Massacre in Iraq 7

Did Iran order a massacre in Iraq, and did America let it happen?

Earlier this month, on April 8, Iraqi forces raided an Iranian refugee camp. Thirty-four Iranians were killed and some 325 were wounded.

It was done under orders from Prime Minister Maliki.

Prime Minister Maliki was acting under orders from the Iranian regime.

And it looks as if the US government was complicit in the atrocity.

But surely not! Let’s recall what Obama said at a joint press conference with Maliki in the Rose Garden on July 22, 2009:

Prime Minister Maliki and I have no doubt that there will be some tough days ahead. There will be attacks on Iraqi security forces and the American troops supporting them. There are still those in Iraq who would murder innocent men, women and children…. But make no mistake: Those efforts will fail.

American troops have the capability, the support and flexibility they need to stand with our Iraqi partners on behalf of a sovereign, secure, and self-reliant Iraq. Because we believe that the future does not belong to those who would destroy — it belongs to those who would build.

What happened at Camp Ashraf?

The April 8 raid targeted the People’s Mujahedeen Organization of Iran, which seeks to overthrow Iran’s clerical leaders. The group won refuge at Camp Ashraf years ago during the regime of Saddam Hussein, who saw them as a convenient ally against Iran. But since then, the exiles have become an irritant to Iraq’s new Shiite-led government, which is trying to bolster ties with Iran. …

A team of U.N. observers saw 28 bodies still at the camp during a Wednesday visit to the compound in eastern Diyala province. Most of the bodies appeared to have been shot and some were women, he said. Three of the bodies appeared to have been crushed to death, a Western diplomat in Baghdad said — likely from being run over by a car. …

After Saddam fell, U.S. troops took control of Camp Ashraf, disarmed its fighters and confined the resident to their 30-square-mile camp. In return, the military signed an agreement with the camp’s 3,400 residents giving them protected status under the Geneva Conventions. …

Where was the US military while the massacre was being perpetrated?

The U.S. military says Ashraf residents’ protected status expired in late 2008 when Baghdad and Washington signed a security agreement that limited U.S. authority in Iraq.

The Ashraf residents and their lawyers in Washington dispute that, and demand that the American military continue to protect them and intervene on their behalf with the Iraqi government.

What about other protections for refugees under the Geneva Conventions? Has the Red Cross anything to say about the massacre?

The International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, which oversees whether nations are complying with the Geneva treaties, has declined to make a public pronouncement on the issue.

Melanie Phillips writes at the Spectator:

According to the National Council of Resistance of Iran, the Iraqi Army used 2,500 troops equipped with armoured vehicles to attack Ashraf in tandem with the feared al Qods force of Iran.  … The terrorist Qods Force … was involved at its highest level in the planning and the execution of this assault. In particular, Brigadier General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Qods Force, personally supervised the planning of this attack on Ashraf…. Some of the officers of the Qods Force were present at the scene of the attack in Ashraf and took part in the killing of Ashraf residents. …

There are strong fears that the Iraqis are preparing to inflict further violence on the residents of Ashraf — and no less disturbing, claims that both the Iraqis and the Americans have been either actively preventing or doing nothing to provide medical aid for those injured in the attack.

The actions of Nouri Al-Maliki, who has long made clear his allegiances to Iran’s theocratic leadership, should have surprised few. What is so shocking is the relative silence of the US government. It is hard to believe that they did not know what was about to happen at Ashraf. They did nothing to try to stop it happening. Worst of all, their silence and inaction has made it almost certain that it will happen again. It can be no coincidence that US forces stationed within the Camp withdrew just hours before the Iraqi onslaught began.

Furthermore, top US government official Robert Gates was in Baghdad and met Al-Maliki hours before the attack began, just as he was in Iraq in July 2009 when the other major offensive was conducted against Ashraf by the Iraqi forces. Mr Gates should be brought to account, and tell us what his knowledge was of the recent outrage, and how he proposes to deal with what occurred.

In addition, he should give a truthful account of why US medical aid, which was readily available, was not in Ashraf within minutes of the Iraqi attack, despite requests.

Simply put, the US forces if they so wished and were so ordered to do from their command in Washington and Baghdad could at the flick of a switch airlift all the wounded to the US military hospital situated in the vicinity of the Camp. This now is the minimum that the US authorities must do. However, such assistance will not suffice in circumstances where the Iraqi authorities have made clear their intention to destroy the Camp and if necessary kill all the residents.

There has been no official condemnation of the raid from either the British or American Governments. Melanie Phillips asks:

Could this be because the last thing the British and Americans want to acknowledge is that the Iraqi government of Nuri al Maliki – the country in which so much British and American blood and treasure has been so painfully spent in the cause of making it safe for the West — has merely become a puppet of the Iranians, the West’s most lethal foe?

We were for the war on Iraq, though we never thought that Iraq or any Arab state could be transformed into a true democracy.

But who could have foretold such an outcome of the intervention as an Iraq subservient to the evil Iranian regime?

If that is how it is, it means that Americans fought and died only to extend the power of their worst enemy.

  • George

    Just recently an Afghan policeman shot and killed around 13 American soilders because he claimed he was depressed about his financial condition. can you believe this crap ? In Iran , Iraq , Syria , Indonesia, Phillipines, Afgnanistan , Lybia, Pakiistan and a bunch of other locations where Islam is pushing their jihadist movement , people are dying like flys. The murders keep going on and on and these muderous maniacs are actually proud of their murderous acts because it’s taught as part of their religion. Also several engineers in the Middle East were recently murdered . Look ho they behead, murder , burn , torture , terrorize and create havoc wherevere they go and then they have the audacity to call their belief system the religion of peace . What a bucnh of BS. We had better wake up and rise up and fight back or these acts of horror that we see on TV happening in the Middle East will be on our shores . You would think that after Sept. 11, 2001 the American people would have waken up and “smelled the coffee” and yet I can’t believe people can be so gullible, stupid, foolish, naive and brainwashed.
    These Muslims are playing on our ultra-tollerance and compassion which they are using against us. What is going to have to happen next before people get it through their thick ignorant brain-dead heads that this situation is serious and deadly dangerous and is spreading like wildfire ? The jihadists are getting bolder and bolder because they smell weakness. The only thing they recognize is brute force and militaristic action. We are sitting on a “powder keg” and the fuse is getting shorter and shorter. So many people today act as if this is some kind of specific geographical political uprising abroad but this is spreading around the world and these jihadists are bent on spreading their tyrannical religious belief system globally and they spend every waken minute planning and plotting to kill the infidels while we sit around talking about who won the latest basketball game. They are literally laughing at us LITERALLY and yet we are caving in to our own self destruction. I only hope that people worldwide will finally wake up , rise up and collectively fight back with a bold fury and save world civilization and freedoms from total doom.

    • George

      Typo– I meant to say ” dying like flies” . Gee folks, I don’t want to look like I’m hogging up the comment pages with my frequent and abundant posts but I’m really taking this world situation serious and it’s really getting to me and I’m worried about our safety and future and the future of our offspring. Please pardon my numerous posts and my strong wordings . We have definately got to get a world “grip” on this terrorist situation and these extremists . It has already gotten out of hand and we need to get our butts in gear NOW ( not later ). Wake up people , rise up and fight back !!!! .

  • TyS

    These people are born-and-bred rabid mongrel animals – I question their status as ‘human’ on a regular basis. To think that they were ever capable of acting civilised is a naive dream.

    Though I have little respect for the man, Pat Buchanan made a poignant statement: “Why should we care about [Muslims] killing [Muslims]?” I once did, to some extent, but no longer.

    In other news, a random bus full of blue collar Mexican travellers was taken hostage just across from the Texas/Mexico border recently. The passangers were filed off the bus, one by one – each person was marched a few yards into the desert where one cartel thug held them down, while another proceeded to smash in their heads with a sledgehammer in front of the remaining passangers. The bodies were recently uncovered in a shallow mass-grave.

    Excuse me for being incensitive, but I am far more concerned with those atrocities that are on the verge of spilling into America.

    …maybe I am just in a bad mood today

    • George

      I agree TyS , and you are NOT being “insensitive” but being REAL. When I see Muslim women becoming suicide bombers blowing themselves up so that the Muslim mysogynist men can keep them as their slaves is totally assinine to me. How utterly stupid and insane. One rival Muslim group was at war with another rival Muslim group and one member of a warring group beheaded a young man of the rival Muslim group and then he threw the severed head of the young man he beheaded at the beheaded man’s mother.
      The mother of the beheaded son then picked up her son’s severed head and threw it back at one of the rival Muslim group members and shouted at them : ” What I give to Allah I don’t take back “. This actually happened and was in a news report. Can you believe this ? I also saw a video film of a group of zealot Muslim men in Afghanistan teaching a 12 year old boy how to behead a man.
      Just recently in Pakistan a young teenage boy beheaded his female friend in the school classroom in front of everybody. The news report described the teenage girl as his girlfriend but Muslims don’t believe in dating. Nevertheless , is this what we want in America ? No way Jose !
      I agree with one conservative radio talk show host who said that where ever Muslims go around the world they cannot get along with their neighbors and they bring only death, destruction , insurrection, chaos and mayhem. I do believe things are going to come to a “breaking point” and the world is going to get totally fed up with Muslims all over the world and this is what is going to bring us all together to stand up to them and fight them and do what is necessary to stamp out this true EVIL.
      What kind of religion preaches death , murder, mahem and hatred as it’s primary tennants ? What kind of religion teaches to despise their fellow man , woman and child in the name of their god and call that HONOR ? People around the world are getting more and more fed up with these %$$#ing Muslims and their hate-mongering , tyrannical and murderous belief-system. It may be that the Muslims will be the magnet that will bring people of all other belief systems (including atheists) around the world together to stand up to them and fight them to bring about true world peace and happiness. So much for the religion of peace.

  • George

    Where did all the real men go ? What happened to the true gutsy men of valor, honor, duty , bravery, dedication & commitment to protect America and our freedoms ? The American male has been so wussified, sissyfied, punkified, and stupidfied that he has lost all sense of manhood , masculinity and fortitude. The feminists did their job well in breaking down the American male and now look at the result. Is this what my grandfather died in the Army for, my father served in the Navy for, and I served in the Marines for ?
    Will the real last true man in American politics who cares for America please stand up ? If we American men don’t make a drastic turn-around and stand up for America ( and civilized world society ) then we as a culture and a society are doomed !!!!!!!

  • George

    If people around the world , including here in the USA don’t rise up and get a grip and contain this radical Islam jihadist movement , then these massacres that we see going on in the Middle East will be a common thing here in the USA . What we see going on in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya , etc . will be another day in the life in America because people are still “mentally asleep” and men of today have become such effeminate , feminized limp-wristed wussies. No I’m not angry , I’m infuriated . No I’m not angry , my blood is boiling. No I’m not angry , I’m incensed . No I’m not angry I’m “on fire”. We need men to stand up , take a stand, fight back and protect freedom , justice, equality , and civility . Get off your butts and be men darnit ! Rise up and wake up ! Semper Fi !!!!!!

  • George

    Obama is a total FRAUD ! In his youth , Obama while in Indonesia studied at and attended a Muslim madrassa and was indoctrinated in the ways and beliefs of Islam. I’m NOT gullible to believe that for some reason Obama later had a ” change of heart ” . Obama is in my opinion a “stealth Muslim” acting or pretending to be a Christian while supporting and defending the radical Muslim jihadists. Obama and his anti-American agenda IMHO is a scourge upon our American way of life and our national security. It never ceases to amaze me how supposedly intelligent people can be so gullible, naive , stupid, foolish , ignorant and brainwashed.