Violent jihad in France 6

The sort of civil war that – as this video reports – immigrant Muslims are waging on the indigenous population of France, is likely to spread throughout Europe.

  • Frank

    The video was simply a preview of things coming to a neighborhood near you if the multiculturalists contnue to have their way.

    • George

      Yep , more like the “multidestructionists” for a better term !!!!!!

  • Ralph

    I’ve tried to explain what’s happening in Europe to my co-workers. So far I have had no success. It’s like trying to enlighten a toadstool. I’m going to show this video to them. Maybe it will make an impression on them.

    • George

      That’s because your friends ( just like mine ) have been brainwashed by the tyrannical Government Media Complex. They go through life with mental “blinders” on and only accept what they see on TV or the typical mainstream media. Keep plugging away guy and I hope the best for you.

  • Macnvettes

    The video also points out another flaw in the European system, most governments do not allow private ownership of guns for self-defense. In the city that I live in, there are some bad neighborhoods, but I have no fear of them because wherever I go, I carry a 9mm and a .357 magnum.

    • George

      You’re right Macnvettes . Without the second admendment , we cannot sustain or secure the first amendment. Gun control was designed to disarm the citizenry to defend themselves from tyranny of the government. If we outlaw guns , only outlaws will have guns !