Against Arab savagery 3

Here is Ayn Rand speaking in 1979 on the Arab-Israel conflict.

  • Scrims2

    I so admire Ayn Rand for telling the truth unflinchingly. Phil Donahue reminds me of Smeagol next to her. How sad that we now have a whole white house and congress full of more people like him instead of her.

  • Ralph

    Ayn Rand spoke of the differences between Isreal and the Muslim world. She spoke of the industy, wealth and better life being created by Isreal. She spoke of the hate and violence of the Muslim world. Donahue could only speak of tolerance. It seems the only thing that has changed since 1979 is the higher level of Muslim violence we are expected to tolerate.

  • George

    Ayn Rand was one gutsy woman and told it like it is. She was also an atheist and yet many conservative Christians knowing this have exalted her and loved her because of her stance againt the horrible regiemes around the world ( overwhelmingly being theocratic regiemes ). Please read her book – [ ATLAS SHRUGGED ] . I never liked Phil Donahue and I won’t say why on this forum ( to be polite ). Even Col. Robert G. Ingersol [ a secular freethinker ] was later hailed as a hero by conservative Christians although he was extremely maligned at many of his speeches in his day. Ayn Rand was a brave woman indeed . If only we had more and more people like her today.