Fooled 17

Was anyone really fooled into believing that Obamacare would provide more of the nation with better health at lower cost?

Now that the Health Care legislation has been passed and we can at last see what’s in it, as Nancy Pelosi promised we would, a great many bad things are being found in there. And a great many undesirable consequences are emerging.

Just one example of a nasty restriction buried deep: You may not be allowed to pay for treatment out of your own pocket. Section 2713 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act bans you from getting certain treatments at your own expense. You cannot buy immunizations and certain gynecological screenings, for instance, unless you first get government permission. (For more on this, see The Daily Caller here.)

And one highly undesirable consequence will be a severe shortage of doctors, as Investor’s Business Daily points out:

One of the marks of national health care is the waiting-list problem that plagues Britain and Canada. Delays in treatment have caused suffering and, in some cases, death. Soon, we’ll be waiting for doctors too.

Last week, the Association of American Medical Colleges reported that the looming doctor shortage will be worse than previous reports claim because of ObamaCare.

Rather than “a baseline shortage of 39,600 doctors in 2015, current estimates bring that number closer to 63,000, with a worsening of shortages through 2025,” says the medical college group’s Center for Workforce Studies.

Unless the country acts now, says the Center for Workforce Studies, we will be more than 91,000 doctors short in just 10 years. The number includes a shortage of 45,000 primary care physicians and 46,000 surgeons and medical specialists. …

Two years ago, the physician search firm of Merritt, Hawkins & Associates estimated that by 2020 the U.S. will need 90,000 to 200,000 more doctors than we will have. At that point, the wait to see a doctor for a routine visit would be three to four months. [Optimistically – JB.]

A year after the Merritt Hawkins report, Joseph Stubbs, president of the American College of Physicians, the country’s second-largest doctor group, talked about the arrival of “a catastrophic crisis” even before ObamaCare had been passed and signed. …

As alarming as those numbers are, the reality might be worse. The ranks will be thinned as physicians simply refuse to work under ObamaCare. In August 2009, 45% of doctors told our IBD/TIPP Poll that they would consider leaving their practices or taking early retirement if the Democrats’ version of reform were to become law. And it did.

The doctors cited various reasons behind their decisions to leave. But the most common explanations centered around the increased costs under the Democrats’ plan, the bureaucratic controls it would bring [mountains of paperwork, as in Britain – JB] and its lack of protection from runaway malpractice lawsuits. …

There’s an English proverb: “Every man at thirty is a fool or a physician.”

One might say that under Obamacare, only a fool would become a physician.

  • Mellisa

    You people are idiots. It reminds me of the case when a white mans' daughter was rape by a white man and an innocent black man was accused of it. Their satisfaction was, sending an Innocent black man to prison and let the guilty white man (that raped his own daughter) go free. Is it really that important to you, that you let our country down because you would rather see Omaba fail simply because he's black. Where were you during the Bush years when the banks were giving these loans to make the rich, richer, You can't even see they don't even care about you. You're the raped white mans daughter. WAKE UP. Support our President, so he can help, even YOU

    • philabor

      Repeat it. Then it won't be wrong.

      We don't want Obama to fail because he's black. We want him to fail because HE IS DOING TERRIBLE THINGS TO THE COUNTRY WE LOVE!!!!!!!!!

      • Mellisa

        Again where were you during Bush. I can't believe that people still can't see that there are a few people making a lot of money when everyone else suffers. Obama hasn't even been in office for two years and when he got in Our Country was falling apart. We need to support our President to help do what we can to save ourselves. There are a few sayings, “You only know what you know” and “What people don't know, you can't tell them” I feel sorry for those who believe that a President that has been in office for less than two years, came into office when our country is falling apart is responsible for the shape it's in now. Wake up. If he's wrong we'll know it. If you fight him, you're hurting yourself. Sorry, It's the truth. Who do you think is making profits from the failing banks. Look up the Bush family history from their account stand point and their relationship with the oil countries. They make money from wars, and make money when things go wrong. Our children, yours and mine (family members, children if you don't have kids) are suffering, theirs are not.

    • Bill


    • Stuffy

      “WAKE UP. Support our President, so he can help, even YOU”

      where were you during the Bush years? protesting? blogging? bitching to anyone everyone that would listen and print or play your opinion? am i right? conservatives don't have the same right? why? why should we follow different rules than liberals? we should bow down and pray at the obama alter? answer these questions, convince me!!

    • Melisa, I'm glad you're a real person and not a computer. People deserve courtesy, and I'd like to extend you the benefit of the doubt. I appreciate you care deeply about this issue, and I assure you anyone with a conscience (even a Conservative) also cares about health care. As it happens, I have just run across of piece of news from the U.K. that may be relevant to this conversation. I have written about it on my own blog, RESPVBLICA, and you are welcome to check out my logic. I promise I will publish any comment you write, as long as you keep it clean. If you are interested, here it is:

    • Tyler520

      You leftist nutcases simply cannot prevent yourself from bringing up the issue of race – you seem to have an unhealthy obsession. Your comparison makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever.

      By the way, the “Bush tax cuts for the rich” is a blatant lie – on average, taxes increased by 15% for the richest 10% of our country. That is an inarguable fact. (source: Furthermore, in his first 18 months in office Mr. Obama spent as much as Bush did in 8 years – another inconvenient, inarguable fact for you.

      And finally, Obamacare is unconstiutional…thusly ILLEGAL

      Go back to whatever leftist Nazi blog you spawned from, you ignorant mongrel animal – nobody appreciates your stupidity here

    • Tyler520

      Furthermore, Obamacare does not set aside a SINGLE CENT to employ new doctors. however, it DOES set aside fundingf for TENS OF THOUSANDS of new IRS agents to hunt down and prosecute anyone who fails to comply.

      The unions who helped draft and lobby Obamacare are completely immune from the program. Why would people promote something they do not want for themselves, hmmm?

  • Surrinder8

    You people are idiots. It reminds me of the case when a white man daughter was rape by a man and a black man was accused of it, their satisfaction was in sending an Innocent black man to prison and let the guilty white man (that raped his own daughter) go free. Is it really that important that you let our country down because you rather not let Omaba succeed simply because he's black. Where were you during the Bush years when the banks were giving these loans to make the rich richer, You can't even see they don't even care about you. You're the raped white mans daughter. WAKE UP. Support our President, so he can help, even YOU

    • Nonya

      What do your comments have to do with health care costs, and lack of doctors? NOTHING!

      Take your ignorant racist rhetoric elsewhere, idiot.

      • Mellissa

        It's not racist. It's facts. I'm not black either.

    • Offensive, irrelevant…and repeated word for word. Is this left-wing auto-spam?

      • Mellisa

        It accidently posted twice and it's npot word for word. Someone needs to help us protect our country. We need to stand together.

        • Jillian Becker

          Further to my last reply to you, Melissa:- If you think we should “stand together”, then you should stand with the very large majority of people in this country who are AGAINST Obamacare – and it seems – we'll know for sure in November – are against his Party's policies.

          One more thing. Don't be envious of the rich. In America everyone has opportunity to become rich. Why not become rich yourself?

    • Jillian Becker

      Melissa – you make unwarrantable assumptions. It is very probable that some of our readers are black. In fact, I know at least one is. Some of the people we admire most as thinkers, and quote in our posts, are black. But we are not concerned about whether they are black or not. It seems, however, to be of concern to you. Why?

      We are interested in ideas. We oppose socialism because we know it is a bad ideology. Obama favors it. He has made many statements, taken many actions, that prove it. He has said he wants to redistribute wealth. That is a socialist idea. He has been a community organizer in the manner recommended by Saul Alinsky. He and Alinsky are collectivists. We are against collectivism and for individual freedom. We oppose all collectivist ideologies, including for instance Islam – which Obama also favors.

      Rational criticisms of President Bush were certainly warranted, but he was a far better man and president than Obama. For one thing, he was on the side of America. He treated America's allies well, and fought America's enemies with determination. Obama apologizes for his country, fails to protect it as he should, treats allies badly, woos enemies. He has plunged this country into deep debt. He has tried to foist socialized health care on the people against their will. The list of what he has done wrong is too long for this space. His election was a terrible, shocking, profound mistake. He has only done his country and the people harm, and can only do harm. He must be chucked out of the White House in 2012.

  • Bill

    The people are aware. Going into medicine is more costly than lucrative. The red tape is very costly and the costs keep going up. Meanwhile the education takes many years. One typically becomes a doctor in her late 20s or early 30s and still has tens of thousands of dollars, perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans to pay off. You study ten years for a career that you can stand for only five years. Then what do you do? Atlas Shrugged.

  • “Nothing is so dangerous as a well-meaning fool.”

    If that's not a proverb, it should be.