Disarming the Defender 4

(c) M Westrop 2010

Notice the Hassidic sheep

And the weeping crocodile

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  • Ralph

    The tree is central. Is it the tree of knowledge? If so it appears to be barren.

    • Mrs M Westrop

      Hello. Sorry to say its just a tree. I like the way illuminated pictures have bits that stick into the decorative frame so I made its leaves poke above the border.

      Dramatis Personae on the Left are: Jeremy Bowen – a BBC opinioniser; a random lefty in square glasses with a bitter mouth; the British politician Jenny Tonge who is very involved in the Palestinian argument ; a crocodile crying; Tony Blair – a onetime British politician who is working away at something in the ME; Obama – a President; and in the red CND ensemble, someone I know socially but shouldn't name.

      • Anthroposmetron

        Love the crocodile tears from the left! You nailed it with that little bit of symbolism. Too funny!

        • MW

          Thanks, Anthropostmetron.