A nightmare many never wake from 2

The pointless and insane war in Afghanistan goes on. And on.

Diana West writes at Townhall:

The Karzai Ultimatum story is entering national consciousness in three parts. (1) U.S.-led airstrike on May 28 kills Afghan women and children in Helmand Province. (2) Afghan President Hamid Karzai delivers ultimatum on U.S. airstrikes — stop, or else Afghans will revolt against U.S. “occupation.” (3) US-led forces (ISAF) apologize.

A crucial part is missing. I refer to the shooting, also on May 28, that killed a U.S. Marine on patrol in Helmand, triggering the fighting which led to the airstrike that Karzai would take to the microphone on the world stage. Neither Karzai, nor, come to think of it, ISAF has made much noise about this fallen Marine. In ultimatum news stories, he remains anonymous. In the rush to apologize, his sacrifice is overlooked.

But I think I’ve found him. The only American killed in Helmand Province on May 28 was Lance Cpl. Peter Clore. He was 23 years old.

Only six weeks in Afghanistan, Clore and his war dog Duke were leading a patrol to find and clear IEDs somewhere in Zad District. … Shots rang out and Clore was hit. He died. His fellow Marines pursued the attackers who took refuge in a compound where they continued to fire at Marines. At some point — details aren’t just sketchy, they’re unavailable — the Marines called for an airstrike on the building the militants were in.

This takes us to where the consensus narrative begins with its familiar prompts and conditioned reflexes: women and children killed in a U.S. airstrike; Afghan outrage; American apology. Lost in the diplomatic furor — along with the life of this young Marine — is the fact that in calling on Americans not to strike at Taliban-filled houses, Karzai is demanding a free-fire zone for insurgents.

That’s fine — for Karzai and the Afghan forces he ostensibly commands. Let him send Afghans, not Americans, to patrol the IED-laced byways of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Let’s see what that Potemkin Police Force and Ghost Army, which a delusional Pentagon and a snoring Congress think they have created with your money, can really do. …

This whole nation-building misadventure in Afghanistan is a mirage, a dream that young Americans in our armed forces are paying to perpetuate with their limbs, their lives — and that includes their own “hearts and minds” — in a nightmare many never wake from.

The Afghans are not going to change, no matter how long American forces stay in their benighted land. There is nothing whatsoever to be gained by fighting the Taliban for ten long years and more.

Diana West suggests the American people should deliver an ultimatum of their own to the politicians and generals who are pursuing the nightmare mirage of nation-building in tribal, Muslim, savage Afghanistan: “Get out, or else”.

  • Ralph

         Perhaps we should have asked the Red Army about combat and nation building in Afghanistan.

  • George

       I agree with the last statement —  ” Get out or else”.     We spend a gazillion dollars to support  these wars in the Middle East to supposedly fight terrorism and yet when one theocratic regiem is replaced , it is replaced with another sharia law regieme . What’s the difference ? We get rid of one dictator only for him to be replaced with another just as wacky. We have the weak politicians here in  America who won’t let our troops do there jobs. We have these terrosrists who hide behind women and children and use innocent women and children as human shields , and when our troops attack the  hiding places of the terrorists and women and children get killed as a result , then our brave troops are court martialed and blamed for doing their jobs.  It’s sickening.  As I have stated before , why aren’t people in general speaking out and telling these limp-wristed politicians to back-off and let our troops do their jobs ?  Why is the liberal mainstream media making ridicule of our brave troops ?  I don’t see these stories that are on this website in the other forms of media ( at least NOT to this extent I  shall say ).  Even the mainstream conservative media has gotten soft in putting the news out there for what is happening.
                             Not only aren’t the mainstream media in America ( who are mostly Christians ) not putting this info out there , but the mainstream secular groups out there  aren’t speaking out regarding these terrorist Muslim attrocious acts as well.  When I read secular publications, such as The Humanist,  American Atheist Magazine,  Freethought Today , Free Inquiry  and a host of others , I am not getting the information from them as I am getting from this website alone.   The typical secular organizations ( both liberal , moderate, libertarian and conservative ) are NOT reporting on these issues as  [ The  Atheist Conservative ] is.  The typical atheist group and atheist publication will rant & rave about a prayer at a public meeting ( which I agree with regarding separating the two ) but we see these horrible acts of Islamic terrorism going on and yet the typical secular media is “mum” in speaking out or even discussing these matters.  There is something seriously WRONG with this picture !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!