Better luck next time 4

An attempt to assassinate the Iranian president Ahmadinejad today unfortunately failed.

A large explosion set fire to an oil refinery unit in Abadan, Iran’s biggest oil city, during a visit by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Tuesday, May 24. He came to inaugurate a unit for expanding production capacity by 4.2 million liters a day. Two people were killed and 12 injured. … The explosion was triggered by his pushing the button to activate that same unit, which must have been tested and run in before the inauguration ceremony to avoid any technical hitches.

A news conference was quickly staged live on state TV showing him answering questions about the Abadan refinery – apparently to put a stop to spreading rumors that he had been assassinated. He did not refer to the explosion.

No one knows who was behind the plot. Whoever it was deserves congratulations for trying and encouragement to try again.

A foreign clandestine agency may be responsible, possibly the same unnamed hand which for two years has bedeviled Iran’s nuclear program by liquidating its leading scientists and planting the Stuxnet virus in its computer control systems.

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  • Macnvettes

    Off topic, but another person who needs to be told “better luck next time”, for him it would be his 3rd shot at calling doomsday.  Harold Camping:

  • Macnvettes

    I don’t think it was the same operatives that came up with stuxnet.  Those guys knew what they were doing.

  • Andrew M

    Ahmadinutjob is chump change. Let’s see someone go after the Supreme Leader (preferably a lesbian for more shits and giggles).

    More to the point, had the attack on him succeeded I solemnly believe the Iranian people would end up worse off: a staggeringly bad economy coupled with a continuation of the whole “nuke Israel” foreign policy would see a people who have tasted only brief glimpses of freedom in their history fall deeper into the black burqa of sharia. I don’t know the specifics of the Iranian constitution, but given the blatant ignorance of protocol in that part of the world anyway, whoever succeeds him will almost surely be even crazier than the Nutjob himself.

    • George

      The other problem is that these  nut-cases just don’t want to keep their insane beliefs among themselves but want to export it globally. And you and I both know that all it takes for them to succeed is for good people (truly sane rational people) to do nothing.