The danger of R2P 7

R2P is the doctrine according to which Obama has authorized US military intervention in the Libyan civil war.

Its name in full is “the responsibility to protect”.  The UN. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, referring to it as a justification for the use of military force against Gaddafi’s regime in Libya,  said that it sets an “international security and human rights norm to address the international community’s failure to prevent and stop genocides, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.”’

One of its most enthusiastic proponents is Samantha Power, adviser to Obama in the role of Senior Director of Multilateral Affairs [sic] at the National Security Council.

It seems that she and Hillary Clinton (once bitter enemies, now allies) persuaded a hesitant Obama to go to war against Gaddafi in the name of R2P.

Power may be sincerely keen on protecting civilians in Libya. Obama may be too. But there is reason to believe that for Power the attack on Libya in the name of R2P will serve a purpose nearer to her heart. It will provide a precedent for a military intervention she has been advocating for at least eight years.

In an article at Front Page, Chris Queen tells us more about her:

Much of the motivation behind Obama’s Libya policy stems from from the ideology of Samantha Power, the Irish-American, hard-Left humanitarian activist who has been the president’s Director for Multilateral Affairs at the National Security Council since 2009 (and, incidentally, the wife of Obama’s “Regulatory Czar” Cass Sunstein). Power is the woman behind the curtain in terms of Obama’s policy on Libya, but a look at what she advocates reveals a troubling agenda.

Power has advocated a foreign policy that can easily be described as …  “humanitarian interventionist.” Power and other activists like her seek to build American foreign policy around merely stepping into situations in the name of preventing genocide and other humanitarian aims. This type of foreign policy relies heavily on international law and multilateralism. …

While this type of foreign policy agenda might in some small way make sense to some people in a situation like the one in Libya, it is absolutely dangerous as the basis for an entire foreign policy. You see, Samantha Power and her supporters have Israel in their sights as a target for American military intervention on humanitarian grounds.

He posts a video clip here of Samantha Power declaring that the US should use military force against Israel to protect the Palestinians from Israel.

And he notes:

In another interview five years later, Power stated that we in the United States brought terrorist attacks on ourselves because of our relationship with Israel.

We don’t know what arguments she used to Obama, but we think it likely that if she pointed out to him how an attack now on Libya would be useful for future action against Israel, that may have been the very one that persuaded him.

Read more about this here and here and here.

  • Jillian Becker

    Yes, Cognitive Dissonance, Samantha Power is, as you say, one of the “brains” behind R2P.

    We give her full credit, along with Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, in these posts: The ugly consequences of a beautiful gesture, March 25, 2011. A siren song from hell, April 1, 2011. Round about the cauldron go, April 18, 2011. Mess! Mess! Glorious mess!, April 21, 2011. No responsibility to report, July 20, 2011.

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  • George

    I use to listen to Glenn Beck , Dennis Prager , Michael Reagan, Michael Savage, Dr. Laura, Rush Limbaugh, Rusty Humphries, Neal Boortz, Sean Hannity , and a host of other conservative talk radio /TV personalities ( including local guys ) , and ALL of them have IMHO bashed, insulted, denigrated or simply have taken an anti-atheist position with their bigoted rhetoric and mindset toward atheists. The conservative radio talk show hosts just can’t get past their pro-GOD Christian proselytizing and/or support and their anti-secular mindset. They just can’t seem to be able to separate Christianity from conservatism.

  • Joe Blow

    OK I’m atheist conservative. I also like Glenn Beck ( Mormon, the book under the rock people ) crazy I know, but he has mirrored this story. He has Power on tape stating her Israeli view. This web site is great. But I believe Beck is reaching more people. Now if we could get the conservatives together maybe something could get done.

  • Iconoclasm

    Good, maybe we would finally have peace in the Middle East. Nothing else seems to work! Besides, we can’t afford to keep funneling money to Israel. They don’t deserve it anyway because they stole the land!“>Palestinian loss of land

  • George

    In Obama’s case, instead of calling it multilateralism , or New World Order we can call it the New World Disorder. What scares me more than ever is the idea that the American public are so gullible and brainwashed , they will vote this anti-American leader ( oops, I meant mis-leader ) back into office again. If that ever happens I fear we can write America off. It’s a chilling feeling what this guy has done to our great nation. Here we are living in the era of the Space age and yet people are still thinking with a cave man mindset. Rational thinking has been replaced with emotionalism and “feel good” politics.

  • George

    Knowing Obama , I’m surprised it’s called it R2P and not R2D2, C3PO, and OB1KNOB !!!!!!