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Here’s President Obama saying that his father “served in World War Two”. His father was born in 1936, so was three years old when World War Two started and nine when it ended. Whatever complaints are made about British rule in Kenya, the conscripting of infants into the armed forces isn’t one of them.

Posted under United States, War by Jillian Becker on Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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  • Rich Orman

    I dislike Obama as much as the next guy, but he clearly mis-spoke, and was obviously referring to his grandfather, Stanley Dunham, who did, in fact, serve in the United States Army in the Second War.

    • George

      Thanks Rich . I can say one good thing about Obama and that he is the ONLY president that has verbally accepted atheists as equals as he stated in one of his speeches ( that is if he truly believes that but knowing Obama it may probably be a bunch of %$#@ ) . I just don’t like his socialist anti-American politics. The right wing Republican hard core conservative George Bush Sr. stated to the effect that he didn’t believe that atheists should be considered as American citizens and said also to the effect that he believed that this is one nation under god which is the typical religious right theological tirade. Personally I don’t care for either George Bush and I’ll refrain form expressing what I think about the Bush clan . I will always give credit where it is due even if I don’t like the individual. Of course when Obama is giving a speech he should prepare all his notes and get his speech in order to avoid such a mispeak ( anyone can make a mistake if it was such ) . I just don’t trust the guy ( just my opinion ) . Thanks again Rich.

  • George

    QUESTION : How do you know when Obama is lying ?

    ANSWER : When he moves his lips .