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From Creeping Sharia

  • George

       The guy definately has a giant set of TESTICLES , that’s  for sure. More than I can say for the average person ( religious & secular ) in America.  I can understand the fear factor based upon the harrassment, threats and ostracism  here in America which even I have personally endured.    However, collectively on a wide scale basis we can fight the encoaching wave of Islamic terror and jihad .   I have pleaded with various atheists to simply write a letter to the editor and they won’t do it. I have pleaded to various atheists to speak up publicly to defend atheism and they won’t do it.   I recently saw several letters to the editor and several Christian articles attacking and/or insulting atheists and I started to write rebuttal letters as I have done before and then I asked myself— Why should I ? Why should I be the ONLY one speaking up and continue to be belittled as the ONLY outspoken atheist in my area ? When I approached other atheists and practically begged them to speak up and write rebuttlas , it’s always an excuse , but they will speak up behind closed doors at a Unitarian Universalist church monthly atheist get together among their fellow atheist brethren or at a public  library among fellow atheists  , or write a letter to the group newsletter, or post on a secular discussion internet forum etc. but never publicly   ( this applies to both liberal and conservative atheists ).   The fear factor is real and certainly understandable.  I was speaking out strongly and regularly and as such became the target of personal ad hominem attacks and other harrassment.  I continued to ask myself , why should I be the only one putting myself at risk while all the others remain silent but reap the benefits of my outspoken public assertiveness ? And then it dawned on me, someone has to light the torch and carry it for the others to follow . Someone has to set the wheel in motion. Someone has to let the secular world see that we have NO reason to be ashamed because we are people who are with logical and rational minds and also people with reason and common sense.   
                         Atheists and even moderate religionists (theists) need to speak up for freedom of speech, freedom  of  expression and freedom of peaceful dissenting views . The entire world cannot be monolithic like the mindless  “Borg” on Star Trek  . The time to let our voices be heard  PUBLICLY is now before it’s too late and we lose the rights we cherish so dearly.