Way beyond outrageous 6

Did anyone who voted for Obama, or even the media that shilled for him, imagine that he would go this far to abase his country?

Take precautions against your blood boiling when you watch this:

Video made by Eye on the UN

  • Wow. Truly comical and yet disgusting at the same time. My favorite one was the Iranian lady saying that the US should “effectively combat violence against women” while she is completely covered except her face. What a damn joke. What violence against women is she even talking about?

    My question is this: under what context did this meeting even take place? Did Obama say, “Let’s go to the UN and see what the member nations think of our human rights record?” Or did someone at the UN call for this? Do meetings like this take place for other nations? Do we get to sit on the other side of the table and pass out criticism on human rights violations by other member nations?

    I can’t help but be really disgusted by this though. The UN sat on its hands while hundreds of thousands died in Rwanda. Then they are all too smug while pointing the finger at us. What’s especially bothersome are the endless cliches. “The Republic of [insert random country here] is deeply concerned about the US human rights record. We recommend the US bring its human rights laws in compliance with the international standard… yadda, yadda, yadda.” I mean, what the hell are all these canned-answer reviews supposed to accomplish? I just don’t get it, but maybe that’s because I’m a rational American, and not a tax-wasting beaurocrat.

    I really should get a job at the UN. I am guessing all I will have to do is travel the world every few months, and throw out the occasional cliche to the main-scream media… “world hunger can be stopped… human rights violations should be monitored… the threat of nuclear war still looms…” and on and on. Nothing would ever change, but the beauty of it would be that American libs would be more than happy to fund my exhorbitant salary because I am helping the world. What a sweet gig that would be.

    • Jillian Becker

      PareshK – see our post “Beyond outrageous”, September 1, 2010, using our search slot, to read about the background to this.

  • Kelly

    That was the strangest combination of comedy and tragedy. First, the comedy: Iran, North Korea, Egypt, et al., taking America to task over human rights. But then the tragedy: American representatives expressing their gratitude for the criticism of this rogues’ gallery. If the UNHCHR was going for complete, utter, and irredeemable irrelevance, well, congrats, guys!

    The good news is I’m not as angry as I was prepared to be. It was just too funny. There is no way anyone in the world — with the possible exception of Obama and his toadies — takes any of this even a little bit seriously.

  • Ralph

    I didn’t take enough precautions.

  • C. Gee

    Gall and heartburn.

  • My compliments on an excellent spoof. A fine joke. A cracking good…what? This isn’t absurdist theater? There will be no Ionesco rhinoceros popping in? They were serious? No, go on. Pull the other one. You almost had me.