It’s Osama for you, Auntie 19

The British Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC, “the Beeb”, or “Auntie”, has been coasting on its Second World War reputation for telling the truth for some sixty-six subsequent years, during which it has deserved that reputation less and less, and now not at all.

It is supported by a license fee that every household has to pay to watch any television or listen to any radio, even if the owner of the TV or radio set only tunes in to independent broadcasters who support themselves on fees for advertisements. Yet the BBC does not think it is answerable to the public. It hardly ever admits to any fault, however long and loudly it may be accused of it. It is criticized constantly, continually, for persistent bias towards the left and Islam.

Its managers seem without exception to be self-righteous, morally corrupt, smug and shameless. To prove that it is not anti-Israel, the organization commissioned an internal enquiry, with public money of course; but  when the report came in, it refused to publish it, presumably because its findings were not what it wanted them to be.

Now a new scandal has arisen, courtesy of Wikileaks, connecting the Blatantly Biased Corporation to AL-QAEDA. No one should be surprised.

Here’s the story, told by Un:dhimmi:

The BBC could be part of a ‘propaganda media network’ for al-Qaeda, according to U.S. files published by Wikileaks.

A phone number of someone at the BBC was found in phone books and programmed into the mobile phones of a number of militants seized by the Americans. The number is believed to be based at Bush House, the headquarters of the BBC World Service.

The assessment on one of the detainees at the Guantanamo camp, dated 21 April 2007, said: ‘The London, United Kingdom, phone number 0044 207 *** **** was discovered in numerous seized phone books and phones associated with extremist-linked individuals.

‘The number is associated with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).’

The U.S. assessment file said forces had uncovered many ‘extremist links’ to the BBC number – indicating that extremists could have made contacts with employees at the broadcaster who were sympathetic to extremists or had information on ‘ACM’ (anti-Coalition militia) activities. …

The BBC number listed on the file is now dead, but the revelation could further dent the broadcaster’ reputation for impartiality. It has for years faced claims it is biased towards the left. But this is the first time the BBC has been linked to Islamic extremism.

Or the first time there’s been evidence of such a link.

In September 2006, BBC chairman Michael Grade held an ‘impartiality summit’ to assess whether there was a left-wing bias. A leaked account of the meeting showed that executives admitted they would broadcast an interview with Osama Bin Laden, the founder of al-Qaeda. They said they would give him a platform to explain his views, if he approached them.

And how many of those executives are Muslims? We know the BBC is stuffed with them.

So what is the BBC’s excuse for the revelation of the phone number? It’s mighty smooooth:

A spokesman for the BBC said: … “The service [as the BBC calls itself] has interviewed representatives of organisations from all sides involved in the Afghan conflict so it would not be surprising that a number believed to relate to the BBC Pashto service was in circulation.’

Un:dhimmi goes on to comment:

The BBC enjoys a solid, but wholly unjustified international reputation for impartiality. In spite of this (and its own propaganda), the British state broadcaster is caught out by the observant time after time; slanting reports, omitting material facts and downplaying the opinions of those holding views which differ from those of its middle class, liberal, multiculturalist and metropolitan caucus. …

One of the standout areas of BBC bias is its promotion of Islam. At times, it seems as if it is selling the Muslim faith to Britons – seeking constantly to feature examples of benign, integrated and, well – middle class and metropolitan – Muslims as if to say ‘Look – these Muslims are just like you (if ‘you’ are a middle class, affluent professional with multicultural, liberal-to-left views and live in London) – and Islam really is a religion of peace!’.

Meanwhile, parts of the country of the kind not inhabited by the kind of affluent liberals who are so overrepresented at Broadcasting House, are coming to resemble Islamabad – mosque-fringed, self-segregating ghettoes, some of which are home to major organised crime, terrorism and benefit fraud. But you’d never know this from al-Beeb’s output.

The BBC will survive this scandal with its usual snooty disdain of any criticism levelled against it.

Far from being a “service”, it is a destructive propaganda machine. Any decent government – which Britain hasn’t had since the day Margaret Thatcher left the Prime Minister’s office – would now get rid of it.

  • George

    Keith , I am replying to your post of 20 hours ago. Some of the post windows won’t allow a direct reply to that specific post. Thank you sir for your commentary that espresses exactly the point(s) I have been trying to make for many years now. It always excuses excuses and more excuses which are just “cop outs” for being lazy and cowardly and having no true interest.
    Please allow me to make my disclaimer here . I am NOT trying to “hog up” the discussion forum and I make a lot of postings because I often get frustrated with what I see going on around me and I see this discussion forum as an outlet to vent my frustration and views with like minded individuals who are both secular and conservative. I openly admit at times I come across as “hardcore” and possibly abbrasive being a former Marine and a retired cop , I’m now a member of the “old farts club”.
    I love America and I am a deeply a patriotic American and I will defend my country with my life. I simply DO NOT believe in the SUPERNATURAL or the PARANORMAL . I am NOT anti-anybody ( who is a decent, honest, respectful and civil human being ). Period ! As you and I have stated previously and I will reiterate that we as conservative atheists must go beyond merely discussing current events among ourselves and just leaving it at that. It’s nice to “chit chat” on things going on around the world but NOTHING happens unless someone does something. Real CHANGE requires action and deeds and NOT words or lip-service. This has been the hardest point that I have had to get over to fellow atheists ( both liberal and conservative ). It’s like “pulling teeth” or like “beating a dead horse” to get this simple point across. I tried a few social experiments that have been 100% successful and I tried to relay this to a few secular group leaders and ALL of them rejected or ignored what I had to say. I use to head a community support group and also use to work as a volunteer mentor/tutor, and also worked in community activities. At first the Christians use to ridicule and reject me because I was an atheist and as usual , they had all the negative mindsets regarding atheists which permeates our society today.
    Then the same Christians observed how I was always cheerful , polite, helpful and always volunteering to help in the community and was always dependable and respectful and it immediately changed their perception of atheists and atheism. They began asking me questions of why was I an atheist and I explained my position as intellectually as I could and I began to win over their friendship and acceptance. Now these same Christians who were at one time bashing atheists and thinking “down” on atheists now have a different outlook from their involvement with me in the community and their frequent conversations with me. This is how we will win the hearts of the people to accept us and get them to cease their negative views of us which the bigoted and biased radical theologians have spread throughout the media and their houses of worship to an extreme degree.
    The liberals have “hijacked ” secular freethought and they have also given us such a bad reputation that it is going to take US ( conservative atheists ) to reverse this derogatory image and restore ( or even originally institute ) honor, dignity, respect and public acceptance of secular freethought.
    I read a letter to the editor in a newspaper one day whereby a Christian woman asked an atheist letter writer — ” Where are your atheist soup kitchens ? Where are your atheist hospitals ? Where are your atheist homeless shelters ? Where are your atheist charity organizations ? , etc etc etc etc ) “. She’s right. Yet I would go to atheist monthly meetings and hear the group leader stand behind a podium and exalt of how secular humanism , freethought, and atheism respects the dignity of all humanity , blah blah blah blah and so on but they DO absolutely NOTHING ! And yet EVERYTIME I bring this up and try to get this point across to fellow secular freethinkers I am villified, maligned , denigrated , harrased , ostracized and become a target of personal character assasination for even mentioning it. Whats’s wrong with this picture ? What gives ? I’m seeing the same mindset and behavior among conservative atheists as I do among the liberal atheists when it comes to getting off our butts and getting involved in the public and community sphere instead of just TALKING all the freakin’ time.
    When I go into the poor ghetto communities , the people know I am an atheist and they even say things like — ” God bless you brother—— ooops , I forgot you don’t believe in God but bless you anyway my man , I appreciate that. You take care brother ” . These are exact quotes as an example. I offered to fund a temporary “soup kitchen ” in one community at my expense totally and I could not get one atheisty/secular humanist from any of the secular groups in the surrounding three county area to help for just a matter of hours on a single weekend. I went to a used restaurant equipment company to get pricings on plastic bowls, plates, cups, forks, used kettles (I already had a kerosene portable dual stove ) and I had the tables and other equipment and I still could NOT get one atheist volunteer to work with me. The Christians eagerly go out and volunteer ( even though it may be for selfish reasons, they are at least out there helping the people and doing good deeds with the people ). People will not bite the hand that feeds them or helps them. This is what the people identify with——DEEDS , not TALK !!
    Now if anyone wants to follow up this post and ridicule me for saying this then go right ahead and I ‘ll just be done for good and then I can say I tried and we secular freethinkers ( both liberals and conservatives ) will continue to be the mockery of society. We need to unite and go public in doing good things for people publicly and our ACTIONS will speak for themselves. If we refuse to take these actions , then we will ultimately fail and have no one to blame but ourselves .

  • George

    Keith , I truly enjoy corresponding with you on this discussion forum. There is another thing that I wanted to bring up regarding atheists ( both liberal and conservative ) and I hate to admit this as well and I now I’m playing “devil’s advocate” here ( pardon the religious term again ) but there is another observation I’ve noticed.
    Here in the USA , I have noticed how atheists are so involved in such staunch individuality to such an extreme that many have engaged in anti-social behavior . Many have taken this INDIVIDUALITY thing to such extremism and just DO NOT socialize with fellow atheists like the Christians socialize with fellow Christians.
    When I was admitted to the hospital emergeny room following a traumatic injury , I had a few of my Christian friends visit me in my hospital room and checked on my welfare. I know I’m “airing dirty laundry” but I don’t care because it needs to be said. Even though I had called just as many atheists , not one atheist came by to the hospital to visit me. They were in their own world and couldn’t care less. I was brought cards and fruit by my Christian friends but not one atheist even made a phone call to see how I was doing , yet when the atheists get together in their monthly group meetings , they spew out this BS about how humanism and all that jibberish emphaiizes compassion for our fellow human being and all that crap.
    When I attend the local atheist monthly meetings, as soon as the meeting is adjourned, nearly all of the atheists hurry out of their seats and rush out to thir vehicles and are gone in a matter of maybe 3 minutes tops. If that had been a Christian church , the Christians would be standing around for probably an hour or more talking and socializing with their fellow Christians, but the atheists are in their own world and just want to hear a speech and scram ( and %#@& socializing ).
    They talk the talk but refuse to walk the walk. Many atheists are embarrased to hear me say this but it is ALL true . Just as we have religious extremism , we also have secular extremism as well and at least I’m being honest about it.
    When my car had been repaired from an accident in another county , I called a few fellow atheists/humanists in my county and none of them would transport me to the adjacent county to get my car even when I offered to pay them for gas and more. I called a white male friend of mine who is a Christian conservative ( and even a member of the promise Keepers ). He was dating a black woman and I ( a black man ) was dating an Asian woman at the same time and we both worked night shift. I woke him up and he gladly got dressed , drove far over to my county from another county and took me to get my car and refused to accept any money from me. We both went on double dates with he and his girlfriend and me and mine and we are still the best of friends. Yet I hear these atheist women who are members of NOW talking about protesting the Promise Keepers . Haa ! Spare me ! I’m not religious but in my opinion , if I protest anybody it will be the feminist group NOW.
    I recall whenever my mother would get sick , how many of her church members would come by and visit her and bring her flowers. If I were sick , not one atheist would even send me an e-mail to say— ” Get well soon ” or any of that. They are so busy shouting– ” religion =bad / secularism=good ” and totally go around with mental & social “blinders” on . Even we atheists are NOT monolithic. We are NOT all alike and we do not all think alike .
    Some of the things that I have stated on this blog , I stated at a secular freethought seminar in Orlando , Florida when I was one of 4 or 5 guest speakers at the event. I was the last speaker. The audience was bored to death until I got up and spoke and I got a standing ovation because I said things they had never heard before and I expressed things from a conservative perspective and things that were not the usual liberal and PC rhetoric. One man literally jumped out of his seat into the air clapping loudly and shouted —– Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! and gave me two thumbs up and had a big smile.
    The seminar organizer and head of the host secular group never invited me to speak again but he did invite a few of the others to speak at a later seminar/annual gathering. I wasn’t “politically correct” . I’m registered as a Libertarian ( and I even have some complaints about the Libertarian Party ), I’m Pro-Life on the abortion issue ( with a few exceptions —I’ll explain later ). I believe in free enterprise/capitalism and I absolutely hate and despise socialism/communism , the entitlement mentality and “victimhood mentality ” which my black ethnic group has been so brainwashed into accepting. I’m a retired cop ( having received the Excellent Service Award ) and I’m a former Marine platoon leader ( receiving Honorable Discharge ). I’m a staunch American patriot and don’t fit the typical stereotype and so I often find myself a loner but I’m use to it now.
    You see Keith , there are agendas on both sides of the fence and also ignorance on both sides of the fence but few want to admit it. You are definately on target with what you have posted. When the general public sees conservative atheists like you and me and others in the “public arena” they will change their outlook upon atheists gradually , but surely. It is going to take time and patience. I know I’m a highly assertive and outspoken atheist but I’m fair and honest. Keep your head up Keith and keep plugging away—- Take care guy.

    • Les.w (uk)

      I can’t agree with you on this – you can’t generalize from the small number of people you know personally. Peoples’ basic nature are the same irrespective of whether they are atheists or believers – some are kind, considerate and generous, while others are selfish and self-centered. I’ve come across both sorts amongst both atheists and believers in different religions alike, and in different countries. Often enough peoples’ response to you depends on the way you behave towards them in the first place. Perhaps you just have the wrong friends…

      • George

        Les. W , I was NOT generalizing and you obviously read into something I posted that wasn’t meant. I made it perfectly clear that we are NOT all monolithic and we as atheists just like the religionists have different views, perceptions and accepted social norms. I was reciting certain attributes that people weren’t aware of and also reciting things that a multitude of atheists have told me personally that is NOT being discussed in various secular “camps”, and these individuals have asserted that they agree with me.
        This has NOTHING to do with generalizing. You then go on to assert or accuse that I may have done something to them in the first place ( implying that I did something provocative and such was not the case ). Not so. I have been a member of various secular groups and I’ve had an abundance of atheists tell me in private that they agree with what I have asserted but they admantly refused to state such openly.
        I’ve had Christians attack me for simply being atheist because of the myths they have heard about atheists that are common in our society but when they see me active in the community and they see that I embrace the moral values they do , then these same individuals become my best supporters and closest friends.
        The things you have mentioned regarding people’s basic naure are things I’m already aware of and I’m in agreement there so please do not interpret ( or rather misinterpret ) certain specific experiences and situations cited as any kind of generalization as such was never the case.

        • Keith

          I have never met any other atheists much less a conservative atheist. I do know liberals and don’t consider any as true friends. Everyone I know or associate with is a christian. Some are truly great people and some I wish I had never met, not because they are christians but because they are the biggest hypocrites walking the planet.

          Just because I don’t believe in any god doesn’t mean I have some special knowledge that others don’t, it simply means I don’t believe in any god. I look at christians the same way, they don’t have any special knowledge they simply believe there is a god. I live what I consider a good and moral life. I respect all life and all people until they give me reason not to.

          The christians I don’t like are the pretenders. They lurk in the shadows of their religion with the acceptance of their fellow believers just because they “believe” but their actions don’t mirror their “beliefs”.

          Growing up in New Orleans I wasn’t a stranger to black people but it wasn’t until my Dad started a business with mostly black employees that I had a lot of direct contact with them. Two of the older men were my Dad’s most trusted employees and my Dad put my older brother and I working for them as kids. They were both deacons in their church and fine men. They taught us lessons about work and life that I carry till this day. The most important lesson was “working hard doesn’t mean it can’t be fun”. You were probably thinking it was going to be a christian message or lesson but the point I want to make is I am an atheist but that isn’t all I am, just as they were christians but that wasn’t all they were.

          Christian conservatives and atheist conservatives need to focus on the conservative part of the moniker. Maybe if we atheist conservatives made ourselves known more often to the outside world and made known our positions it is possible (maybe) that we won’t be associated with satan worshipers but thoughtful people of good moral character who got that way without believing in god.

  • George

    I hate to admit this but it will be the conservative Christians who will be the ones who will actually stand up and fight the radical Muslims because the typical atheists are such wimps and won’t do anything. As much as it hurts me to say this , it’s true. The typical atheist only wants to chit chat in a monthly meeting behind closed doors in private while engaging in Christian bashing and making themselves feel good and as such these elitists are only “stroking their egos”. The typical atheist feels as though only posting messages on blogs is ALL they ( or we ) have to do . I love this web site with all the superb information but we need to take it further as a whole and speak out publicly and let our voices be heard in the public “arena” , otherwise we are only “preaching to the choir” ( pardon the religious expression ).
    We need to contact our law makers, legislators, congress persons, senators, mainstream media , and attend public meetings and speak out. I heard a conservative radio talk show host say that only conservative Christians can save America ( and he’s right and I’m ashamed to say it’s true ). I had a conservative atheist friend of mine say the same thing to me. They are both right. The typical atheist ( both liberal and conservative ) is more concerned with talking to one another and making each other feel good which will have absolutely NO outside effect in changing politics.
    Liberals are always speaking out against anything Christians do in America ( such as a nativity scene at a courthouse, a prayer at a school commencement , etc . , but these same liberal atheists are totally SILENT when we have terrorist cells right here in America , women forced to wear burkhas here in America, honor killings going on here in America, women wearing veals over their faces while taking photos for a driver’s license ( how stupid ) and yet not a word from the whinny liberal atheists. There are jihadists militants walking across our border from Mexico and these liberal atheists have NOTHING to say about it. There are Muslim jihadists terrorist training camps here in America and these liberal atheists are totally silent on the matter.
    Every time I go to an atheist group meeting or read the typical liberal atheist publication , the ONLY thing they are discussing is gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans-gendered agendas & same sex marriage, radical feminism, abortion rights, socialism and socialist political agendas , Democrat Party pandering , and a bunch of left-wing politics. Thats all ! That’s all they ever talk about. These are their primary or mainstream usual topics.
    Even many conservative atheists know this is true but are afraid to admit it openly because they are afraid of ridicule and harrassment from fellow atheists. I have spoken out on this during many atheist meetings I have attended and yet the wimpy men just sit in there and remain silent, and yet when the meeting is adjourned, the same men atheists speak to me in private and tell me they agree with me totally but they were afraid to say anything in the meetings because they were afraid that they would be the target of ad hominem attacks. What a bunch of freakin’ wimps !
    Then when I speak my mind even though others in the meetings agree with me , the meeting organizers tell me I need to “tone it down ” , and as usual accuse me of sounding angry . I remember when I had to write a letter to the editor for a fellow atheist under a pseudonym for him because he was so afraid of using his real name and was too lazy to sit down and compose a letter himself. I wrote the letter for him , he signed it and I mailed it for him and I gave him a photocopy.
    If people during the civil rights struggle and the women’s liberation struggle had taken this cowardly approach , then women and minorities would still be second class ( or no class ) citizens having absolutely NO rights whatsoever. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother as I often feel that my efforts will probably prove to be in vain. I will continue to fight because I’m not a quitter but this is going to take a collective effort. Come out of the closet folks and speak up, stand up , rise up and let your voices be heard vigorously. The rights and future you save may be your own !!!

    • Keith

      George you are right. It will be Christian conservatives who, if still possible, will save this country. They need us as much as we need them though. I have been trying to convince those close to me that although my being an atheist separates me from them our conservative beliefs are strong enough to pull us together.
      My favorite atheist quote to christians is ” We are both atheists. I just believe in one less god than you do.”
      The bumper sticker on my truck reads ” This atheist believes abortion is a sin”. It has prompted many puzzled comments. I take those occasions to express my conservative beliefs and try to point out that our only real difference is I don’t believe in god. I don’t know if I have changed any minds but I am sure I made many do some thinking especially when I point out that with Planned Parenthood funding an abortion every 97 seconds it is impossible for , just by sheer lack of numbers, all those having abortions be atheists.

      • George

        Keith , you are so right my man. I would give anything if could meet with you and sit together and exchange ideas experiences. You and I think exactly alike. I have had to put up with more crap from liberal atheists than from conservative Christians. . What’s even more damning is that there are SOME conservative atheists who may be conservative but are also gutless in speaking out publicly . I said the same thing to a Christian friend of mind and I actually feel more comfortable around some of my Christian fiends than around these liberal atheists ( it’s sad but true ).
        I recall around 1990 when I called American Atheists and spoke with Madalyn M. Ohare and I told her my frustration of how the atheists just sit around in groups in monthly meetings and just chit chat and do absolutely NOTHING and are afraid to come out of the closet and assert their atheism and speak up publicly for atheism. Madalyn said to me— ” George, that’s because they’re cowards !” . She was so right ( blunt but true). I will never forget my conversation with her. I was her personal body guard at the 1990 American Atheist Convention in Florida. I stood near the stage while she spoke, walked her to the bathroom door and walked her to her hotel room and stood by her as she was being interviewed by a femalle newspaper reporter. I took photos with her as well. Out of more than 300 atheists that attended the convention , I was 1 of 5 blacks there ( 3 black men and 2 black women ). I got 4 other black people who gave me their names as interested in the organization and then I gave the liost to one of the host chapter officers and he misplaced the list and didn’t even care. Liberals are the biggest racists anywhere.
        Recently I have been subjected to virulent attacks by black Christians ( male and female because the woman I’m dating is white ) . This proves we have racism on both sides of the fence. I’m NOT “politically correct”. I had contemplated on organizing an annual national conservative atheists convention or conference-seminar ( but so far there has not been much interest . I can’t really say that because i haven’t promoted it on a wide scale basis and I’m operating on a shoestring budget ).
        It seems like all atheists want to do is TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK and more TALK and post messages , debate and discuss this or that. Atheists can talk their butts off but never want to roll their shirt sleeves up and get their hands dirty and go out into the community and do pragmatic things. This is part of the problem seriously. This is the part that fellow atheists DON’T want to hear. Hang in there Keith . You have my support 100% !!!!!!!!!!

        • Keith

          I don’t hide my atheism anymore. I still say Merry Christmas. Just like I don’t want to be preached to about religion I don’t preach about atheism. But if someone wants to get into it I can quote references from the bible better than they can to point out the obvious hypocrisy and also give references to man’s advanced civilizations before christianity was a dream.
          I will and do discuss conservatism daily. I am a big fan of the constitution and I try to educate those around what it really says and more importantly what it doesn’t. It does make me laugh when I hear christian conservatives use the founders and the early settlers as a basis for a christian USA. They fled England because of religious persecution, the king was telling them what to believe, and now they say we can’t be Americans because we don’t believe in their religion. If hypocrisy was a sin then none of them will be raptured on May 21st (reference to the preacher who says the world ends 6 months from then in October).

      • George

        You’re right Keith and I feel the same way ! Religious indoctrination is ingrained in our society so much that people in general are just incapable of separating theological superstition from reality. It will always be an uphill battle for us. As Robert Ingersoll would say— We must keep passing the torch to every generation after us. Hang in there guy.

      • George

        Keith , I was unable to respond to your post of 50 minutes ago from your post window because of how the website window is set up but you express my sentiments exactly.

        • Keith

          I just visited :

          and left a posting on the “No God” forum thread. It is a Tea Party site and I was surprised to find someone starting a thread asking for tea partiers to drop god from the platform. The debate was as you would expect and my posting is similar to what I have written here with the last line questioning whether the Tea Party welcomes atheist conservatives. You are right it is time to come out of the shadows.

  • Scrims2

    I don’t understand why liberals, who so hate the American religious fundamentalist fanatics, are so willing to give a free pass to the Arabic religious fundamentalist fanatics.

    • George

      That’s exactly what I have been saying for years Scrims2. The liberals will mouth off virulently against the American Christians but will stay silent regarding radical Islam and even toward the cut-throat Muslim zealots who will cut their throats if they had the chance. These stupid liberals don’t understand that if the Muslims take control of our society under Sharia law , the liberals will be the first in line to be murdered with their decadent, immoral, degenerate and sicko behaviors. Liberals have “NORMALIZED” the abnormal and have a mentality of “anything goes” and have perverted freethought. According to liberals , their motto is — ” If it feels good , do it ! ” Liberals have no MORAL BOUNDARIES . It’s the liberals who have made such a bad image for the rest of us. It will definately be conservative atheists who will restore dignity to true secular freethought.
      The liberals actually have this mindset that they can act friendly toward the Muslims and believe that they can turn their (Muslims) mentality around by appeasement and by friendly capitulating to them . They are wrong. These religious zealot nut-cases see these LIBERAL’S friendly behavior as stupidity , foolishness and weakness . This capitulating behavior by liberals actualy strengthens the drive of the religious Muslim jihadists . You CANNOT negotiate with terrorists or for that matter with religious fundamentalist zealots. It’s either THEIR (religious) way or the highway.
      The other reason is because liberals are cowards. They only act bold when they know they can get away with it and are protected . They know the radical Muslims don’t pay any attention to any of this and don’t mind dying and actually look forward to it and the liberals know that they can’t hide and be protected and so they are quiet and act friendly thinking they (liberals) are going to win their (Muslim ) favor in the process. They (liberals) are wrong and are completely ignorant to the reality of the matter. But because liberals have this elitist mindset , they will not listen . Also, the other reason is because liberals want to see a conflict rivalry between Islam and Christianity falsely thinking that this is going to make things better in the long run when in actuality it is going to make things vehemently worse. As I have stated before——- LIBERALISM IS A DEMENTED PSYCHOSIS !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • George

        In continuation of my previous post —— Liberals have this mentality of ” The enemy of my enemy is my friend “. Liberals know that Christianity and Islam are in a battle and so in order to bring Christianity down , the liberals will actually support a more worst regieme i.e.- Islam to pit one against the other. This proves beyond a doubt how warped and twisted the minds of liberals are. If there are liberals who are offended by me stating this truth then my response to them is ———- BITE ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How’s that for anger ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WLIL

    I for one just got fed up watching all those “harmless”, “ordinary looking” islamic broadcasters who seems to be such a show off with regard their socalled broadcasting skills with a socalled prestigious news organisation.

  • Ralph

    Hopefully the BBC and Public Broadcasting “Service” will be exposed.

  • Les.w (UK)

    The BBC has come under increasing criticism recently for its bias, including from some of it’s own people and an MP. This from Melanie Phillips (who is – or has been up till she wrote this letter – a regular on the BBC) refers to a USA CAMERA report : —> An Open Letter to the Culture Secretary (on 12 April).

  • George

    The BBC sounds like the mainstream news media here in the USA. Gee, why am I not surprised to read any of this ? Hmmmmmm.