Religion the sickness of the world 12

Religion is the sickness of the world. It is a destructive force, profoundly evil.

If there was an excuse for dogmatic superstition in ages past – say, as an explanation by which people tried to understand and influence the forces of nature – there is none now. Irrational belief can only be harmful.

History is hugely about the clash of religions. And in our time millions of people are experiencing an eruption of religious strife as widespread and catastrophic as any that has ever occurred, possibly the worst ever considering the numbers involved. Right now religion is the major cause of wars, massacres, and vast movements of desperate refugees.

Islam, the most belligerent of the world’s religions, is waging war fiercely on the rest of the world. Its methods are savage and cowardly. Wherever the faithful of other religions are weakest and most at their mercy, Muslims are torturing, burning, dismembering, raping, and slaughtering them.

Most of their victims (other than fellow Muslims of a different sect) are Christians. In Arab lands, Christians are being forced to flee or die.

In particular the Coptic Christians of Egypt are victims of the Muslim revolutionaries who rose demanding “freedom” for themselves, but are unwilling to grant it to the Copts.

Barry Rubin writes at PajamasMedia:

Christians in most of the Arabic-speaking world may be on the edge of flight or extinction. All of the Christians have left the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip which is, in effect, an Islamist republic. They are leaving the West Bank. Half have departed from an increasingly Islamist-oriented Iraq where they are under terrorist attack. …

In Lebanon while the Christians are holding their own there is a steady emigration. …

Egypt has more Christians than Israel’s entire population. There have been numerous attacks, with the latest in Cairo leaving 12 dead, 220 wounded, and two churches burned. …

We of this website do not mourn for the buildings, only the people. To us, every church, every mosque, every temple is a monument to intolerance, oppression, persecution, and massacre.

The Christians cannot depend on any support from Western churches or governments. Will there be a massive flight of tens or even hundreds of thousands of Christians from Egypt in the next few years? …

Very likely – but where will they go? What country will grant them asylum?

Up until now, the strength of the Muslim Brotherhood has been badly underestimated in the West. But increasingly it is also apparent that the strength of anti-Islamist forces has been overestimated.

Like most Western commentators, Professor Rubin nervously makes a distinction between Muslims and “Islamists” – by which he can only mean more actively jihadist Muslims, such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

I have noted that even Amr Moussa, likely to be Egypt’s next president and a radical nationalist, has predicted an Islamist majority in parliament. That should be a huge story yet has been largely ignored.

He is not creating his own party, meaning that a President Moussa will be dependent on the Muslim Brotherhood in parliament. Rather than the radical nationalists battling the Islamists these two forces might well work together.

And who will they be working against? …

Christians certainly. Christians everywhere in the Muslim world. But not only Christians. No non-Muslim is exempt from Muslim animosity.

So what does the Western world, where the children of the Enlightenment have a civilization ordered by reason, try to do about it? How do Western leaders diagnose the problem? If they will not consider that religion itself might be the cause, what do they prescribe for a cure?

First they hold a discussion.

That could be a good start, if opinion would eventually agree on the real cause of the disease.

We confidently predict that will not happen.

At Front Page, Faith J.H.McDonnell writes:

On April 29, 2011, the State Department’s Office of International Religious Freedom (IRF) co-sponsored a 2011 Hours Against Hate event. Hosted by George Washington University, the event was billed as a “Town Hall Discussion on U.S. efforts to combat discrimination and hatred against Jews, Muslims, and others.” Hopefully, the 100 million-plus Christians experiencing persecution around the world today, along with Hindus, Sikhs, Baha’i, etc., are included in “and others.” The IRF office should be reminded that advocates for persecuted Christians played a major role in its creation, along with the creation of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). Both were mandates of the 1998 International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA).

Though outspoken in their denouncement of hurtful language, the folks at Foggy Bottom have been silent about the massacre of hundreds of Christians in Kaduna State, and several other states in northern Nigeria that took place after Nigeria’s federal elections last month. Angry that Christian President Goodluck Jonathan defeated Muslim candidate Muhammadu Buhari, Islamists in the Shariah-ruled north began rioting on Monday, April 18, 2011, after preliminary results of the April 16 election were announced. Soon newspapers featured grisly photos of charred bodies lining the streets.* Hundreds of churches were burned and thousands of Christian-owned businesses destroyed, according to the Christian human rights group, Open Doors. And International Christian Concern reported that the Kaduna-based Civil Rights Congress was still “discovering more details of massacres that have been carried out in the hinterland.” Upwards of 40,000 Christians have been displaced in the past few weeks.

In its comments about the situation in Nigeria, the U.S. State Department disregarded the religious aspect of the post-election mayhem. Secretary of State Clinton’s April 19 statement on the elections (available in Arabic as well as English) “deplored violence,” but ignored the targeting of Christians. …

Although some, including U.S. State Department officials, would paint the post-election violence as purely political, the head of the advocacy group Justice for Jos, attorney Emmanuel Ogebe, refutes this claim. … [He]  says that for the Islamists in northern Nigeria, “anything is used as an excuse to kill Christians — beauty pageantslunar eclipsesschool exams, political elections….” These are the sundry reasons in the last dozen years alone that have sparked violent, deadly attacks against Christians. …

Strikes on Christians took place simultaneously in rural districts of a dozen Nigerian states … Some initial attacks took place in the middle of the night, when the Christians were least able to defend themselves. And anti-Christian sentiment was inflamed in many of northern Nigeria’s mosques … Victims were made to quote the Quran, not identify for whom they had voted. …

Pastor Emmanuel Nuhu Kure … demanded, “How would you explain a spontaneous call to prayer on most of the loudspeakers of the mosques across the city at the same time, at 9 p.m. or thereabout in the night, with a shout of ‘Allah Akbar’ as Muslims began to troop towards the mosques and designated areas, to be followed at 10 p.m. with another call on loudspeakers – this time with a spontaneous shout of “Allah Akbar” from the mosques and most of the streets occupied by Muslims and the burst of gunfire sound that shook the whole city?” Kure said that these actions were repeated a few times, and then “the killings and burnings began.” And … Bishop Jonas Katung, national vice president of the North Central Zone of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, stated that the post-election attacks “were ‘a descent into barbarism’ in which northern Christians were targeted and subjected to horrendous and relentless acts.”

After performing the obligatory “deploring” of “the violence” in an April 28 press briefing, Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Johnnie Carson assured the media that “the president and the main opposition candidates both called on their supporters to not support violent activities and to work to restore peace as quickly as possible.” Yet the media has reported in the past that Buhari told his supporters “never again allow an infidel to rule over you”

The US State Department, and the governments of the Western world generally, are propitiating Islam. That’s like treating the plague with soothing syrops. Islam is a symptom. The sickness is religion itself.


*For a picture of the lined up bodies of Christians burnt to death in Nigeria, see our post Acts of religion, November 6, 2010.

  • Ikariotiko

    Collective delusional mode of submission to reality and existence

  • Concerned Citizen

    I disagree completely with the premise of this article. Religion is not the sickness of the world.

    MEN are the sickness of the world. All of the crimes against humanity, all of the wars fought throughout history, all of the persecutions in the name of one religion or another, all of the violence, all of the raping of women and children, all of the bombings and house-of-worship burnings in the name of various different religions — all of these have a common thread.

    Now, I understand that the majority of people will be extremely uncomfortable with this assertion. But the facts speak for themselves. Men are the sickness of the world.

    Plenty of women are religious also. And yet they manage not to commit 0.000 0001% of the crimes in the name of religion that men have committed. I’m not even being facetious. I am being one hundred percent serious.

  • George

    Check out USA TODAY newspaper today Tuesday May 10, 2011 . The front page article– [ When God and law collide ] and the inside letter to the editor [ Bible needs context ] . I just saw both and you may poswsibly want to read and/or respond.

  • George

    Why is religion the sickness of the world ? Because RELIGION doesn’t require people to THINK but rather requires people only to BLINDLY BELIEVE or MINDLESSLY ACCEPT ( aka-faith ). Religious dogma is based upon a supposition ( or a “what if ? ) . Frankly speaking , religion opposes thinking because the promulgators of theology know that if people begin to think , they will eventually question , form an independent analysis , form doubt , become skeptical , demand answers and subsequently REJECT these irrational , emotional, often dangerous , controlling and absurd beliefs.
    When a theological belief system becomes the domineering accepted belief within a society that theocratic belief thereby becomes the “rule of thumb” factor for basing the laws , rules of conduct , behaviors, and social norms within that particular society.
    Once these theological beliefs are mentally “grounded” in the minds of the people as a whole , they (the people ) are indoctrinated to believe that anyone who rejects such beliefs are to be regarded as evil, sinful , bad, immoral and a threat to society as a whole. Hence, the theological indoctrination becomes the driving force that psychologically “molds” or “fashions” one’s life , decisions , and personal judgements & mental perceptions. When the indoctrinated dogmatic theological belief is backed up by force, ostracism , fear of harrassment or even death then the belief has grounded itself to go unchallenged as a result of these factors. Fear and ignorance is the primary “fuel” that drives the belief.
    Religion gives simplistic answers for a complex world. People who accept beliefs in deities & demons, gods & devils, supernatural beings and the paranormal are those who use the religion as their “mental crutch” or ” psychological security blanket “. It gives a false comfort and deceitful hope and makes promises that it can never deliver because when a person dies , that individual can’t come back and say —- ” Hey , you lied to me about the hereafter ” , ” Darnit , all my life I trusted you selling me on this belief and now I’m dead and I’m not in heaven or the afterlife as you promised “. The purveyors of the belief know that death ends all and they have absolutely NOTHING to worry about in regards to retaliation . The religion therefore becomes the PERFECT system of controlling people .
    Here in the USA it is Christianity that overwhelmingly controls the populace , in the Middle East it is Islam that controls people , in India it is Hinduism that controls people and in the former USSR it was communism that forbade the religious practices so that commuinism ( which is actually defind as a religion itself ) can take control of the people without any opposition by the people who are following their own respective religions which would hinder or oppose the dictators/tyrants ability to control the people .
    Religions in general are simply offshoots of superstitions and mythologies that have become mainstream and are still practiced in our modern day world.

  • George

    Famous quotes by famous people :

    ” With soap baptism is a good thing……. Nothing could be more dangerous to the existence of this Republic than to introduce religion into politics……. Religion cannot reform mankind because religion is slavery. ……Our hope of immortality does not come from any religion but nearly all religions come from that hope “. ——
    ———-Robert Green Ingersoll (former civil war colonel, former Attorney General of Illinois , orator , statesman and famous attorney & civil rights advocate ).

    “It is an interesting and demonstrable fact , that all children are atheists and were religion not inculcated into their minds , they would remain so”
    ———-Ernestine Rose ( famous civil rights advocate , early feminist , abolitionist and orator ) .

    ” All religions are founded on the fear of the many and the cleverness of the few ”
    ———Stendhal ( 19th century French author ).

    ” Religion is regarded by the common people as true , by the wise as false , and by the rulers as useful”
    ————Seneca ( 1st century Roman philosopher )

    ” I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world ”
    ———Richard Dawkins ( famous British ethologist , evolutionary biologist and author ).

  • George

    Religion has been forced upon people for ages because they couldn’t find the answers to life’s mysteries and the origin of the universe, our existence and purpose in life. Religions were born out of superstitious beliefs and began to spread worldwide. As the world populations grew , the dominant theological belief systems prevailed and grew as well . The religions that used the most force and had the most societal power and control became the dominant religion(s). Christianity and Islam are the top two today and are in battle for dominant control.
    Islam is spreading like wildfire today because the Muslims smell weakness in world governments ( both Europe and the USA ) . The Muslims see weak government leaders today who are more concerned with political correctness than defending their respective nations and societies. Here we are in world turmoil and yet we have Obama as our so-called leader. I think I’m gonna puke ! I heard a gentleman on a conservative radio talk show say that we here in the USA have the military might to wipe out these jihadists but we don’t have the will. He’s right. Here we are in the USA with the world’s most powerful military ( Navy , Air Force , Marines, National Guard , and Army ) not to mention ICBM’s and other high tech weaponry and we’re letting a bunch of dessert and mountain barbarians kick our butts because we’re trying to be so freakin’ PC . If we din’t have laws to protect us we would have Christians killing us and I certainly would NOT want some wacko like Stalin and his murderous thugs in power either. We’re so concerned about the other guy and their citizenns instead of being concerned about our own safety , welfare , national security and soverignty. How can so-called intelligent people be so stupid ? How can people be so brainwashed ? How can people be so gullible ? How can people be so naive ? How can people be such fools ? If we don’t nip this situation in the bud , we’re in big trouble and this situation is getting worse by the day and more and more deadly serious. These terrorists are spreading like wildfire everywhere and want to kill us and yet I have people tell me I sound too angry. I think I’m gonna puke ! What is it gonna take for people to wake up ? What is it gonna take for people to stand up and fight back ? Where is the “breaking point” for people to get active and fight these maniacs ? How much more of this are we going to have to endure before people get it in their heads that we are in serious trouble worldwide ? I spend every day in anguish, worry , and frustration wondering about the future of the world and yet I feel so helpless. I certainly hope people wake up before it’s too late, and I hope our leaders wake up as well . Our lives and the future of innocent, decent and civilized people depend on it.

  • Scrims2

    Calling religion a “sickness” is more than an appropriate metaphor. It really must be a mental addiction that becomes a disease. And the stronger your belief grows, the more psychotic you become. There is no other way to explain the insanity of these people.

    • Macnvettes

      I believe that part of the mental disease of religion is childhood related. Think of it this way: parents lie to their children all through childhood for a number of reasons, to make life happy for their kids, to teach them lessons, or to instill discipline. Over time, these lies are revealed (santa claus, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, you’re really not the most special person in the world, etc.) religion is the biggest of these lies, and the one that takes the longest to expose as a fraud. But by the time religion gets exposed as a lie, people are clinging to it fiercely because it is the last piece of a lot of people’s childhood that hasn’t been exposed as a lie. So, when I see people clinging to religion, making excuse after excuse for their religion, I see them as people clinging to their childhood, trying to pretend that their parents didn’t lie to them yet again.

      • Frank

        If this doesn’t make you extremely angry there is something wrong with you.
        Brain Washing ( Jesus Camp ”Highlights” )

        • George

          Hey Frank , go to Youtube and check out the following video clips under the following titles :

          Brain Washing ( 3 Years old Muslim Girl )

          The Man must hit his wife because women are stupid beings

          brainwashed little muslim girl [ must see ] original

          Stripping Muslim Girls

          ISLAM Brainwashing Palestinian Children

          Child Imam – Do You Know Allah ?

          Islamic brainwashing cartoon

          Brain washing ( 6 year old christian boy )

          There are a bunch more but these 8 should get your blood boiling big time ! Use capital letters and lower case letter exactly as I have posted. It’s sickening man !!!!!!

      • Scrims2

        I think you’re absolutely right. The lie, once it takes root in our mind, becomes a substitute for reality that we come to depend on for comfort – a security blanket. Just like someone who is addicted to a drug only feels “right” when on the drug, and life is empty and full of despair without it, a Christian (or one of any religion) feels that their life would be empty without God. The thought of renouncing their belief in god is unthinkable to them. But how you get from there to being willing to kill people in obedience to that god is where I think the “addiction” takes a step further and infects the brain with some kind of psychosis.

  • Andrew M

    It is articles like this which make this sacred blog live up to its sacred name.

    Houses of worship are indeed used by their residents primarily as warships against the other asinine asylums – but the buildings themselves are not to blame. Were every church of every religion on every continent to end up razed in the course of a single night, humanity would only end up poorer as it lost some of its finest accomplishments in architecture. Nobody would care, of course, because they would all be killing each other to avenge their petty neuron-gods.

    Religious conflict basically boils down to just that: an arbitrary yet fundamental disagreement in the way neurons from different brains function. Allah commands his warriors to subjugate, doublethink, and eventually subsume the entire species into submission (or death, whichever comes first). Jesus’s daddy makes grown men into wusses by commanding them only to pray and pray in the face of injustice (and convert the last few pagan natives left in the world). Yahweh just doesn’t give two hoots most of the time because the other gods are wrenching him out of the minds of his believers (except when they’re stuck in elevator shafts on the Sabbath).

    How much better this world would be if some intrepid scientists without any gods living in his mind could increase the communication potential of its souls. It’s just too bad that they’re all sinners who’ll be rotting, burning, or gnashing their teeth in Hell, Tartarus, Jahannam, or probably just some lonely patch of dirt in the cosmos not far from their home planet – right next to a pious corpse whose bacteria are enjoying the salvation of another meal.