Aggressive atheism 9

Sometimes Pat Condell says something we don’t like, but we largely agree with him, and we enjoy his combative manner.

In this video he is characteristically challenging, perhaps even more vehement than usual.

He raises points that are likely to be controversial even among his fellow atheists.

All good fun.

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  • George

    I must concede that just because a person is an atheist does NOT mean that I’m going to agree with everything he/she says , and the same applies to ME as well. I have read comments by both liberal and conservative atheists on both sides of the fence ( some I agree and some I DO NOT agree ) and I’m sure that there are comments that I make as well that even atheists may not see “eye to eye” upon.
    I certainly like the idea that Pat Condell has guts to speak out and I truly admire that in a person , although I must admit there were one or two comments he made that I still have questions about . I STILL admire the man’s gutsy outspoken delivery , but he did make one or two comments that I sort of have a question or problem with. I STILL support his bravery in general and my posting is to appreciate his brave outspoken stance but there is yet one or two comments he made that I must sincerely and honestly distance myself from . I admire the man for having such guts but even being gutsy doesn’t necessarily mean that one is ALWAYS right. Having said that I wish that more and more atheists would simply “come out of the closet ” and stand up for secular freethought in general. Being an atheist in itself doesn’t mean that everything we say or believe is necessarily RIGHT , TRUE , and CORRECT which I have learned the hard way by embarrassment when I have had to restract beliefs or statements that I have made when I learned otherwise.
    I have to say in total honesty ( which I have stated before ) that it is conservative atheists who are going to be the ones who will bring about dignity, respect, and more public tollerance & social acceptance to secular freethought. What I DO NOT want to see in secular circles is some form of “in-fighting” because of different perceptions of social and political viewpoints. I’m still learning and looking for answers and will always be open for suggestions and solutions.

  • Frank

    I didn’t hear anything controversial. I agree with every thing he said in this video. Simply stating facts should not be considered combative and Pat Condell always does an excellent job of doing just that. I’ve been a big fan of his for a long time.

    • George

      You’re right Frank , there wasn’t anything controversial. There was one or two comparative analysis situations that I had a question or two about ( this is not to say he was wrong about anything but just a question on my part ). The man is right on target and if more and more atheists had his guts and outspoken fortitude then we secular freethinkers would be so far ahead and better off. If I ever meet this guy I would like to buy him a steak dinner and give him a “high five “. Right on !!!

    • Jillian Becker

      Frank, I too like and admire Pat Condell. I like your comment, but the man surely does have a combative manner (which I enjoy)? And would destroying Jerusalem really effect anything worth while? It’s an historically interesting city. Its inhabitants include, to my certain knowledge, many atheists. Whatever happened there happened. Flattening it won’t cancel a single event or the consequences that flowed from it.

  • You can’t convince God that you’re an atheist.

    • Frank

      Whoever wrote the web page at your link needs to take some Imodium AD. They really have a bad case of verbal diarrhea.

  • Guest – ban Religion!

  • Guest

    Do we not “attack” institutions when they fail to live up to our expectations? There was a catastrophic failure in the banking institutions – public opinion was certainly hostile and policies were implemented (all though their efficacy is still to be proven) to try and stop it all happening again. Religion – despite its claims to be a source for good, has been an abject failure and at times, has been the cause of disunity. You can see that all around the world. All denominations are intrinsically divisive despite attempts at interfaith and harmony. Institutionally it’s a major failure. This is what we should and must “attack.” Individual’s right being sacrosanct must be protected; I don’t advocate attacking individuals. But the beauty of science is that shares a common language and a common goal; there are differences of opinions – but generally it’s the closest we have to a common intellectual language. Organized Religion brings nothing but division.

  • George

    I agree with about 95% of what Pat Condell says ( as I didn’t agree with everything ). Give the man a high five ! At least there are a few people in our society who have a spine and guts. I have been accussed of being an ” aggressive atheist” , ” hardcore atheist” , ” angry atheist” , “radical atheist” and even “militant atheist” simply for standing up to the radical proselytizing religious zealots and being outspoken in my position as a secular freethinker. I have had members of secular organizations that I once belonged to tell me that I need to ” tone it down” but actually I believe we as atheists need to “tone it up” .
    The religious proselytizers can get in our faces and tell us we need to turn to “GAWD” and that we must accept ” JAZUS KRAST ” and ” Praise the LARD ” and if we dare stand up to them aggressively , we (atheists) are called the INTOLLERANT ones. On many occassions I attended monthly atheist/secular humanist meetings and the fellow secularists would boldly stand behind a podium behind closed doors “preaching to the choir” so to speak of like-minded atheists but would NOT dare write a letter to the editor in the local newspaper, or a popular magazine or speak out as an atheist at a public hearing . Then they wonder why only a handful of atheists are attending their organization meetings and why atheism is only moving at a snails pace.
    The “women’s liberation movement” and the ” black civil rights movement” and other movements made gains and accomplishments because they publicly stood up and spoke out and even demonstrated and endured abuse , jail, and in some occassions death for standing up for their rights .
    Unfortunately when an outspoken atheist does so , he/she is often hindered and criticized by fellow atheists. Pat Condell , you’re my hero !!!!!!