math and engineering”?

Here’s further confirmation of his profound concern for, and involvement with, Islam in news from Creeping Sharia:

The U.S. ambassador to Kenya has publicly urged Kenyans to vote in favor of the proposed constitution, including the kadhis [sharia] courts, arguing that passage is key to keeping Kenya stable. …

The Obama admin may have spent up to $10 million tax payer dollars supporting the proposed Kenyan constitution that includes provisions for sharia courts.

Kenya is also where Obama’s cousin Raul [Raila] Odinga promised sharia law during his Kenyan campaign, and then waged violent attacks leading to hundreds of deaths to steal a position after a failed election.

For background to the issue of sharia courts in Obama’s ancestral home Kenya, and more on Obama’s support  for his terrorist cousin Odinga, see this January 6, 2008 article at Atlas Shrugs:

Obama’s ties to Kenya run deep. He knows the political landscape. Why would he back such a violent, dangerous man who made a pact with the Muslims to institute sharia? Obama’s bias for his fellow Luo [Raila Oginga Odinga] was so blatant that a Kenya government spokesman denounced Obama during his visit as Raila’s “stooge.”

Raila Oginga Odinga has … a scheme to carry out a second coup attempt in Kenya (his first attempt in 1982 failed) …

Those who have an interest in Kenya witnessed the post-party-nomination violence a couple of weeks ago in Oginga’s strongholds. People who chose to vote against anyone his party chose were killed.

For a few days both Nairobi and Kisumu were literally ablaze. Candidates who escaped the violence and who chose to run on parties other than the party Oginga was running on had to publicly step down when Oginga attended their rallies and publicly asked them to step down and support his party. …

[In 2003] Muslim leaders in Kenya [were] threatening armed conflict if the new Kenyan constitution [did] not enshrine Islamic courts (known in Kenya as Kadhi courts).

The US Ambassador to Kenya is Michael E. Ranneberger. In a recent speech in honor of International Women’s Day, he said:

I want to emphasize that the United States is strongly committed to promoting the rights of Kenyan women and their increased participation in all aspects of social, political, and economic life. This is a highly important dimension of the strong and growing partnership between the U.S. and Kenya.

Under unalterable sharia law, a woman’s testimony is half as valuable as a man’s; a woman may inherit only half as much as male heirs; a woman can be divorced at the whim of her husband and she does not have a right to keep her children; if a woman is raped she can be convicted of immorality and the punishment may be stoning to death. These are just some of the ways in which sharia law subjugates and victimizes women.

Apparently Mr Ranneberger sees no need to square his “commitment to promoting the rights of Kenyan women” with his urging Kenyans to adopt a constitution that would establish sharia law.

Such is US diplomacy in the era of Obama.

  • Vince Sayala

    I just wish wingnuts would do real research by seeking objective news sources. The notion of sharia law in Kenya is absurdly laughable. What is at stake is Kadhi courts which have been in existence in Kenya and other countries for decades. The idea that Kenya where muslims are less than 10% of the population will suddenly become a sharia state is a joke.
    The people who oppose the new constitution the most are those who benefit from the current endemic corruption that plagues. The ex-president (Moi) is the leader of those who oppose the new constitution. He is the most corrupt politician Kenya ever produced.
    The current President and most of his supporters support the new constitution.
    Polls suggest that 60% of Kenyans support the new constitution. Basic research will tell you this and no amount of right wing propaganda will change that.
    Only propaganda and agenda driven people such as yourself are interested in peddling falsehoods about the constitution.
    I bet the author of this article has never been to Kenya and never plans to. He is just interested in using faslehoods to further his agenda.

  • Vince Sayala

    I wish you conservatives would stop peddling half truths to promote your agenda
    1. There will be no Sharia law in Kenya. Kadhi courts are optional.
    2. Odinga is not Obama's cousin
    3. Odinga is seen by most Kenyans as the beacon of democracy. Thats why he won the election in 2007. He and his father have done more to fight for democracy in Kenya than all others.
    4. This new constitution will mean greater freedoms and prosperity for Kenyans

    • C. Gee

      1. The Muslims from whom Odinga seeks political support in exchange for Sharia do not believe that Islam is optional.
      2. Odinga claimed cousinship in a BBC interview. He explained a connection through a maternal uncle. But even if Odinga used “cousin” to mean tribal kinship, Obama has not said as much, nor to my knowledge has he repudiated the implied blood relationship.
      3. “Most” Kenyans? He claimed the election had been rigged when he lost it in 2007, and started riots. He and his father have done much to fight for their own power in Kenya. Democracy there looks much like democracy elsewhere in Africa.
      4. Naturally. Which Kenyans?