China growing … and growing … 2

From Australia’s SBS Dateline, an amazing documentary about China’s ghost cities.

64 million vacant properties.

Shopping malls 99% empty.

Meanwhile, people living in overcrowded slums. One man who is interviewed lives with his wife in a room at the end of a narrow alley, had to send his daughter to live with grandparents so he sees her only once a year, shares one sink and a toilet with all his neighbors in the alley, and wants the government to provide everyone with a home as “a human right”.

But of course, as a Western observer points out in the video, the entire absurd situation is a result of a centrally planned economy.

One two-bedroom apartment houses 9 people including a married couple and a government property developer who has to share a bed. He tells the interviewer that he cannot comment as he’d get into trouble for saying what he thinks.

A sociologist  fears that the communist government’s policy is creating such dangerous social division that “poor people may come out and start a revolution”.

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  • Macnvettes

    It would be very interesting to see what Obama would do if the Chinese started a popular revolt. I’m thinking he’d either do absolutely nothing at all (as he did with Iran), or he might actually help the Chinese government.

    • S.W. Kellogg

      Well, to lay blame on Obama under such circumstances would be somewhat ridiculous as the presidency of America Inc. is without true substance. In reality, the corporate globalists that actually control America Inc., would promptly compel whatever lackey they have inserted as the presidential figurehead, be it a “Republican” or “Democrat”, to conform to their agenda of maximizing profits.
      Currently they and their Chinese counterparts are delighted with the status quo, and would have no desire to see an anti-corporatist revolution succeed. They have the means and the willingness to suppress revolt, and would no doubt receive whatever limited help they could from America Inc. in so doing.