Holy slaughter 3

A scene from the jihad in “pacified and democratized” Iraq:

On Sunday, October 31, 2010, nine al-Qaeda terrorists stormed the Syriac Catholic cathedral of Baghdad and murdered dozens of the congregation, including very small children. For a full account of what happened go here. Fifty-eight people were killed in addition to the suicide-bombers. Among the dead were some of the men belonging to the “unprepared and ill-led” security forces, who bungled a rescue attempt after some five hours.

Photos of the atrocity have not been widely published in the US, perhaps because they are too shocking, or perhaps for fear of provoking Muslim protest, so we are publishing them.

Some of the victims were beheaded, as can be seen in the bottom picture. It looks as if in this case the severing was done after the body was blown apart.

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  • TyS

    You will not find a SINGLE hit on this story at Huff Po, Daily Kos, and the like

  • Ralph

    If there were an Allah and if this is Allah’s will then he is guilty of crimes against humanity.

  • zheng ye

    Such idiots, killing in the name of religion. Simpletons, dumb, ignorant, primitive and irrational. Shame on them and on their culture.