he is always lower case 5

This is mildly funny. If you feel like arguing with the joke you could point out that most songs are not religious.

Posted under Humor by Jillian Becker on Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • Scrims2

    That was great! thanks for sharing it- I got such a good laugh out of it!!  It perfectly illustrates why Christians hate atheists – they have to pretend to love going to church when they really would rather be sitting around in their underpants. But they have to keep up the charade, while the atheists are having all the fun, and it’s no FAIR!!!  : ) 

  • Fan of Heather Mac Donald

    Big fan of Steve Martin.  However, I would count “Free Will” by Rush and “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder as atheist songs.

    • Excellent pull on Free Will FoHMcD!!!  I LOVE Rush! 

  • Ralph

    If you can’t laugh at your self, don’t ever laugh at someone else.

  • George

    Funny !      See folks , we atheists didn’t get offended by this song and notice that not one atheist went out and started rioting , bombing and beheading people because they ( or we ) were in any way OFFENDED by such  “insensitive”  comments about atheists .    I found it comical .  Now all we need  are songs for agnostics, and skeptics and that should do the trick.   Ha ha !