The evil Koran: marked with bacon and consigned to the flames 11

Ann Barnhardt speaks here as a Christian, and of course we don’t go along with her “divinely ordained”, “Christ commands” statements, but otherwise we applaud what she says – eg. “Allah’s a son of a bitch” – and what she does: marking especially evil passages in the Koran with bacon, and then burning the pages. Generally, we’d rather people read the Koran than burnt it  as it is likely to appall them, but we appreciate that burning it now after the killing of 20 people in Afghanistan by Muslims because a Koran was burnt by Terry Jones in Florida (see our post, Muslim animals, April 4, 2011), is a strong and necessary political action.

  • Macnvettes

    I actually e-mailed Terry Jones and commended him for exercising his 1st Amendment rights by burning the koran. I then told him he should open all of his sermons that way, and asked for an invite for the next book burning. I also asked if we could bring books of our own, you know, like bibles. He has yet to respond…..

  • TyS

    It is ironic that concensus among Muslim scholars is such that the only acceptable, proper method of disposing of a Quran is by burning it. ho hum.

    • Macnvettes

      The same as burning the American flag. The question is do you do it with respect or hatred.

  • Ralph

    She seems to have a basic understanding of the bill of rights and some parts of the constitution. She seems to understand that Islam is a threat.

    She doesn’t understand that her version of Christianity is also a threat to the constitution and the bill of rights.

    After watching these videos I wonder what she would do to an atheist?

    • Macnvettes

      Well, this atheist believes in 2nd amendment rights, there’s not much anyone could do to me!

  • Frank

    “Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived.”
    ~ Isaac Asimov

    The same is true of the Koran.

    • Macnvettes

      And any other “divinely inspired” book.

  • Quest Tao

    I hope Lindsey Graham sees this. She sure calls him out for the jerk he is.

  • Anonymous

    Burn all religious texts, garb, relics — then watch the fools get worked up. One has to love the stupidity on both sides.

    • Macnvettes

      There was a guy I worked with once who would go around passing out those “reasons to believe in god” pamphlets. When he was told he couldn’t pass them out anymore, he would just leave stacks of them in the bathroom stalls. One day I went up to him and told him that those pamphlets had saved me, his eyes lit up and he got all excited. Then I told him that the stall was out of toilet paper, and I watched his spirit get crushed instantly, it was mean, but oh so fun!

  • bornagainpagan

    Hmmmm I have a me a hankering for a BLT!
    “CAL-EH-PHATE…good times, come on!’s a CAL-EH- PHAAAY -SHUN.”
    (giving new life to the 80s lounge act tune)