A loathsome Jesus 17

Thanks to our commenter Frank for sending us the link to this video. (Not new, but a document worth preserving and displaying frequently.)

The adults in it should have been charged with child abuse.

In the second video, a little boy, obviously gifted with a mind of his own and intelligence undetectable anywhere else in the disgusting company around him, confesses that, try as he might – and he does try so hard it’s agony to watch him  – he cannot bring himself to believe in “God”. He is being mentally tortured.

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  • Andrew M

    I first saw this harrowing film on a field trip with my AP History class.

    Most disturbing on all accounts is that fat woman with the wild hair who runs the whole scam. Elsewhere in the documentary, she stated that the end times will soon come: since the Muslims abroad are indoctrinating their children (correct), the perfect antidote is an equivalent amount of Christian indoctrination (incorrect). In doing so she repeats hundreds of generations of children abusing children so they can one day abuse children of their own. And she wonders why the world is so fucked up these days, huh?

    Excuse me while I grab some bacon…

  • Bill

    I could not stand to watch one tenth of that first one. That woman is as big as a house anyway.

    The little boy in the second video reminds me of me back in 1966 at age 7. I could not believe in any god – and I don’t even give honor to a non-existent by capitalizing the “g.” The boy tried to pray in public. I am glad I was spared the humiliation.

    • Bill

      And yes, pushing religion on those kids is child abuse. I think those kids crying that way are scared. They are scared that they are doing something that out of their own common sense is not right. And the scariest part is that their parents, who they trust, are pushing this crazy stuff on them. The parents don’t seem so rational and safe anymore, do they?

  • Ralph

    Parents should help their children learn to think independently and give them the knowledge to do so. The parents of these children may be worse than child molesters. They are trying to inhibit the human urge to explore, think and understand the universe we inhabit.

  • George

    There is an article on the internet titled– ” Why do Americans still dislike atheists ? ” By Gregory Paul and Phil Zuckerman . I found it while net surfing . There is another I have to find again and I will post it.

    • Bill

      I read a survey that Muslims are liked more than Atheists. And it was a poll among Americans. What?

      • Macnvettes

        The religious believe that others who believe have some sense of morality, while we, as atheists must not have any moral compass.  Just because we don’t have a book of rules to break doesn’t mean we don’t have our own personal set of morals, which mean more to us than any words written in a 2000 year old book!

  • Macnvettes

    Child abuse by the clergy is commonplace, and is even defended by the Pope and Republican presidential candidates, like Rick Santorum:




      You know, it’s us evil secularists that are causing priests to rape kids!

      • George

        Hey Macnvettes—check this out. My neighbor and I had coffee recently at a local coffee shop and he has a home based business . I told him about the head-on collission I was in and I had pictures of the vehicle that was crushed horribly. If it wasn’t for my safety belt/shoulder harness and airbags , I would be dead. I was in the hospital with serious concussion , body broken to pieces and disfigured and ended up in a wheelchair, and then on crutches . He said to me –” Thank God ! “. I said — ” No , thank the paramedics, EMT’s , emergency room doctors and nurses and medical equipment and medical science “. He then replied again– ” Oh no , thank the man above up there that you survived ” as he pointed his finger skyward. And of course , you know me Macnvettes , I am not one to bite my tongue and then it became SHOWTIME !!! I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. Well , anyway , I told him –” I don’t give credit to some make-believe imaginary invisible Space Ghost that superstitious people believe lives up in the clouds or in outer spece , but I believe in the reality of medical science and not a bunch of religious brainwashing , so you go ahead and live in your world of make-believe and fantasy and I will continue to live in my world of reality and rational thinking “. Well , to make a long story short , I have never heard from him again and he has never called me , e-mailed me, or come by again and I really don’t give a rat’s rear end. I haven’t seen him since and I really couldn’t care less. These are the people who call us intollerant and yet they are the most intollerant people imaginable—what a bunch of hypocrites !
        Because I’m very vocal and outspoken regarding my atheism and I don’t let these zealots walk over me and I put em down , the price I pay is that I often become a loner with few people to associate with except like-minded ones that I have known for some time.
        Just like the video, these people are the loathsome Jesus Freaks and they can’t stand anyone who doesn’t embrace their beliefs. It’s either their way or the highway. I don’t care anymore and when they disrespect me , I give it back to em. I treat everyone fairly and respectful, but when these religious fanatics get in my face , the gloves are off and it’s LET’s ROLL !!!!!! Religion is the biggest FRAUD ever created and is the scourge of the earth.

        • Scrims2

          So sorry to hear about your accident! Very glad you’re still with us. The world needs more people like you who can tell it like it is!!! Yes, religion has got to be the biggest fraud ever perpetrated. It’s hard to understand how people who can spot other kinds of fraud, and who can stop believing in Santa Claus, not only can’t see the fraud of religion, but make it their lifes work to brainwash everyone else they possibly can, so that it becomes self-perpetuating. It’s actually amazing that things like Greek philosophy and the Enlightenment ever even got the chance to happen, given the extent religion has been spreading like weeds from prehistoric times and choking out rational thinking.

        • Macnvettes

          It never ceases to amaze me how much Christians thank their god for things, even things that hurt or kill other people. For instance hurricaines or floods, people will thank god that they survived or that their house was not affected, but somehow overlook the fact that their god did not spare hundreds of other people. Some will go as far as to say that the victims faith wasn’t strong enough. If anyone hasn’t seen any Edward Current videos before, I’d suggest looking him up on youtube, he is hilarious!

        • Keith

          Ever wonder why christians don’t start or end their services with “please Oh Heavenly Great one who can do anything, don’t make any more tornadoes or hurricanes or earthquakes. And while you are at it oh great one can you make people stop killing each other!”. For such an all powerful being it seems like they only pray to him for relief in the aftermath.

      • Scrims2

        Its really stunning to see the Pope actually try to sidestep the issue. As if the abuse wasn’t going on long before the rest of society became “permissive” in the 70’s! In fact, although it can’t be proven, I’d be willing to bet that the whole “priest” thing originated with that very purpose in mind!

  • Juli

    I didn’t see this when it came out but I’m kind of wishing I had. This is absolutely atrocious. It’s worlds worse than what I went through as the child as Southern Baptists.

    • George

      Hey Julie , talking about atrocious , take a look at my previous post under “Acts of religion”. This is the worst of the worst. Take a look at the photo of what happened in Nigeria. You’re right regarding your post. Take a look at the charred bodies and see the real face of wacko religious fanatics.

  • George

    Everyone of these scumbag adults should be arrested and convicted for aggravated child abuse . Then again we would have to arrest the clergy as a whole . Truly sickening and pathetic. It turns my stomach to see what they are doing to these kids.