Deadly Syrian tricks 2

Syrian soldiers plant weapons on protestors they have killed.

From Hot Air:

Syria claims that a number of its security forces have been murdered by “terrorists” in the last few weeks, as uprisings in the country against the Bashar Assad regime may have claimed more than 1200 lives … New video from Syria calls into question the reliability of claims by Assad’s regime of “terrorism,” as CNN reports in this video …

Videos newly posted on YouTube show what Syrian opposition activists say is the gruesome slaughter of civilians in the besieged city of Daraa who had tried to feed people during a recent uprising. …

Throughout the uprising in Syria, the Syrian government has described protesters as “armed criminals” and “terrorists,” at times saying photos prove that the “criminals” were armed when security forces shot them.

[In the video] one gets [an] idea of the attempt to plant weapons on the corpses, which all appear to have been shot at close range on the rooftop. Note that no soldiers are among the dead, nor do any appear to be wounded; it looks as though the men were crowded together and then executed. This video contains extremely graphic and disturbing images…

This massacre happened in Daraa last month. In the clip, a number of civilians are shot to death while they were trying to get some food to the people Daraa, a city which has been besieged by the regime since the beginning of the revolution. Bashar al-Assad’s Forces cold-bloodedly killed them and then put weapons on the victims to fool the media by giving the impression that the victims were terrorists.

But of course they would never try to fool the media – and the media would never be fooled – by  staged scenes of “unprovoked” Israelis shooting Palestinian protestors trying to cross the border between Syria and Israel.*

The soldiers stop the videographer while they continue to place weapons on the corpses. After the video resumes, the same soldiers then encourage the videographer to film the weapons placed on the bodies. It’s obviously a crude attempt to transform an execution into a defensive engagement. …

So much for Assad the reformer [as Hillary Clinton says he is – JB].

* Go here to read a report that Assad had Palestinians paid to do this.

  • George

    As usual the mainstream media has chosen to censure what is really happening in the world.   I’m sure if   The Atheist  Cnservative can get this information and present it to us , that the mainstream media has access to it as well but are pandering to our open enemies. It’s no wonder that the populace in general are so highly ignorant !

  • George

       I will ask the question again.    Why don’t we see these images on the mainstream media TV news broadcasts ?  Why aren’t these images and stories presented to us by CNN , ABC , CBS, FOX , MSNBC, and even BBC ?  Why ?    I already know.  Why do you think ?  Why are these images being censored from the public ?  Are we suppose to believe it’s because the media thinks they are too graphic ? Then why aren’t the media stations even discussing these things going on even without the graphic images ? Political correctness will destroy us as gullible people live with their heads burried in the proverbial “sand” .