The Lord’s Army of child slave cannibals 25

Recently seceded from the state of Sudan, South Sudan is to become an independent state on July 9, 2011. The majority of its population is Christian. The north is Muslim. Between the two countries is a disputed oil-rich area where the Muslims are attacking the Christians.

According to the following report by Faith J.H.McDonnell, they are also using proxy forces, notably the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), to attack the western region of South Sudan.

The Lord’s Resistance Army is so atrocious a thing that no words – “atrocious”, “evil” – seem strong enough to convey how evil it is.

The LRA is a Northern Ugandan rebel group led by the now-middle-aged madman Joseph Kony. For over twenty-five years it has been abducting children, and so brutalizing them that they become mindless killing machines. It has used these children to kill hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children in Northern Uganda, Southern Sudan, and more recently, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo. By 2006, the LRA had abducted over 50,000 children to make child soldiers and sex slaves. …

Escaped child soldiers and other LRA abductees frequently have reported seeing Sudan Armed Forces trucks during their time in captivity … delivering food, weapons, and uniforms to LRA commanders. And in recent days, the LRA has teamed up with the Janjaweed, the killers in Darfur, receiving training and weapons at Islamic camps that have been set up there. For although some (usually secular elites, hostile to Christianity) refer to Kony as a “Christian,” his current belief system is a combination of the demonic and Islam.

Kony claims he is possessed by “spirits”. Possession by spirits and Islam – that’s demonic squared!

Details of horrific acts … have been repeated in villages all over East Africa since Kony began taking children in 1986, to ensure himself an ever-replenished army of boys and girls, some as young as five or six years old. …

The rebels gathered all the children together and started killing people right in front of their eyes. They forced the children to kill their own parents. After the slaughter, the boys had to carry large metal barrels, and the girls had to fetch water to fill the barrels. They built fires around the barrels, and while the water was heating up, the children were forced to hack up their parents and fellow children’s bodies and throw their dismembered parts in the boiling water. After some time, the children were then made to eat the flesh. In this way the LRA commanders knew that the children were so traumatized that they would do anything. They would not try to run away because there was nowhere and no one left to which to run.

That’s what happened. The children were forced to cook and eat their own parents. Behold Africa in the 21st century. Still the heart of darkness.

Why are the Muslims using the LRA to destabilize South Sudan?

They are targeting Western Equatoria State, which borders Uganda, because it is so fertile, and has the potential to be the breadbasket for the region. If it is destabilized, it will affect the food supply of the country, as well as lessening the possibilities of profitable commercial agriculture. Khartoum’s proxy militia is also targeting it because it is a strong Christian community.

The people of Western Equatoria … have always been extremely self-sufficient… Now people are abandoning their homes and attempting to find shelter in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps. …

The Equatorians do not want to be dependent on NGOs and the U.N. for their existence. At present they are trying to provide their own security with “arrow boys,” young men armed with nothing but homemade bows and arrows who protect against the well-armed LRA. They want the government to supply them with real arms, but there is little chance of that taking place if only for the reason that the Government of South Sudan is well aware that it is under scrutiny by the global community, and it is always held to a higher standard than the Islamists in Khartoum.

Can this really be true? Is defense with arms now held by “the global community” to be impermissible? Well yes, for some it is – Israel, for instance.

What is really needed to help the people of Western Equatoria State as Khartoum wages its proxy war against them via the LRA is the full implementation of U.S. law found in the “Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act” of 2010. In this legislation, which was heartily supported on both sides of the aisle, Congress required the U.S. government to develop a regional strategy supporting multilateral efforts to stop the LRA. The president was to report on the creation of that strategy within six months of the act’s passage.

In November 2010, the Obama administration presented its strategy. The four major objectives were: protect civilians, apprehend Kony and senior commanders, promote the defection and disarmament of LRA fighters (remember these were abducted children), and increase humanitarian access to the region.

A fine strategy that was not implemented. The author of the report has this opinion:

Ending Khartoum’s proxy war on South Sudan would cost far less than our continual bombing of Libya, or our largess to President Mubarak’s successors in Egypt, or our unending jizya to the Palestinian Authority. And in this case, we actually would know that in helping the people of South Sudan we were helping true friends and allies in the fight for secular democracy and religious freedom.

Religious freedom? Freedom from religion is what’s needed. There would still be a struggle for control of oil fields, and men like Joseph Kony would still brutalize and kill for the joy of it. But one persistent excuse for the infliction of massive human suffering would be gone.

  • Jillian Becker

    Rory – “interpreting” religious texts is a nugatory exercise. What matters is what people do. If they refer to some text or other to justify what they do, that’s up to them. We don’t share their beliefs. 

    Islam is a frightful ideology of conquest, slavery, the subjugation of women. It is totally intolerant. A thing out of the Dark Ages. Many people are born into Islam but do not observe its teaching. We are not against people  (unless they act as enemies). We oppose ideas. The ideas of Islam should be argued against – like Nazism, which it closely resembles. 

    Christians were once cruel oppressors. Now many of them are victims of Islam.  

    Your questions will be amply answered if you’d read what I’ve suggested. There’s always time to read. Don’t depend on some teacher to tell you what a text is about. That’s “interpreting”. Read the texts yourself. Especially read The Religion of Peace every day. That won’t take much time, and you’ll soon be very well informed about Islam. 

  • Rory

    Sorry, meant to say this in my last post — Africa is not the heart of darkness. Of course there are terrible things that happen there and that receive much publicity, but most of these occurrences can be traced back to colonialism. I have been to several African countries including the Democratic Republic of the Congo (which has been in contact with the LRA) and although there is violence, poverty, corruption, disease, etc., the things that remain with me most are the following: the kindness and warmth of the people; the beauty of the people, land, animals; and the potential Africa has.

    What I’m trying to say is please don’t write Africa off as the heart of darkness based on secondhand information and distinctly Western viewpoints. Thanks.

    • Jillian Becker

      Rory – 

      Some questions for you:

      So Joseph Conrad – who first called the Congo “The Heart of Darkness” – should have overlooked the cannibalism and written instead an appreciation of the natural beauty of the flora and fauna and the “warmth of the people”? 
      And we should overlook the Lord’s Resistance Army forcing children to eat their parents remains and instead admire the scenery?

      Was there no violence, poverty, corruption, disease in Africa before the wicked colonialists came? 

      Finally, please describe your vision of the fulfillment of Africa’s potential.  

      • Anonymous

        I’d be interested in reading, based on your experiences, what popularly available book(s) most closely reflect your expectations of the kind of societies sub-Saharan Africans will create?

        • Jillian Becker

          WmarkW – 

          I have no expectation that any African state, Saharan or sub-Saharan, is going to get any better than it is. I think it very likely that they’re all going to get even worse. 


          Try these: 

          Monrovia Mon Amour: A Visit to Liberia by Anthony Daniels

          filosofa’s republic by thursday msigwa

      • Rory

        I apologize for jumping to the conclusion that you don’t know enough about Africa to judge. If you wouldn’t mind sharing your 28 years of experiences in Africa, I would love to hear about it. What were you doing in Africa? What did you learn? What experiences changed you?

        Secondly, I’m pretty sure I never suggested forgetting about the LRA in favor of the pretty flowers.

        Lastly, I have no idea how Africa should fulfill it’s potential. I’m 16, but if I figure it out I’ll let you know. I can tell you, however, that I think it must be done without Western interference and I don’t see how that will happen.

        Thanks for your response Jillian.

        • Jillian Becker

          Sorry, Rory, that I cannot respond adequately here to your interest in my experiences and knowledge of Africa. It would take a volume or two. But put “Africa” into our search slot and you’ll find out quite a lot of what I know and think about it. 

        • George

          Hi Rory — 

                                  I am a conservative libertarian atheist and I also happen to be black. I have never been to Africa and I also for that reason do not refer to myself as African-American. I detest any form of racial bigotry regardless of the ethnic group ( my former two girlfriends were white , and my current best friend is a Christian white male ) . I truly believe that hyphensted names are divisive . By the same token I have a current white American personal friend that is from Johannesburg and he is now a legal citizen here in the USA and we talk rather frequently on this subject that you raised, One of my college classmates was a black  African and I’m not sure if he was just an exchange student or legal immigrant but we aso had several discussions about  Africa and he set the record straight for me regarding a lot of fabricated tales made about Africa. I began to study many books of African history by credible and authentic history expert , including archeological finds, artifacts from anthropologists and information from credible history reseachers  and  sources so as not to be influenced with any form of revisionist propaganda , and I also discovered  in my continued studies , travels, and contacts that much of what we have been taught here in the USA has in itself been rewritten history from the beginning of America, slavery and history in itself.
                                       There is propaganda and deceit on both sides.There are discovered artifacts from Africa that go back over 150,000 yeras ago and discovered artifacts and fossils here in the USA from African travellers that came here before anyone else. By the same token there is a lot of propaganda  being put out on the internet , news media and books  by bigoted groups ( on both sides ).    It would take me dozens of pages of text to go into intricate detail just to cover the basics. 
                              Currently , Africa as a whole is in shambles having been ravished, and literaally destroyed ages ago and has never  recovered . Today , regardless of what has happened historically , Africa as a continent of which many countries are within it’s continental borders is overwhelmingly ruled by dictators and tyrants or at least ill-educated and/or corrupt leaders. Africa is heavily influenced by RELIGION  ( mainly Christianity and Islam  , and indigenous regional religions to follow). 
                            What I find to be rather disheartening is the fact that many blacks in America who refer to themselves as African-Americans  will NOT  lift a finger or contribute one penny to help Africa or stand up for the devasting enchroachment that has put social and economic “shackles”  on continental Africa  .  I could tell you horror stories that I have been informed of by indigenous  African people themselves and researchers that have traveled throughout .   Africa will never recover until it becomes re-educated, get rid of the tyrants/dictators, and shrug off the heavy influences that religion has had and stll has upon that once great continent that is now cast back to the stone age.

      • Rory

        I searched “Africa” on the site and will read some of your articles.

        I understand that it would be impossible to adequately summarize your time in Africa here – I have spent far, far less time there than you have and would still be unable to do it… But if you have time, I would greatly appreciate at least an “inadequate” couple of sentences just so I could understand where you’re coming from a little bit better. I’m very curious now. At the very, very least I would like to know why you were there and what you did there.
        Also, I replied to your other response down below but replied to myself… woops. Just FYI.

        • Jillian Becker

          I was born there. In South Africa. Over many years opposed  apartheid.

          Travelled widely and often, north, west, and east. 

          If you were to read the two books I recommend to WmarkW – both written by authors I know well – you’d know what I think about sub-Saharan Africa.What I think about Saharan Africa – Arab Africa – is amply expounded on the pages of this website.

  • Rory

    Please don’t confuse what this group is doing under “Islam” with common Muslim beliefs. I’m not even Muslim — I’m an atheist — but it infuriates me when radical extremists give a religion a bad name. To say that Islam is evil or demonic is a naive and oversimplified view of the issue.

    • Jillian Becker

      Rory – 

      Please tell us all that is good about Islam.

      • Anonymous

        Educated Muslim apologists in the West, like Reza Aslan, Faisal Rauf and Tariq Ramadan, are perfectly capable of interpreting the Quran as a sophisticated form of spirituality.  But any dullard can read it as an excuse to kill infidels.

        The Quran is too dangerous to be read by anyone who hasn’t studied comparative religion.

        BTW, have I posted here my opinion that Muhammed of Mecca and Muhammed of Medina aren’t the same person?  The former wanted to merge Arab paganism with the monotheisms of his trade partners.  The latter was a tribal chief who needed to legitimatize his tales of conquest, by having them re-written with Muhammed of Mecca as their hero.

        • Don L

           “…sophisticated form of spirituality. But any dullard can read it as an excuse to kill infidels.” jesus christ…for god’s sake…don’t you realize anyone who even cares about these distinctions…including bible analysis…is a useless fool!  Hey, muslims are killing people and I really don’t give a darn whether some “what’s the point” sophisticated deluded idiot reads/interprets something different or not.  Muslims right now are the most dangerous idiot believers on the planet.  Christians are on their way there.  quran or bible…trash reading.

      • Rory

        As I said, I’m an atheist and by no mean an experienced scholar of the Quran. But if you want a list of “all that is good about Islam,” here are a few excerpts.

        “Begin not hostilities. Lo! Allah loveth not aggressors.” 2:190
        “Kill not one another.: 4:29
        “Be kind to parents, relatives, orphans, the needy, neighbors, and travelers.” 4:36
        “Whoever kills a human being, it is as if he had killed all mankind. Whoever saves the life of one, it is as if he saved the life of all.” 5:32

        There are obviously many contradicting statements in the Quran. I’m not arguing that whatsoever. For example, the verse following the last excerpt details the “awful doom” enemies of Allah will face. I agree with WmarkW below me on the dangers of reading the Quran in the wrong state of mind.

        If you don’t mind me asking, do you take offense to people who misinterpret the Bible? Are Christians not equally capable of atrocities? 

        • Jillian Becker

          May I suggest, Rory, that you find out more about the Koran? Read it all first. Then you need to know about abrogation – how the “tolerant” suras composed in Mecca were abrogated by the later extremely intolerant and belligerent suras composed in Medina. As guides, I suggest you look up the works on Islam by 
          Ibn Warraq (eg. “What the Koran Really Says”) 
          Robert Spencer
          Bernard Lewis
          Bat Ye’or
          Andrew Bostom
          Ayaan Hirsi Ali
          and they’ll lead you to many more. 

          Another suggestion: read the website called “The Religion of Peace” EVERY DAY.

          The Bible (OT) is full of great poetry, great stories, myths, theological nonsense. The NT we are dealing with in a series on Christianity. Put “St. Paul” in the search slot  to find those already posted. More are to come including how the NT documents came to be written and collected. We don’t mind how any part of either volume is interpreted. 

          Christianity has a very bloody history of cruelty and atrocity. 

          Again, may I suggest you put keywords in our search slot and find out what we think about all religions and religion in general? The name of our website gives a clue. 

          We welcome you as a reader and commenter.

        • Rory

          [There was no reply option on your response to me so I’m replying to myself.]

          I agree that I need to learn more about the Quran, but unfortunately I don’t have the time to read it at the moment. I’d never heard about the abrogation you wrote of. Hopefully I’ll be able to to take a religious history class in college.

          Why don’t you mind how any part of the Old or New Testament is interpreted? What about those Christians that use the Bible to justify homophobic protests at the funerals of soldiers? Or Christians who justify gender inequality with references to the Bible? Do those interpretations bother you?

          How is that different than Muslim extremists who misinterpret the Quran and use it for terrorist purposes? Or, if you believe that these extremists are using the Quran correctly (that is, the Quran justifies their actions), how do you feel about Muslims who lead peaceful lives and are valuable parts of our communities? Are these “bad” people, or “bad” Muslims?

  • sorry, repeat.

  • Stunning.  Heart-breaking.  And for our make believe media, now back to some new nonsense.

  • George

    I agree with Scmims2 and PareshK  and it only shows how twisted the minds are of the American public. I have to give the religious conservtives credit in that they stand for not only personal responsibility , but also patriotic values , support of the family and protecting our national security and soverign identity.

  • Frank

    The political menu is very limited; you only get two choices.
    1) Socialism
    2) Theocracy

    It’s like being asked to choose between a firing squad and a noose.

  • George

    I get so infuriated when I see photos and articles such as this. I keep asking myself, where is the public outrage ? Where is the public outcry ? Where are the politicians to denounce this and take steps to eleviate this madness ? Where is the widespread public and political denunciation of such attrocities ? Where are the militaries of  all the civilized nations of the world ( including the USA ) to intervene and stop this slaughter, enslavement, terrorism, and human-rights violations ?  I don’t like to use the term African-American , but as a black man , where are all the self-righteous so-called black  leaders  who proclaim to represent the rights of the descendents of and people  of Africa ?  What a bunch of lying  & hypocritical worthless misfits.  I keep asking myself — Where are these stories on CNN, CBS, FOX, ABC, BBC, NPR and others ? Where ? Regardles of race we need to speak out publicly for the rights of everyone & everywhere. 
                            I am NOT pessisimistic , but I have practically ” written world civilization off ” when I see these horrors going on in our world society and people just sit idly by and allow it to happen. I  don’t want to ” beat the same old drum or the same old dead horse ” but I feel as if  I’m literally wasting my time calling talk shows, writing letters to the editor and even posting comments on blog discussion forums. What good is it going to do ?  NOTHING  is going to change.  It just allows us to vent our frustration in text form.  I hear old guys like myself say that they are glad that they are old so that they won’t be around to see our great society and the world sink down the toilet. 
                      I have to give this website total credit in that it is the only one I have seen that is presenting us with the news that we generally are not getting elsewhere without doing a great deal of widespread searching .  Here we have people being slaughtered , massacred, enslaved, cannibalized, terrorized, women raped en mass , and people in general are subjected to the most ruthless horror imaginable and the silence everywhere is deafening. If the general public at large isn’t going to speak out , or if we ourselves refuse to speak out in the general public media and if the politicians choose to continue to ignore these attrocities then what good is personal chit chatting messenging going to do ? I ask that fellow conservative atheists take this info we receive here and inform as many of the public that you can and make a conserted effort to spread the word a little bit at a time and hopefully we can create a ‘spark”  to raise  the consciousness of the general media, politicians and world society.  If we don’t DO something ( instead of just talking about the problem among ourselves )  then it’s over for us and civilized society as a whole. As blunt as this sounds it is indeed sad but totally true. People need to get their collective act together before it’s too late. It’s so shameful and disgusting !!

    • Scrims2

      George – I agree – this is so horrible, even for what we’re used to reading about in the paper every day.  The respect for the media which we all lost years ago just continues to plummet steadily further below negative, as they ignore these things, too busy being politically correct. But I am optimistic that we ARE changing things. It’s slow progress, but look at the last election. I think we will make more progress in the 2012 elections. Once we get some decent leaders in office, we will start to see positive things happen in this country and in foreign countries. Even if the people elected are religious (which is pretty likely) it will still be a change for the better.  The religious issues, although annoying, are minor compared to saving the economy, etc.  Major changes are always slow, but the spread of information via internet is speeding up knowledge and change incredibly.

      • George

        That’s the key word Scrims2.    You say —– ” ONCE”  we get decent  leaders in office” .  More like  “IF”  we get decent leaders in office. People had better wake up and vote these anti-American miscreants out of office or we’re finished.  Hopefully IF we get decent and responsible and gutsy people in office they will turn this country around and clean up the mess the last few scumbag presidents have made  ( that includes Bush, Clinton and Obama ).  Time will tell. I’m so sick & tired of watching TV and listening to talk radio programs or reading newspapers  and all they talk about is some pervert congressman sending smutty pictures of himself on his cellphone, or some celebrity slut making a sex tape,  or some sports figure is divorcing  blah blah blah blah blah !!!!  
                              These are their priorities.  People are being slaughtered en masse and these  *&^%$$#@#@*&^%$$##@!*&^%$$##@!@!    news people are bombarding us with this crap. I truly hope you’re right .  Unfreakin’ real  !!!!!!!

        • Scrims2 wrote: “Even if the people elected are religious (which is pretty likely) it will still be a change for the better.  The religious issues, although annoying, are minor compared to saving the economy, etc.”

          I totally agree here.  Although it sucks that we (atheist conservatives) have to have such annoying bedfellows in the religious right, they are far better than the anti-American, anti-capitalist, pro-Muslim left-wing idiots we have today.  At least the religious right believes in personal responsibility and understands the concept that “equal opportunity” does not mean “equal results.”

          Oh, and George, I do agree that the media is a joke and bombarding us with BS most of the time, but the bigger problem is that this is what the American people care about!  And these are the same people that vote!  It’s really a sad thing how little most people think, before pulling the lever at the ballot box.