America – the greatest ever force for freedom 5

“We must renew our commitment to the idea that America is the greatest force for human freedom the world has ever seen; a country whose devotion to free enterprise has lifted more people out of poverty than any economic system ever designed.”

Who said that? Whoever it was should have got a standing ovation.

It was Paul Ryan. We took the quotation from Investors’ Business Daily:

Ryan introduced important elements to the U.S. political debate: about U.S. leadership — and its critical economic, military and moral components.

Power takes resources, Ryan suggested, and if the U.S. means to retain its global leadership, it better get its finances in order.

“If there’s one thing I could say with complete confidence about American foreign policy, it is this: “Our fiscal policy and our foreign policy are on a collision course; and if we fail to put our budget on a sustainable path, then we are choosing decline as a world power.”

Ryan warned that defense spending has shrunk as entitlements — Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security — swallow 40% of all federal spending. By contrast, defense has shrunk to 16%.

“If we continue on our current path, the rapid rise of health care costs will crowd out all areas of the budget, including defense,” said the one Republican who has a plan to reverse that. …

With the rise of China today, the economic muscle is moving to the enemy’s side … And once economic and military matters decline, America’s moral authority will fade too.

“A world without U.S. leadership will be a more chaotic place, a place where we have less influence and a place where our citizens face more dangers and fewer opportunities. … Take a moment and imagine a world led by China and Russia. …

“An expanding community of nations that shares our economic values as well as our political values would ensure a more prosperous world … a world with more opportunity for mutually beneficial trade … and a world with fewer economic disruptions caused by violent conflict.”

That means more free-trade agreements, including legislative action on three finished free-trade pacts with Colombia, Panama and South Korea, which are awaiting votes after five years of inaction.

The ultimate purpose, Ryan stressed, is to prevent a retreat of America in the world.

“Instead of heeding these calls to surrender, we must renew our commitment to the idea that America is the greatest force for human freedom the world has ever seen; a country whose devotion to free enterprise has lifted more people out of poverty than any economic system ever designed; and a nation whose best days still lie ahead of us, if we make the necessary choices today.”

We don’t know if he’ll run for president, but the more Ryan speaks, the more presidential he sounds.

If he doesn’t run, whoever does would do well to become as much like him as possible.

  • bornagainpagan

    Thankyou Jillian, for this post. Wisconsin is indeed politically awaking. Paul Ryan is most sincere in his beliefs. I’ve also had to separate my political beliefs from my spiritual non-belief and support the candidate not only capable of winning but also most capable of saving our economic bacon…so to speak. I have worked locally to elect Governor Walker and Justice Prosser, keeping in mind “all politics are local” or at least they must begin there.
    Gentleman: I would like to see any religious or even non religious litmus test extracted from ALL politics. Even Obama has had to go to great lengths to feign his christianity to appease the electorate. Sitting in Rev Wrights pew (and perhaps marrying the decendant of slaves as well) was part of a well laid plan to  ‘fundamentaly change this country.’
     I do respect ones right to believe in whatever supernatural myth they choose…(so long as my head remains firmly attached to my body)  but I would prefer their political rhetoric not be peppered with such supernatural belief. Religion Vs Political Idealogy…a very thin line indeed. I’ve never heard Paul Ryan speak from an overtly religious pulpit, but I’m fairly certain he raises his children within christian parameters.

    • George

             Hey bornagainpagan——————– I am in total agreement with everything you posted in this message.  Thank you !

  • George

       I like the things stated by Paul Ryan regarding  his position of improving and saving America.   Also, I do not know anything about him personally to any significant degree.  I’m only curious as to what his position or feelings are toward atheists , agnostics, secular freethinkers,  rationalists  and skeptics  ( or will he be another Bible-thumping right wing zealot ). I don’t know and I will reserve comment on such.   If I had to make a choice ,  I would vote for a person ( such as Paul Ryan ) who will put America first and then I would deal with the more personal issues as the rights of us freethinkers.  I like what Paul Ryan had to say. Saving America comes first . I wouldn’t want another George Bush Sr. who stated to the effect that he didn’t believe that atheists should be considered as citizens  but what would it do anyway if we got an  “atheist accepting”   president in office and he turns out to be a socialist , anti-American , inept political misfit——————– ?   Oh darn , I 4got , we already have that sort of person in the presidential seat  —– His name is OBAMA .  

    • Ralph

      Paul Ryan isn’t running for president yet. So far the most interesting candidate I’ve read of is Herman Cain. The best we atheists can hope for from any candidate is some sort of superficial tolerance.

      • George

          Yep, you’re absolutely right about that . I like Herman Cain and Allen West.  Herman Cain  will definately know the proper way to run the country .   I’m not sure but I believe  he’s on the strong pro-Christian side of the fence ( like what else is new ). Allen West will definately protect the country from the terrorist threat but I have no idea where his tolerance stands regarding atheists . I like Wayne A. Root of the Libertarian Party and I don’t know his position on this matter as well regarding atheists. Root would get the economy back on track.  I think I’ll do some research in that regard and check back.  If you know , fill me in on their positions as I certainly would like to know where they stand.  Thanks Ralph.