Death, judgment, and European interference in US affairs 11

In an article in the Telegraph, Niles Gardiner reveals that the (undemocratic, left-leaning) European Union is actively interfering in US affairs. It is shelling out taxpayers’  money to groups in America that oppose the death penalty.

Here is a large part of what he writes:

Why on earth are British taxpayers being forced to fund European Union lobbying for policy campaigns in the United States? Furthermore, why is the EU directly interfering in domestic political debates in America, and so far without Congressional oversight? As the research detailed below demonstrates, the EU’s European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) is spending millions of Euros on US-based campaigns against the death penalty. An extraordinary development. …

This extremely unusual funding for US groups – by a taxpayer-funded foreign entity to advance a political cause – deserves to attract a great deal of public attention, including Congressional scrutiny in Washington and parliamentary scrutiny in London. …

Here is a list of US recipients of EU EIDHR aid in 2009, which amounted to €2,624,395 ($3,643,951). The recipients of EU aid include the rather wealthy American Bar Association, whose annual budget approached $150 million in 2008.

American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education: EU grant: €708,162 ($983, 277)

Project: The Death Penalty Assessments Project: Toward a Nationwide Moratorium on Executions

Death Penalty Information Center: EU grant: €193,443 ($268,585)

Project: Changing the Course of the Death Penalty Debate. A proposal for public opinion research, message development, and communications of capital punishment in the US.

The National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty: EU grant: €305,974 ($424,829)

Project: National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty Intensive Assistance Program

Reprieve LBG: EU grant: €526,816 ($731,591) (some of these funds also went to “European countries”) Project: Engaging Europe in the fight for US abolition

Murder Victim’s Families for Human Rights Non-Profit Corporation: EU grant: €495,000 ($686,608) (some of these funds also went to other countries, including Japan and Taiwan). Project: Voices of Victims Against the Death Penalty

Witness to Innocence Protection: EU grant: €395,000 ($548,538)

Project: American DREAM Campaign [Note that this is a far left project – JB.]

MPs reading this should be asking questions why British taxpayers’ money is being used by the European Union to fund campaigns against the death penalty in the United States, without the consent of the British people. (Not least when 51 per cent of the British public support the reintroduction of capital punishment for murder, with just 37 per cent opposing it, in a recent YouGov poll.)

This is also an extraordinary intervention in a highly charged, intensely political domestic debate in the United States over the death penalty, the use of which has been ruled Constitutional by the US Supreme Court on several occasions, and is backed by 64 percent of Americans according to Gallup, with just 29 percent opposing. Can you imagine the outcry in Brussels if the US government funded policy groups in the EU, and the charges of “American imperialism” that would inevitably follow?

It is bad enough that Brussels consistently interferes with the internal affairs of EU member states, but it is surely a bridge too far when it tries to intervene in the affairs of one of the world’s greatest democracies that isn’t even part of the EU. This is hugely insulting to the US.

Evidently, unelected bureaucrats sitting in the European Commission feel they have a divine right to lecture the United States and its citizens on how they should decide their own policies. This demonstrates a fundamental lack of respect for US national sovereignty, and a sneering condescension towards the American people. But perhaps this should come as no surprise. A supranational entity like the EU that has no respect for the democratic rights of hundreds of millions of Europeans can barely be expected to respect freedom and democracy outside its own borders.

The interference is wrong, and the cause is wrong.

We are for the death penalty.

To remove the death penalty is to permit murder.

The strange inclination some have to pity a murderer facing execution more than his or her victim is the sheerest sentimentality.

Some argue that mistakes can be made, and if someone is executed and later proved not guilty of the crime, there can be no redress. This implies that there can never be certainty; but there can be and there should be, and the law allows for ample (it could be argued too much) opportunity for arriving at it.

Some say the death penalty is not a deterrent. Sociologists and others of that kidney have toiled to show statistically that states with the death penalty have higher rates of murder than states without it. What the statistics cannot show is how many more murders there would have been in the death-penalty states if they did not have it.

We apply a simpler test of the efficacy of the death sentence as a deterrent: does it deter us? And our answer is yes: we’re absolutely sure that it would deter us if ever we thought of killing (and we can’t say the thought has never crossed our mind).

The only argument against it we think has some merit is that a lifetime in prison may be worse for a murderer to endure than execution. But it doesn’t persuade us. Prison these days – for those who don’t feel the lack of freedom to be the worst thing about it – is not unpleasant. Nowhere near dreadful enough to be fitting punishment for murder.

We would also favor the death penalty for treason, a crime that seems to have been removed from the book.

Justice is the prime responsibility of everyone all the time. It may be hard, even impossible, to achieve perfectly. But it has to be attempted constantly, unremittingly. It is what the law is for. Without law and the hope of  justice there is no civilization.

Be judgmental. Without personal judgment there is no morality.

  • Jed

    I would say that opposition to the death penalty is one of the most ludicrously hypocritical positions that liberals possess. I would love to see the death penalty reinstated in Canada. It would solve so many problems.

    • George

      Absolutely Jed. Also, considering how liberals are always pandering to the criminal element of our society with excuses like—-” Oh he had a bad childhood” ; “‘Oh she was neglected as a youth” ; ” Oh he went through abuse and is only acting out his rage” ; ” Oh–blah blah blah ” , you get the picture ! This crap makes my blood boil. It’s no wonder we have such an out of control society with the criminals having all of the rights and true victims are “spat” upon. When I was a cop , I would arrest some scumbag for multiple charges ( including felonies ) and then the low-life defense attorney would attack me on the witness stand as if I’m the criminal. Then the dirtbag lawyer uses his legal-ese trickery to get the scumbag off on a technicality and then the societal monster is back on the streets again doing what he does best ( terrorizing the community ) and we (law enforcement ) are made out to be the bad guy. And the stupid PC judges let it happen along with the liberal left wing mainstream media. They allow this out of control “court circus” to prevail. I couldn’t wait to retire ( and now I am ) and I’m glad I’m out of that nerve-wrenching atmosphere. I loved serving the public but it’s a thankless job with an extreme strees inducing factor. I’ve been in uniform nearly all my life. I’ve paid my dues to society and have proven my patriotism and yet just because I don’t believe in the invisible Daddy In The Sky I’m not considered a citizen according to former President George Bush , Sr. What an a**hole !!!!! Hang in there Jed ——— Don’t ever give up. That’s what they want . Don’t give them the pleasure. You’re right , liberals are hypocrites and yet religious conservatives who are suppose to be so logical for some reason just can’t shed the theological superstition from their lives. It’s amazing !!!

      • Jed

        These are exactly my opinions. It is astonishing how perpetrators are treated better than victims, all in the name of political correctness, which makes even less sense to me than religion.

  • George

    As a former law enforcement officer that has worked uniform patrol and also as a plain clothes detective in CID ( Criminal Investigative Division ) (now retired ), I have decades of experience on the subject. A person that has committed premeditated cold-blooded murder should indeed get the death penalty. Why should the state show sympathy for these barbarians who showed no sympathy for the victims they cold-bloodedly murdered ? DNA does NOT prove conclusively (alone) that a person commited a rape or murder and I have been trained extensively in this field and I have had the coroner concur with me on this. It is a form of evidence and is used to put the investigative “puzzle” together to form an evidentiary conclusion that the person attributed to the DNA marker is the perpetrator. I investigated a case where a man had consential sex with a woman he was dating and she accused him of date rape. Obviously there was DNA evidence by the semen that was left and in some cases strands of pubic hairs. It turned out later that the woman lied and was being vindictive and spiteful at the guy she was dating and fabricated the story to intentionally destroy his life. A surveillance camera can’t distinguish between a person wearing a disguise , hidden face or a close look-alike. Many people have been “set-up” or “framed” such as using another person’s firearm to commit a murder and then place the weapon back at the owners stored location and when law-enforcement get’s a warrant , it shows the innocent person’s weapon as the murder weapon even though he/she is innocent. I could tell you hair-raising stories of what I have seen , studied, and have investigated . While I abhor rape entirely , if the person’s life wasn’t taken , then death is NOT the “equalizing” appropriate penalty. The last rape case I investigated was a 17 year old 12th grade girl who accused one of her male school-mates of raping her. The alleged ‘victim” later admitted to me and the female dectective that she lied because she was drunk and “high” on drugs all weekend and didn’t come home and knew her father would be furious at her so she fabricated the whole rape story. I charged her with filing a false police report. I’ve had people disagree with this perspective until these type of accusations were levied at them and then THEY are screaming for help and justice themselves. They never learn until THEY are accused falsely. I support the death penalty ( but not in ALL situations ). Each case is unique and must be investigated thouroughly because we’re talking about a person’s life here ( and there is NO room for error ).

  • Macnvettes

    My plan to reduce the murder rate, save on court costs, reduce the national debt, provide public entertainment, and increase scientific research all in 1 fell swoop:

    For people convicted by DNA evidence or multiple eyewitness/surveillance accounts of murder or rape of an extreme minor:

    The execution will be by a 1-person firing squad. There will be a nationwide auction for the death bullet. The highest bidder gets 1 shot with his/her choice of gun. If the murderer is not killed, the 2nd highest bidder gets a shot, and so on. I believe that ammunition companies will buy up most bullets and shoot in non-lethal areas to test new rounds. The execution should be televised nationally on pay-per-view. All revenues would go to pay court costs and any extra would go to the national debt.

  • Macnvettes

    I am pro death penalty, in fact I believe it should be expanded to crimes such as rape of an extreme minor. However, in the wake of so many cases coming to light in which people are being exonerated by DNA evidence, I believe that the death penalty should only be used in cases in which the suspect is proven guilty by way of DNA evidence, or conclusive eyewitness/surveillance camera evidence of the crime itself.

  • bornagainpagan

    HUZZAH! Great piece, AC. The ‘rule of law’ IS in jeopardy and must be consistantly applied if liberty is to stand a chance at survival. Thank you for so frequently and effectively sharing my voice.

  • Nobody is really happy about capital punishment, but for crying out loud, it’s a necessary evil. One fault of the Left is to ignore human nature. The truth of human nature is that some small numbers of people will be deterred from committing murder only by the certainty of execution. Another group of people will only be deterred from lynching murderers by…the certainty of execution. Social order demands the state deter both groups with a robust program of capital punishment. It’s too bad that’s how people are, but that’s how they are.

    One good point about not being a Christian is that we unbelievers are free to reject Christ’s command to “turn the other cheek.” Whatever we do to dilute the strength of this twin message of deterrence and just revenge endangers public order (which is another way of saying, endangers the lives of the innocent). By contrast, whatever we do to strengthen the twin message is helpful. For this reason, I would support public executions of convicted murderers.

    • George

      I agree with your post consvlts, however Christians preach “Turn the other cheek” from the scripture out of their Bible , but they have NEVER practiced it or really believed it. I challenge anyone anywhere to show me one Christian who practices –“Turn the other cheek “. I guarantee you if I were to walk up to any Christian anywhere and punch him in the face (cheek), he certainly wouldn’t just stand there and turn his face to the other side so that I can punch him again in the other jaw. I challenge anyone anywhere to show me one Christian who practices — “Love your enemies” or preaching that prayer or faith will protect them from harm. If they really believed this then they (or we ) wouldn’t have a militay , police force, or massive firearms ownership. They as usual are liars and hypocrites. The death penalty is indeed necessary and I’ve had heated arguments with liberals on this subject. I agree with your post , however when it comes to hypocrisy——-CHRISTIANS wrote the book !!!

  • George

    We have these various political front groups in Europe trying to transform America into their form of PC democracy. Just follow the money trail and see where it leads. Follow the money trail and see who is being influenced ( or rather manipulated or “bought off” ) . In states that have the death penalty , the reason that it hasn’t been very effective in many cases is because it’s not carried out most of the time and hundreds of murderers remain on taxpayer subsidy support for decades with appeal after appeal . If the conviction is questionable and based on substantial evidence only and not actually proven , or based on questionable witnesses , then I can see life in prison , but in a “smoking gun” situation , make it a quick trial and execute them swiftly and publicly televise it. The liberals care more for the murderous criminal than the actual victim and the victim’s family. The same liberals don’t care didley about aborting a late term viable healthy baby but will go “ballistic” about executing a convicted serial killer. It’s madness. Yes, we have had cases where a convicted murderer has been found innocent via DNA evidence and testing and set free. If the convicted person had been executed immediately , the innocent person would have been killed and it’s certainly NOT reversible and that is clearly understood. That is why I say NO death penalty on mere substantial evidence alone or questionable witnesses. But a person like the Ft. Hood shooter should have been given a military tribunal trial and executed on the base in front of the military personnel and their families and let this be an example for all the other “copy cats” out there. The problem is that the Muslim radicals don’t fear death and they actually look forward to it as an honor and a position of being a martyr. We can shame them by pouring pig blood all over their bodies and then execute them to keep them from getting their virgins in the afterlife. Europe is becoming more and more socialist and Africa is hopeless ( it’s been reduced back to the stone age ). If we in America don’t wake up and take a stand , then we will be living in the USSA ( Union of Soviet Socialist America ). This horiffic world situation is escalating every day and yet people here in America are so complacent and mentally “blind” like sheeple. I wonder how much longer does my great country have left. I wonder how much longer can our society take this “trickle up” socialism. I wonder how much longer will it be B4 people wake up and stand up for America. How much longer ??????

    • George

      Correction on my previous letter 43 minutes ago. The 6th line should read– ” and based upon CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence” –not “substantial” evidence. The article is so true.