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Great fun – the idea that our universe was made by people like us.

Dr John Gribbin, astronomer, thinks it possible. Writing in the Telegraph, he even suggests how we – that is to say, some among us – could make universes too.

Is our universe a designer universe? By this, I do not mean a God figure, an “intelligent designer” monitoring and shaping all aspects of life. Evolution by natural selection, and all the other processes that produced our planet and the life on it, are sufficient to explain how we got to be the way we are, given the laws of physics that operate in our universe.

However, there is still scope for an intelligent designer of universes as a whole. Modern physics suggests that our universe is one of many, part of a “multiverse” where different regions of space and time may have different properties (the strength of gravity may be stronger in some and weaker in others). If our universe was made by a technologically advanced civilisation in another part of the multiverse, the designer may have been responsible for the Big Bang, but nothing more.

As with much else in modern physics, the idea involves particle acceleration, the kind of thing that goes on in the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. …

To create a new universe would require a machine only slightly more powerful than the LHC – and there is every chance that our own universe may have been manufactured in this way.

He goes on to explain how it’s possible using black holes, which “are relatively easy to make”. He quotes Alan Guth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who has “investigated the technicalities of ‘the creation of universes in the laboratory’, and concluded that the laws of physics do, in principle, make it possible”.

Dr Gribbin asks: ‘How likely is it to have happened already?”

While the intelligence required to do the job may be (slightly) superior to ours, it is of a kind that is recognisably similar to our own, rather than that of an infinite and incomprehensible God. And the most likely reason for such an intelligence to make universes is the same for doing things like climbing mountains, or studying the nature of subatomic particles – because we can. A civilisation that has the technology to make baby universes would surely find the temptation irresistible. And if the intelligences are anything like our own, there would be an overwhelming temptation at the higher levels of universe design to improve upon the results.

This idea provides the best resolution yet to the puzzle Albert Einstein used to raise, that “the most incomprehensible thing about the Universe is that it is comprehensible”. The universe is comprehensible to the human mind because it was designed, at least to some extent, by intelligent beings with minds similar to our own.

Read it all here. Enjoy.

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  • Starramus

    Guth’s premise is that if you put enough energy into a finite amount of space a false vacuum will be created. This dwarf’s mankind’s present technological capacities and in fact does the same for any foreseeable superior intelligences. These Herculean quantities of energies are so far beyond the reach of any physical manifestation of intelligence that this feat could never be accomplished. However I feel that I have worked my way around this obstacle. Guth is approaching his universe creation from the entirely wrong direction. The goal rather is to remove as much energy as possible from that finite amount of space creating a bubble of true vacuum. As the seeded bubble of true vacuum engulfs the known universe gravitational effects will take over creating a primordial seed universe. In the ensuing collapse towards a singularity (hopefully) a bounce will occur and the recycled contents of our present universe will again begin their outward expansion forming stars and galaxies. Now mind you, I reserve the copyright and intellectual property rights of this future universe and that the rent is due. (big smiley)

    • George

      Recently I have been doing a vast amount of research and studying on this subject and I must wholeheartedly admit that much of it still puzzles me. There has been the “FIRST CAUSE” debate between secularists and religionists (theists) , the scientific presentation of quantum physics and the scientific presentation known as — TIME/SPACE CONTINUUM ( the theorectical belief that matter has ALWAYS existed and was never created and will never be destroyed and that motion has always existed as a matter of reaction of various material/chemical evolutionary perpetual reactions ). I must admit that every time I study this it leads to more and more questions. As Robert G. Ingersoll stated when he was asked where did it all begin and where did matter and life come from , he replied — ” I don’t know”.

  • I'd like to put in a request for a universe without American Idol.

  • Ty3114

    Too much in the realm of theoretical and quantum physics and astronomy remains philosophy rather than legitimate science