A man with a mission 4

Obama wants the Muslim Brotherhood to participate in the government of Egypt, the country where it was founded but in which it is officially banned.

Obama may or may not be a Muslim, but it’s plain enough that he holds Islam in high esteemHe has steadily extended its reach and influence inside the United States, strengthened Islamic regimes, and facilitated the spread of sharia. We see him as a man with a mission – to aid the advance of Islamic power.

Here, in selected quotations from two articles at FrontPage Magazine, are facts and informed opinion that support our contention.

By Ryan Mauro:

The [Obama] administration has extensive relations with groups and leaders tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. … [It has] opened its doors to Muslim Brotherhood legacy groups such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, the Islamic Society of North America and other Islamic leaders who come from Muslim Brotherhood backgrounds …

Even before Obama came into office, he was choosing advisers with relationships to Brotherhood front groups. In the first month of becoming President, Obama selected Ingrid Mattson, the president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), to take part in the inaugural prayer services. The federal government has designated ISNA as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the Holy Land Foundation trial, and the Brotherhood’s internal documents identify it as one of its fronts. …

President Obama chose Rashad Hussain to be his special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. He has long been a featured speaker at conferences by Brotherhood-tied groups in the U.S., …  has spoken for ISNA since being appointed, and has shared the stage with officials from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), another Brotherhood-tied group that has been listed as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the Holy Land Foundation trial.

One of the members of the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships is Dalia Mogahed. She has been described as the “most influential person” in crafting Obama’s speech in Cairo to the Muslim world. She is a close colleague of John Esposito, perhaps the Brotherhood’s most prestigious apologist in the U.S. He gave expert testimony on behalf of the Holy Land Foundation during its trial and is a vocal defender of CAIR, ISNA and the other organizations tied to the Brotherhood. …

In June 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton invited Esam Omeish, who describes the Brotherhood as “moderate,” to take part in a conference call following President Obama’s speech to the Muslim world in Cairo. Omeish sits on the board of directors of the extremist Dar al-Hijrah mosque, which is closely connected to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Officials have met with the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) on at least two dozen occasions, including Attorney General Eric Holder, the assistant director in charge of the FBI, and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. From January 27 to 28, 2010, leaders from ISNA, the Muslim American Society and MPAC met with Napolitano and other officials to be briefed on the agency’s counter-radicalization and counter-terrorism efforts.

The influence of Brotherhood groups in the government even extends to the FBI and military. An official from ISNA was asked to lecture U.S. troops at Fort Hood about Islam after the terrorist shooting took place. The FBI has also held meetings with top ISNA officials and is engaging the organization as part of its outreach to the Muslim community. Shockingly, the decision to use the ISNA came after the FBI decided to end its relationship with CAIR because of concerns over the organization’s ties to Hamas and designation as an “unindicted co-conspirator”—the same label applied to ISNA from the same trial.

A known member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Kifah Mustapha, was even given a six-week tour last year of FBI facilities including the National Counterterrorism Center and a training compound. Documents from the Holy Land trial show that he is a member of the Brotherhood’s secret “Palestine Committee” that set up organizations in the U.S. to support Hamas.

By Nonie Darwish:

The Muslim Brotherhood has long been a major political force in the Muslim world. … [It] has been a major force in bringing down regimes and installing new governments, and whether we like it or not [it] will play a significant role in any administration, whether it is openly Islamic or nominally secular. …

Now the Brotherhood is operating in the U.S. under pretty names, and influencing our politicians from the lowest to the highest levels.

Obama has empowered the Islamists not only in the Muslim world, but also inside in the U.S. Could anyone have imagined the U.S. president [would] support the building of a mosque on Ground Zero against the wishes of his own people and the families of the victims? Could anyone have imagined that Islamists are being hired in our homeland security apparatus and in the White House? Could anyone have imagined an American president bowing before the Arabian despot King whose countrymen were behind 9/11? …  Who could have imagined that the first US president elected after 9/11 would declare  … that America is … a Muslim nation?

How can these actions and policies of Obama’s be explained if not by his being devoted to Islam?

Islam is waging war on America, and America’s head of state is devoted to Islam?

Can it be true?

  • George

    I heard a right wing radio talk show host use the term “Atheist-Muslim” and I’ve heard many on the right use the term “secular Muslims” as if the two names go together. These Bible-humpers still cannot understand that the term ‘secular” or the term “atheist” has no association with Islam or ANY religion for that matter. On the Sept 11 terrorist attack, the televangists were out broadcasting that the attack was because people had turned away from god ( their Christian god of course ) even though the attacks were by radical Muslim (RELIGIOUS) fanatics engaging in mass murder/suicide, yet atheists became the proverbial scapegoats as usual to misplace the blame. NO atheists are engaging in ANY acts of terror, or preaching a world takeover or to force secularism upon the world and yet atheists are the most hated and despised group anywhere in America because we don’t embrace a belief in the supernatural/paranormal or belief in some invisible, imaginary, formless, indescribable supernatural Space Ghost floating around in outer space (heaven).
    The reason why the religious fanatics of any religion have succeeded throughout the world is because they are arrogant and forceful with their beliefs and feel compelled to indoctrinate as many as they can as part of their indoctrination while we atheists are not forceful or engage in forceful indoctrination ( and we should not be ). I get so frustrated when I try to encourage atheists to get busy and get involved and engage in community activities ( even on a small scale of positive and helpful community activities ) but it’s always the typical excuses ( I don’t have time,, I don’t think they will accept us anyway,, It won’t work, etc ,,etc etc , ad nauseum ). It’s always talk talk talk talk talk and more talk. Everytime I try to encourage secular freethinkers to get into the communities and get involved , it’s the same old “cop out” excuses. I often go into the communities and assist the various community groups , give to charities, help in tutoring , anti-crime programs, and other community involvement. I was doing this while holding a full time job, a part time job and heading a local support group which people overwhelmingly respected and admired and people knew that I was an atheist. Their prejudices were set aside when they knew that I was a helpful , moral and decent and patriotic American. People are NOT going to bite the hand that feeds or helps them, even on a small scale. It’s the little things that many people respect and admire and they do REMEMBER. The religious fanatics are well organized and they are not just sitting around talking, debating, discussing, chit-chatting, etc., but rather they are out there busy day and night doing their deeds to push their theocratic agendas upon the world while we sit around proclaiming to be so “rational” and not putting that rational thinking and belief into ACTION. I surf the net on secular websites and blogs, read secular magazines , books and newsletters , go to secular seminars, monthly group meetings and get-togethers and yet NOTHING is being DONE. It’s all talk, talk , talk , and speakers, lectures, symposiums, and more talk. People DO NOT want talk and lip service. They want action and deeds , yet NO ONE listens. I have people tell me this all the time in the communities I visit ( from all ethnicities and class status groups ). No one listens. The very people who claim to have all the answers are the very people themselves who never get out and roll up their shirt sleeves and get their hands dirty and get involved in deeds and community service and activities. I continue to have people argue and tell me I’m wrong ( I’m NOT wrong) as I have people tell me this in the communities on a regular basis but again , no one listens. I’m an atheist and a conservative and I’ve had two ministers invite me to speak at their churches on family and community improvement issues and mentoring. I’ve spoken with many religious and secular people who have confirmed what I am saying and they are BORED to death with hearing nothing but talk talk talk talk and written text but not followed up by any action or deeds whatsoever. The excuses are mind-boggling ( I’ve heard it all ). Sometimes I get so frustrated and angry that I want to simply just “throw in the towel” and say FORGET IT , but I won’t because this world problem is real and we need to get busy DOING and not just TALKING. I get accepted around various religious groups where most atheists would be rejected because they see me involved in helpful work in the communities and I’m sure someone is going to reply to this post with a sarcastic and arrogant attack. I’m trying to motivate secularists to get busy and involved and let’s stop just chit-chatting about things which is not the thing that will bring about real change—that’s all. Peace to you all !!!!

  • Joe Bravo

    If I may suggest an alternative hypothesis 🙂 : President Obama truly believed that once he got in office his radiating sense of ‘fairness’ would bring all factions to the table for a ‘dialogue of civilizations;, which would inevitably result in ‘world peace’. It’s the type of naive well-meaning hubris, cultivated on the lassitudes of a prosperous liberal civilization, which inevitably lead to its weakening. A consistent theme of his campaign (as well as of his administration) had been a clarion against US unilateralism (…or a clarion against GWB), and that once he got in office he would be able to use his gift of gab to bring everyone to their civilized senses. It’s incredibly naive, and, if I may borrow a phrase, reeks of cultural imperialism and egoism: one US president or administration cannot deal with the complex political and cultural problems of the world without studying those problems in depth (which is was should be occurring, and is not, with his multitude of staffers and institutions of Department of State and the intelligence agencies) — e.g. he ‘wishes’ the Muslim Brotherhood was secular, so it becomes a given that they are…. If he really wants to address the Muslim Brotherhood topic, he should listen to what they say, read what’s in their charter, and I don’t think he has; either that or he just interpets as he wishes and assumes his interpretation is the correct vision for… “little brown brother.” One could call it, a “cultural unilateralism.” At any rate, it’s dangerous and stupid. Just another hypothesis, but one more amenable to Occam’s Razor 😉

  • Ralph

    As usual you have been most informative. You have given me names of people and organizations I should investigate using the power of the internet. Thank you.

  • George

    I do not want to sound paranoid or as though I embrace some form of conspiracy theory , but I have every reason to believe (in my opinion) that Obama is a Stealth Muslim ( or Trojan Horse Muslim ) posing as a Christian so that he can get his key Muslim people in power in the USA. Do you remember Obama and his former pastor Jeremiah Wright ? Remember the pastor calling America , the “US of KKKA ” ? And yet stupid fool liberals voted for that socialist a**hole to be our head of state !! Don’t forget the Muslim term “takiia” which gives Muslims the right to lie and deceive “infidels” in order to further the jihadist movement. I do believe without a doubt that the Muslim terrorist threat is going to come to a boiling point and people will say that they have had enough and this will be the “triggering point” or “catalyst” that will UNITE Christians, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, Hindus,Buddhists, Scientologists,Wiccans, and all other belief systems globally to stand up and fight back these radical jihadists that want to conquer us and forcibly subjugate us under their theocratic rule.
    This global terrorist threat is getting more and more dangerous. America is the last super-power of freedom ,justice and equality in the world and we represent the icon of true democracy and liberty and if America goes down , then world civilization as we know it will go down with it as well. People are so gullible, naive, and brainwashed and never take time to THINK , REASON , ANALYZE, QUESTION , RESEARCH , EXPLORE , use LOGIC , RATIONAL THINKING and just plain common sense ( or rather ( UNCOMMON SENSE ). The world had better wake or or we will be in deep “doo doo” .
    If we as Ameicans ( particullarly the American male ) don’t grow a set of “balls” pardon the expression and stand up and fight back , we are going to lose our nation and then world civilization as we know it will fall. Please submit letters to the editor and speak up folks and contact your political representatives . It’s time to stand up and be heard .
    This message has got to get out for the survival of our children and our future and our great civilization. Peace to you all !!!!!!!