Rage 4

More and more Europeans are growing angry over the Islamization of their countries.

Here a Catholic member of the Austrian parliament, Ewald Stadler, rages at the Turkish ambassador, referring inter alia to the beheading of a Catholic Bishop by a Muslim, and the burying alive of adolescent girls by their Muslim families in Turkey.


  • Alejandro

    This man clearly is breaking the bounds of common parliamentary decency. We must maintain respect even through disagreement. When that is abandoned, it is as sure sign of a country’s arrogance being too great; nationalism of this kind is often disguised under the pretense of ” fighting for human rights” as the man in the video tries to bring across. This is the new imperialism, for want of a better word, in most ‘civilized’ nations. They use the idea that they are morally superior to create greater influence throughout the developing nations that they exploit. Now, I understand that most of this is fairly obvious – I don’t want to seem patronizing on a blog like this (the majority of whose posts are very respectful) – but I think that this is an important historical point to bring up in the context of this video.

    • George

         Alejandro , you can’t be serious. Ewald  Stadler bravely spoke out about the encroaching Islamization of his nation and the overt violence and murder going on in his nation and you start ranting about absurd comments of “imperialism”.  Are you for real ? This man did nothing or said nothing that was indecent.  If an Austrain Catholic had stabbed to death and beheaded a Muslim Imam , what do you think the consequences would be ?  Yet this brave man speaks out about this violence and murder and incremental takeover of his nation  (Austria) by people who want to change the Austrian government to meet sharia law and YOU accuse him  to the effect of not maintaining respect.  Where were you Alejandro to speak out about all the suicide-murder bombings carried out by Muslims ?  Where were you Alejandro to speak out about the so-called “honor ” killings ?  What about the violence and multitude of murders following the publishing of the  Danish cartoon ? Why wasn’t there just a peaceful demonstration and civil committee to complain ? Where were you Alejandro to speak out about Sept. 11, 2001 ?  Where were you to speak out about the hundreds of Marines killed in the baracks by Muslim Terrorists ?  Where was your voice to speak out about the bombing of the USS Cole  ? I can go on and on . Where is your denunciating voice to speak out about the raging Muslim violence and murder going on all around the world ? Yet, one man who is fed up and dares to speak out to save and preserve his countyry does so and then here you come along and IMHO  make your ad hominem attack and/or criticize him .   More and more people need to attain his guts and assertiveness.   This man  ( Ewald Stadler ) is a hero and deserves a medal !

    • Scrims2

      “Common parliamentary decency” is beside the point when you consider the context, which George has already pointed out here.  This man, as well as everyone else with any self respect in the civilized world, has had it up to HERE with being lectured about “civility”.  At this point it would be indecent NOT to speak up as this man has.  

  • George

                    I truly admire this man.  He has guts and conviction and is not afraid to speak out.  Everything he is saying is true and bluntly to the point.  If only we had this kind of leadership everywhere else around the world ( including here in the USA ).   Bravo !