Child’s play … 4

… in Afghanistan.

Posted under Afghanistan, education, Islam, jihad, Muslims, Terrorism by Jillian Becker on Saturday, March 5, 2011

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  • Macnvettes

    This video illustrates the flaw in our policy on the war on terror. If our air strikes killed these children, they would be considered “collateral damage”. As long as they are indoctrinated like they are, they are actually ticking time bombs. This article says that the video is from Afghanistan, but there are several posts of this video on youtube in which it says this took place in Pakistan. We provide Pakistan with billions of dollars in aid every year. Either way, we need to wake up and face the fact that Islam has declared a holy war on the U.S., and we need to retaliate in kind.

    • George

      That’s so true Macnvettes , but it will never happen as long as we have the “stealth” Muslim in the white house as head of state of the USA and Commander In Chief of the worlds’s most powerful military (wich is virtually handcuffed ) since we’re not using the vast power of our military for what it was designed for. Gullible people voted this anti-American ” Trojan-horse” in as our president and now we’re all paying the price. Our “ultra-tolerance” may very well destroy us. It’s sickening !!!!!!!!!

  • Ralph

    I’m assuming this is how fundamentalist and moderate muslims are educated. Moderate muslims don’t detonate. I fail to see the difference.

  • George

    These children have absolutely NO idea how they are being brainwashed and used as the human “sacrificial lambs”. What kind of religion or belief system teaches it’s citizens to murder as the order of the day ? What kind of belief system indoctrinates it’s adherents to commit murder/suicide and yet call that a religion of PEACE ? What kind of belief system claims to take the moral high ground and yet murder, torture , slavery and destruction are the primary tennants of it’s beliefs ? What kind of belief system teaches little children to take innocent lives and give their own and yet these barbaric wackos have the unmitigated gall to talk down on us and call us immoral ? What a farce ! Spare me ! If we had some real and true leadership , this madness would not still be going on. Yet, because of the wimpification of freedom loving men today and the wussification of our so-called leaders this insanity continues to prevail. These sub-human barbarians will destroy us all if we don’t stand up and fight back. They don’t fear death ( in fact they look forward to it as an honor ). That’s how sick minded these nut-cases really are. These kids have no idea what they are doing but believe what the elders are indoctrinating them with. Then they will grow up and indoctrinate others and make it their goal to indoctrinate and conquer the world with this barbaric mindset and behavior. We are in a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER worldwide. If we don’t take necessary military action against these “throwback” barbarians we will perish. If we don’t take a stand and fight back it will be our demise. If we don’t wake up and smell the coffee then we as a civilized world society are doomed . Wake the #@%$ up people !!!!!!!