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Bosch Fawstin’s Truth Teller sketch


Geert Wilders:

My friends, we will stand together.
We will stand firm.
We will not submit. Never. Not in Israel, not in Europe, not in America. Nowhere.
We will survive.
We will stop islam.
We will defend our freedoms.
We will remain free.


(From Creeping Sharia)

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  • Alejandro

    I feel that it is a bad policy for a website like this to stoop to the level of dangerous demagogues like Geert Wilders and actually praise him as a fine leader. For one can draw a clear parallel from this to the Europeans who praised Hitler prior to WWII. Someone as overtly racist as Wilders should not be praised, even if he does say one or two right things – this will later cause shame and embarrassment.

    • Jillian Becker

      What race would that be, Alejandro – the one you believe Geert Wilders is overtly against?

    • Scrims2

      The parallel we should be drawing with the Europeans who praised Hitler prior to WWII are the liberals of today (including our own president) who are praising and appeasing the Islamofascists – the true “Hitlers” of our day.

    • Jed

      Any PC thug would (generally) equate any fact that does not portray a minority in the most positive way to demagoguery.  The fact is, Islam is an oppressive and misogynistic religion/ideology that presents a real threat to Western society (as demonstrated by Wilders, and as proven by history).  

      And, I will also point out that Wilders clearly makes the distinction between Islam and its adherents.  

      • George

        You’re right about Islam Jed . Also , Christianity also has a bloody history of murdering those who were regarded as heretics.  Women were considered chattel and second class citizens,  White societies in Europe went to war with one another over religion, Asian societies killed in the name of religion and Africa was destroyed , vanquished and sent back to the stone age  and the indigenous people murdered, enslaved and natural resources stolen while orchestrated by  Muslim ,  Christian and indigenous religions.   If you trace the source of what turned man against man , the root causes have  ALWAYS been some form of religious indoctrination that was the catalyst that created the horrendous anti-human behaviors. These are historical FACTS !!!!!

  • Frank

    A phobia is defined as an irrational fear of something. As Geert Wilders and many others have pointed out there are reasons we should fear the spread of Islam and sharia. And we should do our best to stop it from infecting freedom loving countries every where. Here are a couple of short video clips making that point very clear.-Sam Harris: Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace Islamophobia

    • Scrims2

      This word Islamophobia is bogus any way you look at it.  First of all, I don’t fear them, I despise them, thank you very much.  Secondly, as Geert Wilders points out,  if there is reason to fear, it isn’t irrational, given the evidence! Thirdly, since when is a fear, irrational or not, something for them to get “offended” about?  And if you’re concerned about people fearing you, isn’t killing them a GREAT way to help them get over it???!!!  

    • Pat Condell (the middle-aged white guy with the glasses above) is my hero!!!  I first discovered his youtube videos about a year ago – he is awesome.  I also highly recommend his other videos – particularly “No Mosque at Ground Zero” and “Aggressive Atheism.”  Great stuff!

      • Scrims2

        I second that – Pat Condell is awesome!!!

  • George

      Someone wrote a letter to the editor today 05-26-2011 in USA TODAY stating to the effect that no one has a right to criticize anyone’s religious belief.  I see these same types of comments in national popular magazines.  The last time  I checked this is still America and we still have freedom of speech and freedom to criticize anyone and everyone without censorship. Amazing how Christian fundamentalists have no problems criticizing or attacking people of rational secular beliefs.  I was going to write a letter in rebuttal but then I asked myself —why should I ? I have written a multitude of letters to the editor while other atheists in groups I have belonged  to adamantly refuse to. Why should I stick my neck out all the time ?  I won’t even bother. I know atheists that will post on blogs, write to secular group newsletters but will NOT write to the mainstream media publications which continue to push their religious agenda on everyone .
                           One secular  letter to the editor in a major news media publication can let our society know that we are out here and deserve the same respect, but it takes more than a hand  few to be active in this and this is what fuels my perpetual frustration. I’m not going to bother to write because it will be futile. I’m really tired of feeling like  I’m one of a few atheists that are speaking out publicly  in the mainstream media while so many others simply want to just chit chat with one another routinely whereby the message doesn’t reach the mainstream populace.  If there are 60 million or so atheists  in America which has been presented , then why aren’t we seeing more and more atheists speaking out publicly ?  Oh silly me , I keep forgetting , they don’t have time, they’re too busy, they might receive too much rebuttal criticism and insults, they may upset someone from a religious community or a friend or relative, ad nauseum.
                             When I recall how the true civil rights struggle in America consisted of my ethnic group faced being beaten with batons by the police, being jailed for protesting, having police dogs “sicked” on us,  cursed , fire hoses turned on us,  threatened and even tortured and killed and lives destroyed for standing up , yet today’s atheists (liberal and conservative )  in America only want to chit chat to one another but are still afraid to even make a public comment or e-mail a letter to the editor (even under a pseudonym )  which would only take a few minutes literally ( but gee, that’s too time consuming ) and after all , I’m just whinning and being annoying. 
                           If this is the best we can do , then it’s hopeless for us, and if that sounds pessimistic , then so be it ( the truth hurts).  If we end up losing all of our rights , then we will have no one to blame but ourselves. As the saying goes—–    All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to DO nothing. If all we are ever going to do is TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK  to one another then our cause or stuggle is in vain and will go nowhere  . We should be motivating more and more atheists to publicly speak out and practicing this ourselves.  I have written many letters to the editor in various publications , spoken out publicly and yet the other atheists in the groups NEVER NEVER NEVER speak out publicly and I keep getting the same tired worn out excuses and I’m not buying it.  It’s no wonder I remain frustrated constantly.  Very few listen ( or rather act on it ). I’m NOT referring to this site but atheists in America  in general.  Every cause is a struggle and in every struggle the people have to take their struggle to the public and not just between one another. Why is this so %$#@ing hard for so many people to understand ?  I know I sound like a broken record  and hardcore but it drives me nuts when I see the cowardly passivity of fellow atheists . I keep asking myself daily , why should I continue to write or speak out when there are so many millions of other atheists who NEVER let their voices be heard and yet I keep getting the same old replies  and excuses and comments. Where are all those 60 million silent voices ?

    • I get where you’re coming from George, but the I’m not sure I agree with you.  Here in northern Virginia there is a group called Nova Atheists.  They are constantly doing things to get in the news and stuff.  The problem I have is they are always pushing their liberal agenda, which is why I don’t join them.  They actually have been covered by several local news stations while forcing their own “science” display next to the nativity scene at the Loudoun County Courthouse.

      I think these guys are too vocal, as they are constantly in everyone’s faces about atheism.  It turns a lot of the theists off, and just makes atheists look like jerks.

      • George

        Don’t misunderstand me PareshK. I’m not talking about engaging in atheist proselytizing but rather speaking out against attacks upon us by the radical  Christian proselytizers. I’m sure you don’t disagree with that. I’m NOT advocating going around and pushing atheism upon people like the  Christian proselytizers but rather DON’T let them push us around and to assert our position publicly and not be afraid to do so.
                             If atheists were to do the same as the Christians then that indeed would make us look like jerks and that is NOT what I am advocating or suggesting.   This is another reason that so many people today are leaving the church in droves and I say GOOD !!!! The group what you’re talking about seems to me in my opinion to be a group that is trying to push atheism upon the populace in that local area ( and I don’t know if that is the case but that is the interpretation in my opinion that I am getting ). I don’t want that. I’m only trying to get more and more atheists to not let the fundamentalists walk all over us and then we put our tails  between our legs and then we act afraid to speak up for ourselves —that’s all.  If a person wants to be religious—–let em.   I don’t care. Just let them leave me the %$#@ alone and everybody else.  I have NO intention to try to convert anyone to atheism as I really don’t care what other people believe or don’t believe—————-  Just count me out and practice  the rule of  LIVE AND LET LIVE   !!!!!

        • Good points George.  I guess I did misunderstand you.  I also don’t “really” care if someone is religious, although I do secretly (with respect to the theist) think they are silly and wasting their time.

          Your points were referring to DEFENDING atheists when they get bashed, not being an outspoken atheist mouth-piece on the offensive.  My fault – your original point stands.

          Oh, for the record, I actually agree with the Nova Atheists in principal. They want to keep religious displays off government property (the county court house).

  • Jed

    After reading that article, Geert Wilders has become one of my favorite people.  I agree with 100% of what he says.  
    7.2% of Europeans are Muslims (

  • George

                        If only we can get the general populace to make this pledge and especially our political leaders ( err, I meant misleaders).  The Sharia Muslims come over to our country making demands to respect their Islamic beliefs and yet they do not allow any respect or rights of people who are non-Muslim in their Islamic theocratic nations.
                             They  (Muslims) will NOT reciprocate and neither are the mainstream Muslims in America speaking out and insisting that Muslim nations globally accept people of other non-Muslim beliefs but they (Muslims) push their beliefs upon everyone else and make demands with their selfish Sharia jihadist indoctrinated mindset.
                                  Christianity is no better but they only hide their forcefull agenda under the guise of helping people while brainwashing people by global missionary proselytizing.  One radio talk show host stated correctly that everywhere you go around the world we have Muslims who just cannot get along with their neighbors. They ( Muslims ) hate any criticism of their beliefs but they will gladly bash, attack and villify people of non-Muslim beliefs.   Then again , the Christians are the same minus the current terrorist acts of violence . Christians use forcefull violence also  ( via military action under the guise of liberating the people –translated to mean to force the people to accept the  Christian way of life ).
                     I’m not letting atheist off the hook either , as liberal left-wing pacifist atheists in my opinion here in America are the most cowardly , ignorant and lazy  individuals imaginable.  Atheists in America ( mostly liberal ) rant & rave about some Nativity Scene , yet Muslim men here in America are engaging in so-called “honor” killings and the liberal atheists are totally silent.  As I have stated before————what’s wrong with this picture ?