The Democratic Party and its dissolving ideology 8

“Will the Democratic Party destroy us all?” ex-Democrat Roger L Simon asks at PajamasMedia.

Our answer is “Yes – if they’re again given the chance.”

But what does Simon say? In part, this:

I used to be a Democrat — for decades. Was it always this bad? Was I that blind?

Well, maybe. But the situation now is drastic. The United States of America has never been in worse shape — foreign or domestic — not since the Civil War anyway. We are en route to being a pathetic, powerless, overblown Greece, but unlike Greece there is no one who can bail us out. We’re too big. We’ll bring everyone else down with us — those left anyway …

Yet to the Democrats — and their bizarrely compliant media — it’s business as usual. According to such solons of big journalism as CNN’s John King, the Dems main aim is and should be retaking the Congress with the same methods they have used for years – blocking spending cuts, accusing Republicans of excessive greed, and catering to unions and reactionary race-based interests groups.  …

This is ridiculous. Why can’t these people wake up? Don’t they have children, grandchildren? Don’t they realize we are going broke? The evidence is everywhere — from Michigan to Madrid. Keynesian economics — the welfare state itself — has become completely inoperative, morphed into a Ponzi scheme by an aging population.

You can pretend that’s not true. You can put your fingers in your ears and wait for it all to go away. You can recite the mantra about taxing the rich until you drop, blame Bush until he’s a figment of our memory more distant than William Henry Harrison, or pledge your allegiance to Gaia while circling the globe in a solar-powered Lear jet. But the reality remains.

(By the way, if you taxed the rich at a hundred percent, it would only push back our bankruptcy from entitlement programs a year, possibly two.)

And what do envious lefties think the rich spend their money on if not employing people and buying stuff and investing in growth? Do they imagine they hoard it under their mattresses?

So what exactly is wrong with the Democratic Party and its constituents? I know change is difficult, that breaking with old ideas … can be painful, and that few of us like to admit we were wrong, but do we have to wait for bread lines?

So what’s the explanation? Why is it that, in these times, there is nothing less liberal than a “liberal,” less progressive than a “progressive”? Why do they and their party adhere to an ideology so shopworn and stultified … ? What explains this political party of lemmings?

I don’t buy the Cloward-Piven argument. Sure, there are some who would like to bring this country down economically so they can rebuild it as some sclerotic socialist utopia replete with Young Pioneer camps and pompous people’s art in the subways (and no food in the stores), but most are not even imaginative enough for that.

I think there are three things at work — habit, fear of change, and pure, unbridled, screw-the-rest-of-us, self-interest. And the ones who focus on the latter — the powerful and self-interested – rely on the habit and the fear of change on the part of the others … to hold the whole tawdry ball of wax together.

And what about stupidity? That’s surely a fourth thing at work.

The Democrats are at a crossroads. Will they face reality?

I sincerely doubt it.

We doubt it too. They won’t face reality any more than the welfare-weakened population of Greece will face it. But real events and conditions go on accruing their consequences whether they like it or not.

Leftism is the stuff that dreams are made on; and the baseless fabric of the Democrats’ vision shall dissolve, leaving an economic wreck behind for the Republicans to deal with.

Either that, or  – if they’re re-elected to power in Congress and the White House – the Democrats will wreck America beyond reclamation.

  • I whole-heartedly agree with this part:  “I don’t buy the Cloward-Piven argument. Sure, there are some who would like to bring this country down economically so they can rebuild it as some sclerotic socialist utopia replete with Young Pioneer camps and pompous people’s art in the subways (and no food in the stores), but most are not even imaginative enough for that.”

    A lot of conservatives mention how lefties want to drag our system down, presumably to provide equality among our individuals (socialism/communism).  I think some of their leaders have this mentality, but  all the lefties I have encountered really BELIEVE in what they are saying, not because they want to drag this country down economically, but because they think it is the most prosperous path for this country.  It is crazy though, considering history shows that socialism/communism just won’t work.  But they will claim they are not socialists, they want some middle ground in between.  Of course, that doesn’t work either, because taking further steps toward income redistribution also takes further steps toward removing the incentives for wealth.

    Bill O’Reilly summed it up best just a few days ago: (paraphrased)  “Capitalism provides the most opportunity for everyone.  Obama doesn’t like capitalism because it ends up leaving some people behind, and that does not agree with his social-justice idealogy.”  You hit the nail on the head Mr. O’Reilly.

    I also really appreciated how Roger L Simon stated, “You can recite the mantra about taxing the rich until you drop…”  This whole “tax the rich” crap I keep hearing from Democrats is really starting to get on my nerves.  The biggest problem I have with it is that the general population seems to buy into this notion.

    • George

      That’s because more and more people in our society today want something for nothing without earning it and working for it. The entitlement & victim mentality now permeates our society so vastly.    Even Winston Churchill stated to the effect that capitalism may give us unequal wealth but socialism gives us equal poverty.  Wherever socialism /communism has raised it’s ugly head it has always been a dismal failure and a disaster ( actually a HORROR ).  
                           People in our society blindly accept whatever the mainstream media feeds them without question. O’Reilly has made some good and off the mark viwpoints (IMHO ) however he is NO friend or ally of atheists IMHO. I often find myself cheering the various conservative TV and radio personalities until they start their proverbial atheist bashing as usual.  It puts us atheists in a social dilema  or societal “catch 22”. The conservative Christian media moguls have very good solid pro-American points but they for some reason  CAN’T separate their politics from Christian religious ideology and have a hatred and disdain toward anyone and everyone who  isn’t on their religious bandwagon.  

      • Oh, I totally agree with you.  Most of the conservative pundits are no friends to atheists.  I think that is mostly because they operate under the assumption that atheists are ALWAYS liberals.  O’Reilly is actually more open-minded on religion than most of the others.  I listen to Hannity on the radio (no other choice at that time on the radio), but watch O’Reilly on TV because I think he tries to be a little more balanced.  Every time either of them starts to rant against atheists, I just want to yell at them and say “You know, not ALL atheists are liberals!!!”  Unfortunately for us (the truly enlightened 🙂  atheist conservatives), the O’Reillys and Hannitys of the world are *usuallly* correct in their assumption.

  • George

    The thing that keeps me going when I feel all is lost  is to read famous quotes by famous people that are motivational. 

    Abraham Lincoln—Quotes

           ” America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves” .
           ” If I had eight hours to chop down a tree , I’d spend six hours sharpening my ax “.
            ” The time comes upon every public man when it is best for him to keep his lips closed”.
     ” The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend”
              ” To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards of men “.
    Winston Churchill –Quotes

         “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government  except all the others that have been tried”.
            ” Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak ; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”.
     ”  Never give in , never give in , never , never , never , never , never , never  in nothing , great or small , great or small , large or petty —never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense “. 
                  ” If you are going through hell , keep going “.
     ” You have enemies ? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, something in your life “.
                ” You can always count on Americans to do the right thing after they’ve tried everything else”.

    Robert G. Ingersoll–Quotes

    ” Courage without conscious is a wild beast”    

    I continue to hear the conservative radio talk show jocks attack atheists as usual. The problem is that they are quoting the radical LIBERAL LEFT WING atheists.    These atheists DO NOT represent us and the ignorant and bigoted right wing Christian bigots  ( not all of them ) do not realize that conservative secular freethinkers share the same patriotic and family values as they do ( without the supernatural aspect ).  The reason these media outlets don’t understand this is because  99.999999999999999 % of atheists ( both liberal & conservative ) are silent and in the closet ).   Why then should only a literal handfull of atheists that you can count on one hand put themselves on the line and take the heat while others just stand on the sideline and do nothing or say nothing publicly ?  Why aren’t the major secular organizations and secular media outlets encouraging freethinkers to be assertive and vocal in the public sphere ?  If we continue doing the same old thing , then we will continue to get the same old results.  


  • Frank

    The last two sentences of the article:
    “Leftism is the stuff that dreams are made on; and the baseless fabric of the Democrats’ vision shall dissolve, leaving an economic wreck behind for the Republicans to deal with.
    Either that, or if they’re re-elected to power in Congress and the White House – the Democrats will wreck America beyond reclamation.”

    I hate to be the harbinger of bad news but in my humble opinion it’s already too late. Even if the Republicans win the House, the Senate, and the White House the American public will never allow them to make the cuts necessary for recovery. We have passed the tipping point and all we can do now is wait for the collapse.

    • George

        Frank , I hate to admit this but I agree with all that you say. I’m NOT being pessimistic but the writing is on the wall and it’s just a matter of time. It’s not a matter of  “IF” our great society will collapse but rather  ” WHEN “.  The stupid liberals are engaging in soverign suicide of our great nation. It reminds me of the movie INDEPENDENCE DAY when the guy said  ” it’s a countdown and the clock is ticking ” .  So far all we’re doing is buying time and temporarily stalling what is inevitable.
                         The liberal Democrats will demolish all that is good and decent about America.  It’s shameful and pathetic.  People can’t think for themselves and the entitlement mentality has made people lazy ,  ignorant and worthless.   Frank, look what these bastards have done to our great country.  Frank , how can supposedly intelligent people be so stupid  and gullible ?   Sometimes I’m glad I’m old so I won’t be around to see the demise of my country which I love so dearly.  America has it’s problems and is not perfect but we are the greatest and most advanced nation on earth.    
                    I feel what you’re saying Frank.  The sand is slowly running out of the hour glass. It is so sad and yet so true.    Frank, you and I both  are facing the reality of the matter .  I was hoping for a ray of spark to inspire a sense of hope but I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel Frank.  I don’t have the answers but you and I both Frank can say we at least tried .   I’m not a quitter but I also have the sense in realizing that “beating a dead horse ” is in vain. What’s the use ?  When you look around feel like you are the only one or one of a very few who dares to bother  while the other  99.999999999 % of society don’t give a %$#@you  and won’t stand up , then what’s the use ?  This all may sound negative but often the truth hurts and is often so hard to face and accept.   I see things getting more and more worse every day and my optimism has gone down the drain and I am NOT a negative person .  As I said Frank , I agree with everything you said in your above post of 1 hour ago.  It’s just a matter of time ! 

    • George

      Frank , I posted a message 13 hours ago below.  I hope you and I are entirely WRONG on this one but I doubt it. If for some reason people sudenly wake up and vote these anti-American miscreants out of office , then we have a chance of turning things around for the better.  However , if we continue as a nation on our present course , then it’s over and just a matter of time. The liberals are destroying America and all that we stand for.  Hopefully the people will get wise and informed and vote the scumbags out of office and let’s get our great country back on track. It’s just a matter of time.  All we can do now is just wait and see.  I don’t mean to sound negative when I’m generally always looking up  but things look very grim at this point.  I sure hope I’m wrong on this one ( regarding my outlook on things ).   We’ll see.   Hang in there !

  • George

     As an ethnic  minority  (black) , I recall back in the 1950’s and 1960’s  that  it was the Democrat  Party that was the party of the KKK and southern racists  ( or racists in general ). Now, the black race-baiting , phony, race-card playing , poverty pimp self-appointed and self-righteous so-called black  civil rights leaders are the pro -Democratic Party puppets. It was the Democrats that were the Dixiecrats.  The black bigots of today are Democrats and pro-Democrat Party supporters.
                         The Democrats are the ones today pushing their anti-American  , anti-personal responsibility ,  anti-capitalism and anti-family agenda upon our society.  The Democrat Party left-wing liberals are the ones who have hijacked secular freethought in America.
    The Democrat Party is selling out America , pandering to our open enemies and betraying our allies. The Obama lead Democrat Party of today has cause record inflation, massive unemployment , runaway government spending and out of control debt . 
                        The Democrat Party is the Party of losers, moochers, deadbeats, entitlement-minded whiny irresponsible misfits of our society.  This label doesn’t fit ALL but it certainly fits a  large percentile of  our society.  
                 The Democrat Party is weakening  our military and national defense, destroying the traditional “nuclear” family unit ( husband, wife and children ) , destroying marriage, destroying fee enterprise &  capitalism and the individual rights of personal property and ownership while making us more and more dependent upon GOVERNMENT with their socialist minded agendas.
                   More and more people are beginning to wake up ( slowly but surely ) and see that the Democrat Party are NOT what they pretend to be. People are beginning to realize that they have been conned and  hoodwinked.  It’s time to turn up the heat and expose the Democrat Party for what they truly are–  DECEPTIVE  &  DEVIOUS .