Beware sharia 1

The scariest part comes in the last third.



  • George

      This video is very informative to what is actually happening.  The sad thing is that in reality , only a miniscule number of people  ( primarily atheists ) are going to come onto this blog  and see what is truly going on regarding this matter.  The mainstream media won’t touch this subject. The mainstream media has chosen NOT to broadcast this reality and truth. The mainstream media has censored this info from the general public.  Why ?  Political correctness ( aka- political corruptness ) is running amuk in our society.  The average American citizen is overwhelmingly IGNORANT to what is actually going on not only in our society but around the world.  The average American citizen only sits around in their home in their recliner with their  TV remote control  watching the 3-letter  “alphabet” channels and they actually believe they know what is going on in the world not realizing that they are being mentally manipulated, mentally controlled , mentally influenced, and mentally brainwashed.
                          We are currently in the generational  era of the modern mentally dead and it is an uphill battle to get the message out. The media propaganda wheel is still turning.  Remember the statement—— BEWARE THE GOVERNMENT MEDIA COMPLEX    !!!!!!!!