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– this is how Muslim children are taught their lessons


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  • George

         My questions are ———– Why isn’t this being shown via the mainstream media to show the true face of real child abuse ? Why is the mainstream media silent on this matter ? Why has the mainstream media chosen to censor this type of abuse of little children ? Why aren’t the liberals  ( and even the Christian bible-humpers ) who proclaim to love the little children widely speaking out against this attrocious abuse of these children ?   Why is the rest of the world silent on these issues which  are happening daily by these  religious zealot nut-cases ?  Where are the mainstream media news stories that is suppose to covering and broadcasting this abuse to the general populace ?    Why aren’t we seeing these horrifying acts of abuse  broadcast on ABC , NBC , CNN, FOX , MSNBC , CBS ,  and NPR radio ?   How come we aren’t seeing articles covering this in  USA TODAY , The New YorK  Times, Newsweek , TIME , The American Thinker,  The Chicago Tribune , etc etc etc  ad nauseum ?:  Where’s the mainstream media reporting on this horror ?  Where ? 
                                  How come we don’t see massive crowds of people marching and demonstrating in the streets to speak out against this abuse ?  Where are the governmenmt agencies who use the power of government for everything else using the power of government to protect these kids ?   Sometimes I don’t want to watch these videos because it makes me enraged with anger.   Oh , gee , there I go sounding angry again.  Why are the people who proclaim to have such compassion for little children so silent on this overt child abuse ?  Where is the Political Action Comittie (PAC)  for these children ?   Perhaps I missed it somewhere ——–   Show me ! 

    • I don’t know about this one.  I would really like to know the context of these lashings.  Were they all kids that were mis-behaving, and this was part of their punishment?  It was a little harsh to see, but I think our society has gotten too soft on kids these days.  I have never used corporal punishment on my own daughter (4 yr old), but I am not against it either, as long as it is warranted.  Let the punishment fit the crime, as they say.

      So, the video here immediately pulls at our heart strings for these little kids, but before judging, we really need to learn the context.  I went to Catholic School in the early 80’s.  By then, getting smacked by a nun was not really accepted, but I had heard from some of the older kids that certain nuns regularly used corporal punishment just a few years earlier, when it was warranted.  I was afraid when I heard about it, but I don’t look back on it as abuse though.

      I have had to deal with MANY pre-teens and teenagers that had too little discipline in their younger years, and therefore had little respect for adults.  I certainly think a little corporal punishment can be useful.

      • George

        Sorry PareshK but I have to disagree with you on this one. This was NOT a case of kids misbehaving but kids standing there frightened to death with paralyzing fear as they turned in their schoolwork papers.   Every kid that walked up and turned in a paper got a beating with a board ? For what ?  For all of them making bad grades on the papers ?  For all of them not doing their homework correctly ?  Why were they beaten ? 
                        I didn’t see one child in the video disrupting the class or acting disorderly , so what was the purpose of the beatings ?   After watching the first , I didn’t want to complete watching the second. I’m well aware of how Christian Catholic nuns paddle students with rulers and the like but this is altogether different  and is  no comparison. There was a previous video of little Muslim children being taught to be suicide bombers as they all practiced falling down as the bomb exploded . Is this supposed to be compared to a smacking on the behind by a teacher or parent for a kid throwing a temper tantrum ? Of course not.  
                                There is a thin line between corporal punishment and child abuse and being a former law enforcement investigator myself  , I personally have decades of experience in the field.    You stated –” Let the punishment fit the crime , as they say ” .    Really ? Well , what crime did these  kids engage in ?  Tell me.  Show me.  What did these kids do wrong ? Explain it to me .   What bad behavior did they engage in ? Point it out to me . Actually what is seen in the video is mild compared to what these wackos really do to innocent helpless children in that culture.  What I expressed  in my previous post still stands. We respectively and obviously agree to disagree.

        • Hey George – no problem man – lively discussion among *thinking* individuals is what this site is all about!

          Now, on to a response to your points.  You ask why were they beaten.  That is exactly what I am asking.  My point is that it is not fair to assume that these kids were not mis-behaving, and simply being abused.  If the narrator explained that these kids are simply beaten every day (or something like that), then I would certainly agree that this would be abuse.  But, we saw about 15 kids get beaten.  How do we know that these kids weren’t handing in an extra assignment, and getting a lashing, BECAUSE they had mis-behaved earlier that day and this was their punishment.  There could be 100 other kids in that school that didn’t get beaten because they were behaving.  We just don’t know.

          I certainly am not one to side with Islam.  BUT, I also think it is VERY important to make sure that we don’t jump to fallacious conclusions.  This is exactly what the libs use as propoganda against conservatives – that we are so quick to condemn Islam due to bias.  I condemn Islam for things that I KNOW are true.

          You stated: “What crime did these kids engage in?  Tell me.  Show me.”
          My response is that we just don’t know one way or the other, so we can’t judge one way or the other.  I liken this to the many police-beating videos out there.  We are quick to condemn the cops for what we can see in the video, but there is almost always more to the story that we don’t see in the video.  It doesn’t always make the cops right, but it does sometimes.

          Don’t get me wrong – seeing and hearing  some of those little girls (and boys) crying and wincing in anticipation of getting beat was heart-wrenching.  Especially since I have a 4 yr old daughter.

          Also, if you happen to know already that these Madrassas regularly beat the kids just for the hell of it, then I will be the first to call it abuse.  But I am not aware of such a thing.  (Not that I have ever researched Madrassas before).

      • George

                        I have done personal independent research of what goes on in these madrassas  and I have spoken to a person who is an ex-Muslim and I can tell you horror stories of what I have been informed that  really happens in these places. Yes, it is true that  we do not know what had happened behind the scenes but look at the videos again and you will see in the first video that the little kids did not get a paddling until after they submitted their classwork paperwork and they obvioulsy didn’t make the proper score ( I can’t say for certain ) but what is obvious is that these little children were lined up with the schoolwork papers in their hands and they were beaten after this a**hole graded their papers.  This had NOTHING to do with according to what is observed in the video of them acting unruly.  I am also a father and I know very well what it is like to be a parent.
                               These  beatings weren’t  a case of these  litle kids lined up in a line as the dean or teacher of the school went child to child paddling them for their disruptive behavior from what we see in the video. From what I see observed in the video, these kids were paddled ONLY after they each submitted their schoolwork papers and this scumbag adult teacher then graded the papers and THEN he paddled them ( ALL  of them ) after grading each kid’s  papers.  This is a no-brainer. I am not saying this trying to jump to judgement but stating of what is obvious . I will also be the first to concede that I do not know if there were any other reasons beyond this but the beatings were visually observed to occur ONLY after their paperwork was submitted and graded by this madrassa teacher .  Am I to believe that ALL the kids flunked their schoolwork and got bad grades so the madrassa teacher spanked them for making bad grades ? Even if the kids did flunk the test, that is NO reason to beat them. These wackos obviously don’t recognize that different kids learn differently and at a different pace and some kids have learning problems. This brings up another question——  What are they being taught anyway ? Violence ? Hatred ?  Murder ?
                            I do agree that we in our society have a bunch of ungovernable brats that do indeed need to be spanked on their behinds when they act like juvenile delinquents but this was NOT what was observed here.