Muslim modesty 2

From the Religion of Peace:

A woman clings tenuously to her Islamic faith while
waiting in line for an “Arrive Half-Naked, Leave
Fully Dressed” offer at a London department store.


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  • Rosa

    Maybe that girl is not a Muslim but just wanted to hide her face? : / Unless she was spoken to, there is no way to know for sure.

  • George

     I remember a time when there was an uproar about  women wearing T-back or thong “string bikinis ”  while selling hotdogs from hot dog vending carts along the local roadways .  One of the women wearing the bikinis was a Muslim that I had heard of .  I met her at her hot dog  cart and I bought a hot dog from her and I questioned her and she admitted to me that she was a Muslim and she also admitted to me that back in her home country she would be killed for what she was doing.   I’ve been trying to figure that one out every since.   Certainly  sounds like hypocricy to me.   Right after I got divorced , I was rather bitter and decided to go out to a “Gentleman’s Club ( aka Strip Club ) and enjoy my new freedom of bachelor life feeling a new sense of freedom .  I went inside the club and saw a very attractive woman dancing fully nude on stage. I asked myself how could such a beautiful and shapely woman with such a friendly and lovely smile  ( who could have practically had most men in this country fighting over her  ) be dancing as a stripper. I noticed she wore a crucifix medallion necklace around her neck. I spoke to her about it and she told me she was a Catholic and her mother had given it to her as a gift.  I introduced myself by first name and told her I was an atheist.  She shook my hand and said — ” Glad to meet you George .  I won’t push my religion on you and you promise not to  push your atheism on me and we’ll  get along  just fine” .  I said  –” Those are my sentiments exactly”.  I found out that her father was a minister and she was nude dancing on stage to pay her way through college.  She said she averaged  $38,000 per year working part time 4 hours a night and all cash money ( I wonder how the IRS confirmed her income , ha ha ).  I told her I wasn’t trying to be judgemental but I had a question for her. I said to her —  ” How can such a beautiful and charming lady as yourself work in a place like this ? ” .   She replied —  ” Well George , let me ask you a question. How can such a handsome , tall , well dressed intelligent gentleman in a business suit with an athletic build and a warm friendly demeanor as yourself be in here patronizing a place like this ? “.     I told her she was exactly right and I bought her a drink and she gave me a hug and I left and I never saw her again.  Another dancer had told me she was a Muslim and she admitted that she knew that she was sinning. Obviously after coming to America , they felt free to release themselves from the social chains of theocratic repressive rules and then they went ” chicks gone wild ” in a new society away from their former repressive theocratic  society. The terrorists that attacked us on September 11, 2001 went to strip clubs prior to their hijacking jetliners and crashing them into skyscrapers . Osama bin Laden had a cache of pornography in his compound that was found by military forces. We all know about Jimmy Swaggart  and Jim Baker . Rev. Jessie Jackson fathered a child by having an affair on his wife and yet he is held up as if he’s suppose to be the moral icon leader of black people .  Spare me !  If you look at all the pedophile abuses by Catholic priests , the sex scandals by Christians and Christian clergymen , it’s pathetic.  Look at the Muslim terrorists who raid villages and murder masses of innocent people on sight and then rape the women before murdering them or keeping them as sex slaves. This is morality ?
                              Every time I read an article about adultery , it’s ALWAYS a religious person who is the perpetrator.  Yet adultery is referred to as -INIDELITY. What has infidels got to do with it.  The religious community refers to adultery as being unfaithful ( as if not having religious faith is the reason ).  It also means NOT having a “faithfull”  committment to one’s spouse. Still , what has the term “faith” got to do with it ?  Personally I suggest that we rename the term INFIDELITY and change it to RELIGIONELITY since the primary ( and almost exclusive ) people engaging in such behaviors  are religious.
                            The religious community are the world’s biggest hypocrites anywhere.  They preach one thing and practice another.  Anything involving sex and/or nudity is considered immoral but violence is OKAY in their mind.  Revealing too much skin is considered evil but murdering someone who violates a minor tennant of their warped belief system under the  guise of  “honor”  is considered justified.  Religion of peace my a** !  What’s wrong with these pictures ?