Aiding our enemies 3

To which countries does the US, even when enduring economic hardship, give aid?

These are some of the recipients:

Russia, still inimical enough to the US to make disarmament treaties seem necessary.

China, to which the US is vastly in debt.

Zimbabwe, under the bloody rule of a mass-murderer.

Somalia, a savage anarchy.

Cuba, a communist prison.

Venezuela, in league with America’s most threatening enemy, Iran.

North Korea, a communist and would-be nuclear-armed hell.

Libya, where Colonel Gaddafi is still dictator.

The amounts are not important. To give any amount to any of them is indefensible. But the figures can be found here, along with more infuriating information about who gets foreign aid.

  • George

    Many tens of billions of dollars have been given away to Middle East Muslim empires ( theocracies ) by our government ( which is USA taxpayer dollars ) and also handed out to the Palenstinians in Gaza which is run by Hamas. We have become so dependent on Middle East oil which funds terrorist organizations and states. One conservative radio talk show host stated — ” If you want to support terrorism , just go fill up your car “. We have USA law enforcement agencies , fire department stations, and military troops that don’t have adequate equipment and yet we have hundreds of billions of dollars to give away freely to third world nations ( many of whom are our open eenemies ) —it’s pure lunacy.
    Our taxes are getting higher and higher because of the wasteful government spending and that stinking so-called ” Obama stimulus package”. The people are being hoodwinked routinely and yet gullible people keep electing these anti-American political “Trojan Horses” into political office. Obama is cutting back our nuclear arsenal , our military budget and defenses while our enemies are building up their arsenals more and more every day. Obama bows to our enemies and stabs our allies in the back. The Obama Administration ( aka – Obama Ad-menstruation ) is weakening our nation and making us more and more vulnerable to those who want to destroy us. Todays political sheeple are committing political , social and national incremental suicide.

  • TyS

    Obama gave Libya 9 billion dollars worth of military hardware just weeks before chaos erupted – I’d say that such an amount is worth mentioning

  • zheng ye

    The federal gooberment should not provide aid anywhere, period. Those who earn an income can better decide how to allocate those funds thoroughly better than those who claim the entitlement to steal those funds.