A personal strategy for stealth jihad 2

How goes the stealth jihad in Europe?

Here’s a look at it from a Muslim’s point of view.

Notice this keen analyst’s claim that Europe deliberately provokes Muslims to carry out bombings.

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  • Ralph

    This video is a warning to western republics. If we don’t wake up we will die in our sleep.

    • George

      I agree with Ralph. To take it a step further , if we don’t wake up we may even die while wide awake on our feet. It is simply mind-boggling how people in our modern Space Age era are so gullible and brainwashed. These wimpified people are “sheeple”. Baaahhhhhhh !!! We will be contributing to our own demise by our complacency and gullibility and appeasement mentality and above all because of the COWARDICE of world society. So many men today are spineless wimps and refuse to stand up and fight back. The women have more “guts”. We have transcended from the Greatest Generation to the Garbage Generation. We have a choice –Stand up and fight back , or lay down and burry our heads in the sand and die. It’s sickening and pathetic what world society has become. Will the last REAL man please turn out the light !!!!!!!!!!!