Mass Madness 7

What excuses will they make when it doesn’t happen?


Posted under Christianity by Jillian Becker on Friday, May 20, 2011

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  • George

    Well folks , today is JUDGEMENT DAY .  I just watched some bible-thumper on TV claiming atheists are going around casting doubt in the minds of people and the TV hostess acts as if she gives this nut-case guy credibility. It’s amazing .     Gee , I wonder what type of judging is going to take place today.  I wonder what we’re going to be judged for ?  Let’s examine this judgement thing a little further.  Let’s see , god is going to judge us for all those awfully bad things that people do here on earth while he gives himself  a free pass and a ” get out of jail free ticket” .  
                For example —        GOD is going to judge MORTAL HUMANS for committing acts of murder , but HE gets a reprieve or exonerated for his mass murders.    If a human kills another person , his/her punishment is the death penalty or eternity in hellfire underground . But GOD sends earthquakes, famines, drought, plagues, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, mud slides snow blizzards, tsunamis , etc , not to mention heart attacks , cancer deaths, stillborn births , etc and yet he gets PRAISE  , THANKS and WORSHIP . Whats wrong with this picture ? I say let’s put GOD on trial for MASS MURDER ! Yes, it’s time for JUDGEMENT !      Bring it on goddy boy !
                              GOD says that we should love one another and says we’re all created equal and I’m sure GOD abhors any form of racism by any of us yet HE practices racism himself.  In the bible , god speaks about his CHOSEN PEOPLE .  Chosen people ?  Certainly sounds like RACISM to me .  Adolph Hitler had a chosen people and also a rejected people and we know the result of that . Gee, I thought we’re ALL god,s people.  It certainly sounds like a contradiction and double-standard to me .  Personally I have a problem with a calendar based on the superstition surrounding  the birth or death of some supposed christian so-called prophet . I propose we revise the calendar to fit everyone , such as having a scientific calendar based upon a galatic event (such as the birth of a star , or the event of a super nova , etc ) .  When this day May 21, 2011 passes by , just be sure and  listen to all of the excuses and explanations from the jesus freak  christian kooks  explain this away as usual.
                       As if we’re going to be surprised.  Yeah , right !

    • George

      I’m replying to my own post here in continuation to my post of 1 hour ago.  I’m sure the christians will accuse me of blasphemy.  Well , let em.   To all the christians who accuse us atheists of blasphemy , let’s examine christian blasphemy toward atheists  ( rational secular freethinkers of reason ).  

               Dear Christian proselytizers.  

                                    You accuse me of blasphemy toward your theological beliefs , your supposed deity and your supposed prophet .  Well , I in turn will reciprocate. 

      *** I accuse you christians of  blasphemy against my sense of reason .
      *** I accuse you christians of  blasphemy against my use of common sense.
      *** I accuse you christians of  blasphemy against my logical thinking. 
      *** I accuse you christians of  blasphemy for insulting my intelligence.
      *** I accuse you christians of  blasphemy by making mockery of my rational thinking.
      *** I accuse you christians of  blasphemy for attacking my rational mind.
      *** I accuse you christians of  blasphemy for attacking  my being analytical, skeptical, and questioning that which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
      *** I accuse you christians of blasphemy for making ridicule of my rejection of superstitition &  mythology,  fairy tale folklore , and “spirit” based rubbish.   
      *** I accuse you christians of blasphemy for denigrating MY  belief-system of REALITY.  
                             So go ahead christians and accuse me of BLASPHEMY toward your world of “make believe”  and  I  so proudly stand accused.  I would rather go to my grave having my own mind and not being a slave to indoctrinated bullcrap than to live a lie just to be accepted by massive numbers of  ” brainwashed mental robots”  or “theocratic puppets” who cannot think for themselves. Consider me a BORN AGAIN INFIDEL !  Frankly speaking , I don’t need to be “born again” because I got it right the first time ! 

  • Ralph

    See you Sunday. 

    • George

      Make it Monday.   Sunday I will be sitting in front of the churchs watching the Christians walking around in a daze wondering why we’re still here   !!!!!!! 

  • Macnvettes

     I never realized how many idiots would give up so much of their money to yet another doomsday prophesy (especially one cooked up by a guy who did the same thing in 1994) until I saw all of the billboards all over the world.  It makes you realize that the human race has been furthered by a very few people relative to the population over time.

    • George

      It also proves beyond any doubt how the human race is so easily duped, conned, hoodwinked, bamboozled, shammed, deceived , fooled,  and brainwashed.  The human race is so gullible. Sure humans invent hi-tech gadgets,  inventions, etc,  but even the lowest of animal life are not as STUPID  as human beings.  

  • George

    They will say that GOD  had a reprieve for us and postponed the judgement day one more time  ( as usual ) and decided to put us all on probation out of his goodness and mercy. GOD will decide later if he will put us all in ankle braces to track our every move.   Then they will say that GOD’s spaceship broke down so he was unable to travel to earth from out there in outer space ( HEAVEN ) and so GOD has to call Mr . Godly Goodwrench   to fix his spaceship which runs on the blood of martyrs.
                           And of course on GOD’s godly spaceship  , the stewardess or flight attendent will be a sacrificed young virgin maiden with a GPS halo around her head.   Of course GOD’s spaceship runs on prayer,  so keep those prayers coming folks so GOD can reach us traveling at warp 5  so that our souls can be saved on time. We obviously don’t want GOD to be late do we ( unless we are bad ,  and then we will be cast down below the earth in fiery caverns with a red man with a long arrow tipped tail and a pitchfork that will poke us severly into ovens of flame if we piss him off ).  
                        You see folks , if GOD doesn’t show up , it’s just because Mrs. GOD decided she wanted him to stop off at another universe or galaxy and bring her a loaf of godly bread before he comes here and does all that judging crap.  You DON’T want to tick Mrs. GOD off . No way Jose !!!!      Imagine a godly woman on godly PMS.    Good LORD !!!  She’ll probably b***h slap GOD into the hearafter and then the whole world will be in chaos ( as if it isn’t already ). 
                          So just be patient folks and give ole  GODDY boy a break   . He’s got his hands full . You know,   stuff like — answering millions of prayers  all at the same time ( talk about multi-tasking  , geeezzz ) .   C’mon folks , cut GOD some slack . After all wait until Mrs. GOD finds out he forgot her aniversary.  Talk about a day of judgement !  Woooooaaaaaaaa !!!