GOWHAR and MAAHER cannot kill the worm 7

Cheerful news from “Reza Kahlili” at PajamasMedia:

Contrary to the claim made by the Iranian Center for Non-Military Preemptive Defense, the Stuxnet virus has disabled Iran’s nuclear centers.

Contrary to the claims made by Gholam-Reza Jalali — director of the Iranian Center for Non-Military Preemptive Defense — regarding the nature of the virus and Iran’s capabilities in dealing with the fallout, Stuxnet has wreaked serious and perhaps fatal havoc on the foundations of energy structure and the operating systems of the Bushehr nuclear installation. According to the Green Liaison news group, over the past year and a half the Bushehr plant has incurred serious damage and has lost major capabilities.

An individual involved in Iran’s nuclear activities reports that this virus was placed in the system by one of the foreign experts contracted to Iran. The virus has automatic updating capabilities in order to track and pirate information, and can also destroy the system hardware step-by-step. The internal directives programmed into the structure of the virus can actually bring the generators and electrical power grids of the country to a sudden halt, or create a “heart attack” type of work stoppage. …

The Iranian Center for Non-Military Preemptive Defense has set up two computer task forces titled GOWHAR and MAAHER. The two organizations are said to have spent the last year and a half investigating the extent of the damage, however due to the complexity of the virus they have not been successful with a fix.

The Iranian Center for Non-Military Preemptive Defense is attempting to produce software and an operating system which will provide immunity and security against cyber attacks, and which can withstand all damages incurred by viruses. However, all claims as to the actual production of these active national systems by the security authorities are said to be a bluff — nothing more than a pretense to mask the complexity of the virus and ultimately Tehran’s lack of engineering expertise in this area.

And Allah is not helping his faithful destroy the Stuxnet worm, for all the mullahs’ and Ahmadinejad’s and the Revolutionary Guards’ prayers?  Wow!

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  • Keith

    It used to be that the prime objective of a soldier was to KILL and Destroy. Our enemies still see it that way and unless we get back to the basics we will lose to them. The pussification of the American male is as bad as any of the other incremental changes liberals have induced in our society.

    • George

      You and I think the same Keith . Our soldiers hands are tied and our rules of engagement are a joke and our guys are dying as a result just to play this PC politics. It’s sickening. When I was in the Marines , our slogan was —-” If you mess with the best, you’ll die like the rest ” . I was 18 years of age when I went to basic training at Parris Island SC and they harrassed , beat, kicked, punched, shoved ,cursed and treated us like savages and it was needed to prepare a guy in civilian life to what he may face in combat. Now we have this PC crap that has wimpified our military and that good for nothing poor excuse of a Commander In Chief Obama is the nothing but a low down &^%$#@#%^&**&^%$#@!!@)()*(*&^%%#@#!@@%^&&*****(*((*&^&^%$#@!!@#$%^&**((()()*(&^&^%$$##@!@!@#$$%^&** just for starters ! There , I got that off my chest. I guess that means I better take a course in “anger management” —– NOT !!!!!

      • George

        I’m continuing my previous post. Many Muslims want to escape the tyranny of their theocracy and feel trapped because they ARE and they don’t deserve to be subjected to any harm. However when we have to make a choice of protecting America and our citizens , then self preservation and winning should be our primary goal. I do not believe in the harming of any innocent person but we cannot focus on collateral damage or innocent citizen casualties of war during wartime. We have to get the job done and we are going to have innocent citizen casualties and even friendly fire casualties.
        It has been said that war is hell ( pardon the religious term ) and some good people are going to perish in the crossfire and that’s the way war is. I also firmly believe that it should be mandatory that any person running for presidential office should have served in the US Military. How can a person end up being a Commander In Chief of the worlds’s greatest military and yet have no inside working knowledge of how our military operates or of military tactics and strategy or have had no experience of serving first hand in the military ? Now we have to put up with the Obamanation of our military. OPbama is cutting back our national; defenses , cutting back our military budget, cutting back our nuclear ICBM arsenal , and this nutcase has even put the brakes on NASA & Space Shuttle (coming soon ).

        • Keith

          I don’t like the idea either of innocent civilians getting caught in the crossfire but that is what our timidity has caused. It is the law of un-intended consequences. We want to appear to be the good guys, we try not to cause harm to anyone but our direct enemy. But our enemy has no problem sacrificing themselves or any civilian to inflict their damage. As a result the civilian population is more scared of our enemy than they are of us which gives our enemy cover to inflict more damage.
          If our reputation was to” kill them all and let “allah” sort them out” then the civilians would have kicked the Taliban to the curb a long time ago.
          So in essence us being winners of “hearts and minds” probably has cost more civilians their lives than if we would have just gone in and kicked muslim ass. There is no doubt we wouldn’t have lost as many of our guys.

    • George

      I couldn’t reply to your post of 23 minutes ago because the web page wouldn’t allow it the way it’s set up. You are absolutely correct in your post and I agree 100%. I’ve been saying this for the longest and of course people like you and I are called “insensitive” and all that PC nonsense. I’m with you on that one for sure !!!!!

  • George

    If we had true presidential leadership here in America ( and that includes both Republicans and Democrats — i.e Bush and Obama ) we would have launched a military airstrike against that nuclear facility in Iran and bombed the living crap out of that facility. But oh no , we’re so concerned about colateral damage and world public image . If we had taken that form of PC wimpy attitude during the war with Japan we would have never dropped two nukes on them and ended the war.
    The radical Muslims see us as weak. They no longer fear us because they see a staunch weakness in the West and in our allies. They are taking adavantage of our compassion, tollerance and respect for innocent human lives. Many of the humans we regard as innocent are NOT actually innocent as many of us perceive them to be.
    Instead of a WORM , I would have preferred a bunch of nuclear tipped cruise missiles , or a bunch of MOAB or Daisy Cutter bombs dropped on that facility and reduce the whole thing to rubble. I have heard quite a number of pro-American citizens who have asserted that if they attack us with a terrorist act afterwards then we turn the entire country into a crater if we end up going to war with them . You cannot negotiate with terrorists. They only understand brute force and strength. This PC attitude is for the birds.

  • George

    Speaking of WORM. If that human parasite Ahmadinejad were to come down with a 10 mile long tapeWORM and check out , now that would make me happy. I’m sure the vast multitude of citizens of Iran would be dancing in the streets. The majority of the citizens in Iran hate that tyrannical wacko.