Farewell Superman, hello UNman 12

America no longer a superpower? Superman no longer American?

Calvin Freiburger sums up the events that led to the superhero’s desertion at Front Page:

In DC Comics’ Action Comics #900 … Superman decides he has to renounce his U.S. citizenship:

In it, Superman consults with the President’s national security advisor, who is incensed that Superman appeared in Tehran to non-violently support the protesters demonstrating against the Iranian regime …

It was good that he went to support the Iranian protesters, but why non-violently? Has he turned wussie?

However, since Superman is viewed as an American icon in the DC Universe as well as our own, the Iranian government has construed his actions as the will of the American President, and indeed, an act of war.

Superman replies that it was foolish to think that his actions would not reflect politically on the American government, and that he therefore plans to renounce his American citizenship at the United Nations [yikes!] the next day — and to continue working as a superhero from a more global than national perspective. …

Can he do this and still be Superman?

As an alien raised on a Kansas farm who grows up to fight for truth, justice, and the American way both as a superhero and as a newspaper reporter, Superman’s American identity and values have always been central to the character. … He can’t simply switch who he is at will. …

Not unless the world changes, every country on earth becoming a Land of the Free, embodying all the ideals of the founders of the USA.

If Superman is no longer American, he is no longer Superman. He is gone.

We expect Action Comics to launch a new character named … UNman?

UNman. A superwussie in a blue beret. A vegetarian, of course. With just enough muscle to play a flute, his main task being to lead the Palestinians – Pied-Piper style – into Israel, and the Jews into the sea.

  • Would I qualify to post on this site?? I am conservative on matters such as foreign policy, national security, and immigration. I am Iranian-American and I believe President Bush was a great President who has liberated millions of people and directly contributed to people demanding freedom due to his freedom initiative and policies. I still consider myself a Democrat as I am Democrat on 70% of issues or so (A Bill Clinton – Hillary Clinton type of Democrat). lol..

    • Jillian Becker

      Sassan K. Darian, you are very welcome to comment on our site. Everyone is. You don’t say whether or not you are an atheist. As a Democrat, you may find yourself often in disagreement with us. We thoroughly dislike and despise both the Clintons, for instance, and all they stand for. We oppose collectivism in any form. But we like (polite) controversy. So yes, let us hear more from you.

      • George

        I agree totally Jillian and welcome Sassan as well .

      • OF course I am atheist. That is without saying!

      • And I am no socialist and don’t believe Bill Clinton was. Obama is too big of a spender for my likes but I also think the Republicans budget such as Paul Ryan’s is too strict. I am fiscally in the middle on that issue. I am more liberal on issues such as environment, separation of church and state (I hope you are too), and civil liberties (to an extent as I do believe that in certain situations of national security that it is appropriate to take the necessary measures to protect national security and the greater interest). MY BIG liberal issue is separation of church and state along with science and environment.

        • George

          I definately understand your position Sassan and thank you for your civility . My previous 2 postings regarding the UN was sarcastic humor but I am NOT in favor of the UN as I do believe in MY opinion that it is useless , anti-American and has also allowed terrorist nations and nations that engege in violating human rights into the “fold”. I believe that nations should maintain their respective soverignty and I am against this New World Order crap or the idea of a world controlled “police force “. The mere thought should scare the heck out of the average citizen if they actually knew what it curtails.
          I can find fault in both liberals and conservatives and I can also name good things of both. I lean toward the conservative because I believe in less government conrol of our lives , personal freedoms and individual rights, self responsibility and accountability and so forth. I am against BIG GOVERNMENT , against higher taxes ( I actually support the FAIR TAX ) . I could go on and on but I won’t bore you.
          Thank you for posting your position for supporting the separation of church and state . Now , if we can just get more and more people to support the separation of MOSQUE and state ( aka– Sharia law takeover ) , we’ll really be making progress . Thank you Sassan for your commentary.

        • Jillian Becker

          We are nowhere near the left on any issue whatsoever. We are free marketeers.

          We mock the environmentalists. We are fervently for real science and all critical enquiry.

          Strong defense, small government, low taxes, the free market, individual freedom under the rule of law – those are the conservative principles we stand for. Of course we want “separation of church and state”. We’d like it best if there was no church of any sort, but we are tolerant of a religion if it is tolerant itself. Islam is not, so we are not tolerant of it. In fact, we regard it as an appalling ideology.

          Please go to our Articles of Reason and read more about what we think. (There’s a link to it at the top of our left margin.)

    • thx George and Julian, I have to run right now but I will read your “articles of reason” later on today and respond. Please tell me though, you are for separation of church and state very fervently, right??

  • Ralph

    I don’t read Superman comics and don’t know who controls DC comics. I suspect this is a publicity stunt and soon Superman will discover that the American way is an attempt to find truth and justice.

  • George

    I first heard about this on a conservative radio talk show while I was driving in my car. I almost vomited in my lap and nearly ran off the road. Superwussie is an understatement . Remember : UN stands for [ Unified Nut-cases ].

    • Frank

      Hi George,
      You are mistaken – UN stands for Useless Nitwits. 😉

      • George

        Actually Frank , I was going to make a correction and post that UN stands for Ugly Neanderthals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!