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Remember all those pundits, many of them journalists and newspaper editors, who explained why they would not reprint the cartoons of Muhammad which appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in September 2005, and made world news because of the angry reaction of Muslims, by saying that while it was legal to publish them, it should not be done because to do so was offensive?

Have we heard from them again, saying that while it is legal to build a mosque beside Ground Zero, it should not be done because it is offensive?

If anyone has heard any of the same people repeating, in relation to this new controversy, the principle they so firmly and self-righteously avowed, please let us know.

If none do, could it be because they only don’t want to offend Muslims, and don’t give a damn if anyone else’s feelings are hurt and outraged, even though with far greater cause?

And could that be because their consciences were stimulated not so much by moral compunction as by sheer terror, since Muslims have been known to kill when offended at being depicted as killers?

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  • Frank

    It is the typical double standard when ever you create special classes of people with special privileges over and above what everyone else has. Political correctness over rides common sense. I am sure there are legal ways to prevent this from being built such as a change in zoning laws. There are plenty of other sites in greater New York City where a mosque could be built. Insisting on building the mosque in that location is a blatant political statement and an insult to all Americans.

    To paraphrase Sam Harris:
    “In today's world all civilized nations have a real enemy: fundamentalist Islam. I'm not talking about radical Islam or al-Qaida. I'm talking about fundamentalist Islam. Have you read the Quran? Have you read the hadiths? I have and I can tell you that the mainstream doctrine of Islam contains the ideas of martyrdom and jihad. It contains the imperative to convert, subjugate, or kill infidels. Anyone who tells you differently have not read the Quran, has not read the hadiths, or is lying about them.”

    When push comes to shove which side do you think the so called “moderate” Muslims will be on? I remember vividly thousands of “moderate” Muslims celebrating and dancing in the streets on 9/11. Unless the civilized world wakes up from its political correctness stupor it will be the end of us.