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Christians teach their children lies and force them to lie (see our post immediately below, A loathsome Jesus). They make them afraid of everlasting “hell”. That’s bad enough. But what Islam does to its children is worse.

Frank Crimi writes about thousands of child suicide bombers being trained in Afghanistan:

Despite the Taliban’s denial that it uses children as human explosives, its spring offensive began with a suicide bombing by a 12-year-old boy. The attack is just one more sign that the militant group and its terrorist allies are increasing their efforts to recruit, train and utilize child suicide bombers. …

It was one of two such suicide attacks carried out by child bombers in eastern Afghanistan over the past several weeks, attacks that killed over 15 people. Soon after those assaults, Afghan authorities showed off five captured would-be suicide bombers –all under the age of 13 — trained by Taliban and al Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan.

As one Afghan intelligence official said, “They have been told that infidels are in Afghanistan … and they have been encouraged to go for Jihad.” In a disturbing twist, one of the captured bombers thought he would survive the attack when he was told by his instructors that “the (infidels) will be killed and you will live.” …

The Taliban denied using children as human explosives …[But that] contradicts its past claims to have trained anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand juveniles as suicide bombers. In fact, the Afghan government places the figure of trained child suicide terrorists closer to 5,000. …

Most suicide bombers are under the age of 18… The recruitment and training of these children is not only extensive and well organized, but growing.

To that end, suicide training factories have sprouted up all over the Afghan-Pakistan border, with most located in the Pakistani province of Waziristan. There, it’s been estimated that the Fedayeen-e-Islam have trained over 1,000 suicide bombers at three facilities. More disturbingly, many suicide training centers have been designated into junior and senior camps.

The Pakistani army found one such junior camp, equipped with computers, video equipment and literature, where children as young as age 10, according to one army officer, “knew about the planting of explosives, making and wearing and detonating suicide jackets.”

The increased demand for child bombers comes as the Taliban have focused its efforts on attacking an expanding list of civilian targets, sites which include schools, mosques, markets, government offices and other public places.

In Saudi Arabia, where women are stoned to death as punishment for being the victims of rape, girls as young as 5 are sold to “wealthy men” as sex slaves. Read about it here.

It’s common practice among Muslims to use children as shields in war – and then wail to the UN, the New York Times, the Guardian, and all their other reliable sympathizers when the children are hurt or killed, accusing American, or Israeli, or NATO  forces, of deliberately targeting them.

At the same time they themselves, without a trace of conscience, deliberately murder the children of “infidels” in the cruelest ways they can devise.

In Thailand, Muslims beheaded a 9 year old boy. (There is a “graphic” video of this atrocity, but it has been removed from the linked site, and we cannot find it anywhere else.)

In Nigeria Muslims have been throwing children on fires, and cutting them up.

This report is full of sentimental Christian nonsense about the dead being saved by Jesus and meeting again never to be parted, but we think it gives a true – and certainly a believable – account of what Muslims did to a 13 year old girl, the daughter of a Christian pastor:

Muslim extremists … attacked Kurum village, in the Bogoro local government area of Nigeria’s Bauchi state …  in a rampage that began Wednesday (May 4) at midnight. [James Musa] Rike, pastor of a Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) congregation in Kurum, .. heard the cries of his 13-year-old daughter, Sum James Rike …“I rushed to my daughter, only to discover that she … was cut with a machete on her stomach, and her intestines were all around her,” he said.

Graphic enough without pictures.

  • Tom Nelson

    You say that Christian families teach their children lies. A true Christian believes not because of what they have been told by their families but by what Jesus has done in their lives. Why about th millions of Christians coming from atheist backgrounds: you cannot possibly say that they were taught, brainwashed or fed lies, as it was their own choice.

    • George

      Tom , get real !   Anyone with any common sense knows that if there was a person named Jesus that lived 2,000 yeras ago , common sense dictates that such an individual is long dead and cannot possibly have any effect upon their daily lives.  Children are taught  religion by forced indoctrination .   People embrace the religion generally from their nation of origin, culture and parenntal influence and coercion .   Show me proof of any millions of atheists coming from religious  backgrounds.  Prove it. You can’t.   You only spout off what the anti-secular clergy, religious fundamentalist zealots  and biased media have fed you.  I don’t even believe atheist statements unless I do research and investigate on my own to verify such assertions.  I personally have seen in my lifetime more and more atheists coming from religious backgrounds ( particularly Christian upbringing ) than vice versa.
                            No child made a choice in  America to believe that some invisible , formless, indescribable man up in the sky is watching over them and guiding them.  This is a product of forced or coercive indoctrination (  and indoctrination is just a polite word for BRAINWASHING ).   These children were NOT exposed to other religious beliefs equally or for that matter any secular beliefs.  
                       Yes these children were indeed fed lies. Any rational thinking person with any logical and analytical common ( or rather UNCOMMON) sense knows that a man can’t walk on water , that a stick cannot turn into a serpent, that a few morsals of bread cannot feed an entire village, that a virgin woman cannot become impregnated without fertilization by a male sperm  ( and not by some ghost ), that some guy built a boat  ( ark )  and then walked the entire earth and swam across vast oceans gathering every form of male & female species by the many thousands because of some fraeakin’ flood, that some burning bush spoke to a man, that 3 men walked across vast deserts to a little house unaided by any compass, gps or other means to direcrt them to a specified spot ( not even by start sightings ) , that after a person dies that some invisible  ghost is going to leave their body and rise up into the clouds where the ghost like figure will have an invisible halo around it’s head ( if it’s invisible and formless , where or how can a halo fit ? ) , that a man physically died and then rose magically up into the sky , that after we die we are going either up into the sky (heaven) by some invisible yet pearly gates , or be sent down below the earth where some damn red man with horns growing out of his head with a long arrow tipped tail carrying a pitchfork is going to force us into fiery caverns or gaseous undergound ovens so that we will burn forever and ever and ever ( with NO chance of parole——but this invisible deity LOVES us and is so MERCIFUL ) . This is fear mongering and mind-control.
                        People who believe these ancient Fairy Tale myths are just like children who are taught to believe in Santa Claus or the Boogie Man.   If you want to embrace this mythology and superstition then you go right ahead but leave the rest of us rational thinking people out of such rubbish.    I get so sick & tired of people who so arrogantly want to indoctrinate EVERYONE with their indoctrinated beliefs but can’t think outside of their indoctrinated “box” because they haven’t been exposed to rational and logical thinking and analytical inquiry. Religion stiffles THINKING and requires a person to only believe via blind acceptance called “faith” . 
                         Little children are being taught to be suicide bombers  while others are being taught that some invisible  Space Ghost or Sky Spook  is watching over them. What a bunch of utter bullcrap.  Since children are easily impressionable and influenced ,the proselytizers get them while they are  young and impressionable and then by rote repitition they are mentally “locked” into accepting this indoctrination without question or inquiry.
                           Even if someone did prove to me that there was some invisible supernatural being called “GOD ” out there somewhere , I still wouldn’t worship or praise such a being.   Where was your GOD during slavery , the holocaust, the Bubonic plague, The spanish Flue, and all other plagues upn earth that have killed hundreds of millions of innocent men, women , children and babies ?  Oh gee, ALL of the natural disasters were obviously ACTS OF  GOD !!!!  What sins can a baby or child commit to deserve such horrific suffering and death ?  Before you tell me I don’t understand and all that BS , if your deity didn’t bother to intervene and stop such horror then your deity is an accessory to the fact and just as evil and demented and deserves only loathing and certainly not praise and/or worship.
                      The other farce that religionists say about atheists is the claim that atheists hate god. What a stupid thing to say. You can’t hate something or someone that you don’t believe esxists in the first place.  To accuse an atheist of hating god is like an atheist accusing  a religionist of hating the  Tooth Fairy or of hating  Santa  Claus  . You have every right to believe such rubbish but keep me and other rational thinking people out of it and don’t insult our intelligence with such  BULLS*** !!!!!!!!!!!!    ” Their choice’  – my BUTT  !