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Posted under Humor by Jillian Becker on Monday, May 2, 2011

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  • George

    Ha ha ! That’s funny ! It reminds me of another cartoon regarding a dead atheist inscription on his tombstone while he lay buried in his casket wearing a business suit. The tombstone inscription read—– ” All dressed up and nowhere to go ” . At least we atheists aren’t going to go on a murderous rampage over this cartoon which is so so “insensitive” toward atheists. Hee hee !!!

    • George

      Oh gee ! I looked at the title menu regarding RECENT COMMENTS and my name filled the column ( except two ). Perhaps it should read– George’s recent comments —-ha ha !
      Now you see what we retired old farts do in our spare time ! Ha ha. I have an atheist cartoon buried in a box somewhere that will make you laugh your %$# off. If I can find it I’ll cite the source and date/page # .