The dolts of God 12

Mike Lee, who made this video, sent us the link.

It’s not surprising, but it’s fun to watch. It shows how dimwitted God-botherers can be.

Or, surely, must be?

Posted under Christianity, Commentary by Jillian Becker on Monday, February 14, 2011

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  • SLACKdammit

    Religion is a product of inbreeding. The inbred cannot change their condition. None of us select our parents. Diversity is critical. Don’t believe me? Just learn something about pig breeding.
    Peace and love, Slack

  • Macnvettes

    I think Mike Lee is just as much an asshole as the parents who would put three letters on a sign above food and warmth for their child. If you want to help someone, help them, don’t make it contingent upon them seeing things your way. Christians could learn a lot from that statement as well, they love going into 3rd world countries and spreading “charity” to those who would convert while forsaking those who will not.

    • George

      The worst part is that while the radical Chistians will forsake you if you don’t convert , the radical Muslims will kill you. The world is in big “poop” unless they wake up . If not we will be returning back to the dark ages in our modern Space Age era. It’s sickening how sheeple aren’t taking this world situation serious. They are taking over the world incrementally ( one degree or stage at a time ). If we lose to them it will be because of world ignorance, complacency , stupidity and cowardice.

    • Jillian Becker

      He didn’t want to help them. He wanted to show what idiots they were – what idiots the God lobby consists of. He succeeded.

      • Ralph

        I agree the point of the video is to demonstrate the ignorance of the religious. The only hope I see in the video is that the boy may remember this encounter and begin to think for himself.

      • True, but unfortunately, he did appear to be an asshole. He did accomplish his goal of displaying how ignorant bible-thumpers are, but coming off like a jerk is bad for all atheists. This video is perfect fodder for some bible-thumper to show how “people of satan” can be cruel. He could have easily made the same point with a family that was not homeless. After all, just being homeless will garner a lot of sympathy for the bible-thumpers here, even if they are wrong.

        I was secretly hoping that the video would end like: homeless family sticks to their guns and does not “give in to satan” and change their sign. Mike Lee gives in and says “OK, but here’s the money just for putting up with my antics.” At least atheists would appear to be a little “nicer” with that sort of ending, because it shows his bottom line was to help the family, regardless of their beliefs.

        Every time I see atheist videos like this, they seem to appeal only to other atheists. Mocking theists is funny, but it does little for the cause. If I was a theist and saw this video, I would probably be pissed that some jerk is exploiting a homeless family for entertainment. Atheist videos need to be made more with the intention of trying to make theists think. (I know, I know, that’s an unreasonable expectation. But hey, at least try).

        As far as the little boy is concerned, I fear all is lost on that kid. I would bet money now that he will grow up to be as religious as his parents. Wish I was wrong though.

        • George

          Yep, many atheists make mockery of theists because they (theists) embrace the supernatural and yet give us a bad name by various negatives of what we pander to . I know many atheists that are as arrogant and closed minded as theologians and actually not rational at all. I’m glad you recognized this Paresh K. Just because I’m secular doesn’t mean I’m going to go along with ALL atheists just because they’re atheists. I recognize exactly what you’re saying. By , the way , how have you been doing my friend ? Hope you’re doing well.
          Good observation !

        • Hi George – glad to see someone agreeing with me! 🙂 I had to reply to my own post because I couldn’t reply to yours – probably because it is too deep in the chain. Thanks for the compliment. Things are ok. Hope you are doing well too!

        • George

          Hello PareshK. I’m glad to see you on here again. I read your post of 4 hours ago on this comment page but was unable to comment on that particular posting. I know exactly where you are coming from by my own experiences and observations. You know that I am a black male secular conservative and I know that you are a multi-ethnic conservative male. When I go to secular organization meetings , they talk down upon me with their elitist, conceited, arrogant and narcissitic mindset and totally REFUSE to listen to anything I say regarding situations in black communities. They really couldn’t care less. I find myself often as the ONLY black person attending the group meetings or have been the only MINORITY member of the group. When I bring up issues of religion-vs-secularism at these monthly meetings , they (fellow atheists) ask me my opinion from a minority perspective and as soon as I begin to explain to them why there aren’t more minority atheists , instead of shutting the #%$@ up and listening to me, they proceed to tell ME what I don’t understand, and what I should realize and then talk down upon me like I’m trash. It really ticks me off and I have resigned from ALL of the secular ornanizations that I have been a member of. I would actually feel more comfortable in a Christian church (I’m seriouis ) than around these racist a**holes who pretend that they care about ethnic minorities ( and my girlfriend is Caucasion ). The great majority of my personal friends are Christians and even though I get into disputes regarding religion itself , I have the most respect for them as individuals . When I was in the hospital undergoing hemhroid surgery ( which was a pain in the butt–literally ), I had Christian friends that came and visited me ( including my mother’s pastor on one occasion ). Not one atheist/freethinker/secular humanist, etc. visited me , even though I called them via the hospital phone and informed them. They are nothing but TALK in these meetings and the atheists ( including conservative atheists ) don’t want to hear this.
          A black atheist friend of mine asked me why do I bother going to the meetings , considering that NOTHING they discuss in these meetings are indigenous to me as an African-American ( I use the term “black” ) . Recently I went to a freethough meeting and at the end of the meeting , they allowed people to come up to the microphone and ask questions or make comments. When I got up to the microphone to make a comment about how I am accepted as an atheist even in the black ( and even white) religious community as a black atheist and how the clergy rules the black communities and why it is so, the secular freethought group president literally snatched the microphone from me and made a sarcastic comment to shut me up and embarrased me in the audience. Yet he let a white male group member ramble on and on about his personal life history and talked about the war and Iwo Jima ad nauseum. I told the vice-president of the group that the president was an a**hole and I would never join the group , ever. I have gone through this repeatedly but no one listens or cares ( this is from both liberal and conservative atheists ). I would have been more comfortable attending a KKK rally that around these individuals. I have people overwhelmingly in the communities supporting me ( and they are primarily Christians ) when they see my community involvement and activity donations of money and time ). They appreciate my contributions . The people want action and deeds and NOT talk and lip-service. It’s like pulling teeth to get this message across ( to both liberal and conservative atheists). I was a guest speaker at a secular humanist seminar and I got a standing ovation , but I was never invited to speak again because I wasn’t “politically correct ” by the seminar organizers . I was the ONLY speaker of about 5 speakers on the panel who the audience praised. People jumped out of their seats clapping for me . I have seen various conservative atheists just as arrogant as the liberals at the opposite end of the spectrum, just like you have extremist and arrogant religionists (theists). I understand where you are coming from PareshK. Nobody listens–, yet they claim to be so rational and enlightened and open-minded. Ha ! Spare me ! It’s mind boggling. Hang in there buddy. Take care !

        • Wow George – I am surprised to hear how uninviting some of those atheist groups have been. My big problem with most of them is that they are typically very liberal, and that just gets on my nerves.
          Here in northern Virginia, there is an atheist group that has gotten a lot of attention – Nova Atheists. I joined their website online, but never attended any of their meetings. They have been getting a lot of press because they really go out of their way to make noise about the manger scene on the Loudoun County Courthouse lawn. So to be fair, the county started allowing “all religions” to put up displays. Nova Atheists has been putting up an atheist display at this site for a few years now, and every year, they interview the leader on some news programs.
          As much as I think the manger scene is a waste of time and doesn’t belong on property that is paid for by taxes, I just don’t care that much. It seems to me that a lot of the atheists in that group are more interested in pushing the liberal agenda than trying to enlighten people. I mean really, is setting up an atheist display during the holidays going to give a good impression of atheists? No, it just makes theists hate us more, and gives more ammo to their argument that we are “working for the devil.”

        • George

          Hi again PareshK. I was always the ONLY ethnic minority in ALL of the groups and they NEVER listened to me when I tried to explain how they could get more ethnic minorities into the groups. They weren’t even concerned but only pretended that they cared with their verbal rhetoric . This is the part that atheists ( liberal and conservative ) don’t want to hear. I don’t like to dwell on this because I don’t want to sound like I’m whining but it’s all true and as you said [ frustrating ]. I was in a serious auto accident and I needed to get my car that was repaired in the next county. I called a few atheists to get a ride across the bay to pick up my car and I even offered to pay them for gas [ all of them refused ]. They said it was too far and all that crap. These were members of the atheist/humanist groups. I then called a friend of mine who lived across the bay in the next county around noon time and he worked night shift and is a conservative white male and a member of the Promise Keepers and yet we are still best of friends. We both worked night shift and I told him my situation. He said ” let me get dressed and I’ll be right over”. I woke him up . He is white and was dating a black woman ( we both were involved in interracial relationships and couldn’t care less ). He picked me up and took me to get my car and refused money but I threw a $10.00 bill on his seat and this was after he drove back & forth between two counties to help me. That’s a true friend. I have atheist acguaintances but NONE that I can rely on in a time of need. Even though I am an atheist , the religious community always accepted me because they saw that I was always available when they needed assistance and help in the communities as I was always there to volunteer and they appreciated it and ignored the fact that my beliefs were secular. It was also a positive thing for the image of atheism. I’ve had two liberal atheists get downright nasty and insulting to me when I told them I was pro-life on the abortion issue. I haven’t associated with them or contacted them since. I also stop associating with one conservative atheist who kept e-mailing Eurocentrist propaganda to me that I have refuted constantly ( since I am a long time student of history) . He only contacted me to get me to vote for or support certain Republican candidates and I refused to be his political tool. These are things that also need to be discussed among secular groups instead of always POLITICS. I constantly feel like the “lone wolf” and I now keep to myself. I’ve gotten older and “burned out”.
          I also noticed when I attended the atheist/freethought /secular humanist group meetings , as soon as the meetings are over the people are practically running out the door to their cars and leaving immediately. At Christian churches , the people are standing around probably an hour or more socializing with fellow church members. I notice that church members regularly come by and visit their fellow Christian friends at their homes , but I have NEVER had an atheist do this. I know it sounds like I’m airing “dirty laundry” but the truth hurts. I’ve had three invitations to come and speak at Christian churches. What other atheist has had that invitation ? They wanted me to speak on community and family issues ( and they know I’m an atheist ) . We can indeed make a big difference as far as societal acceptance is concerned if we just get involved and stop doing nothing but talking and show real concern by our actions and deeds . You are right on your last posting. I couldn’t respond to your post , so I went to this one to reply. There is more to being an atheist than just talking about politics. The people want to see tangible and pragmatic contributions and not talk, lip-service, chit-chatting, discussions , and debating on philosophy, social and political views. I’m not going to be active much longer because my efforts are overwhelmingly in vain and I don’t want to come across as being negative. I’m only speaking the truth. Thanks again PareshK. Take care !

  • George

    I read a book some years ago written by an atheist which was in a library. When I went back , the book had been pulled from the shelf and no longer in the “card catalog”. So much for the TOLERANCE by the religionists (theists). The atheist author asked the question —-” How can a person even discuss the subject of GOD when they can’t even define what GOD is ?” . He went on to ask– ” Why does a person have to ask the question— “Do you believe in GOD ?” . If the GOD was provable beyond any doubt , then there would be NO atheists. If this deity wanted everyone to believe in it’s existence then why does it remain invisible and mysterious and unidentifiable by any of our natural senses nor can it’s existence be proven by scientific testing ? Furthermore , what good is this deity if all the horrors continue to happen worldwide ( including ACTS OF GOD ) yet the deity proclaims to be our protector and saviour ? If GOD is invisible, immaterial, indescribable and mysterious , then how can people be certain of such a being’s existence ? Christians proclaim that they KNOW God , yet they still say that God is a mystery that is unknowable and mysterious that acts in mysterious ways. In other words this deity is a MYSTERY GOD. According to the English dictionary , the term “mystery” is defined as ” that which is unknowable or not able to be defined or described or explained “. It is defined as “puzzlement”. Therefore a person is lying to the world when they say that they know God and then out of the same breath say that God is a mystery ( meaning unknowable). Christians refer to their God by the personal pronoun “HE” . Such as– “He knows” , ” He sees” , “He hears” , ” He judges”, etc. According to the dictionary , the personal pronoun “HE” denotes the male gender, or a boy or man. If that’s the case , then how can you tell if an invisible deity (God) is of the male sex if it’s invisible ? I don’t mean to sound graphic folks, but does this invisible God have an invisible penis, invisible testicles, an invisible beard, an invisible mustache, an invisible Adams Apple, invisible chest hairs, invisible bulging muscles, etc ? Just wondering how do you determine gender in an invisible God (deity ). How do we know then that it’s not a Goddess (female ) ? Oh, I know , because an ancient book ( THE BIBLE) written thousands of years ago during a time in history when 99.99% of the world were superstitious and believed that the world was flat and believed in sorcery, witchcraft, demons, warlords, ghosts goblins, etc. said so. Yeah, right ! Oh and we all know that Jesus walked on water. You see folks , he was obviously wearing a pair of Nike pontoons on his feet, or a pair of Reebok inflatable tire inner tubes, or perhaps a pair of Addidas air mattresses strapped around his ankles utilyzing Velcro straps . Yep, that’s gotta be it. And we all know that Noah, built a humongous boat ten times the size of the U.S.S Nimitz aircraft carrier with his bare hands , and then he swam aound the world across all the oceans and walked the entire earth and wrestled lions, tigers, crocodiles, gorrilas, elephants, anacondas, monitor lizards (Komodo Dragons), etc . with his bare hands ( male & female pairs ) and forced them all upon his mega-ship. Gee, I wonder how long it took him to do that and how he kept the lions from eating the gazelles. Hmmmmmmm! Amazing ! Oh , and don’t forget the three wise men who walked all across the dessert directly to a tiny house in a village without the aid of a sextant, GPS, compass, or other device to a small “manger” in Bethlehem. Wow ! Hot darn, that’s navigating man ! I could go on and on for days. The people who have been brainwashed with this superstitious crap ate it up and swallowed this fairy tale BS hook , line and sinker without question and yet these kooks call us brainwashed. Ha, what a joke ! Here I go ranting again. I can’t help it because gullible people are entertaining but many are downright dangerous.
    I was walking through the mall the other day when a woman who was obviously a fundamentalist Bible-humper came up to me and asked me if I have accepted Jesus Christ in my life ? I said ” No maam. Have you accepted Robert Green Ingersoll , or Buddha, or Muhammed, or Confucious in your life maam ? “. She stood there looking at me in total puzzlement . I then said to her– ” When you do , then let me know. Have a nice day”. And then I walked away. She walked away in a daze , and I laughed my rear end off all the way to the car. I love to give em a taste of their own medicine. Amazing !