Oppression in Palestine 6

A guessing game.

In the passage quoted below, guess who the people are, by nationality and/or religion, or position of authority, whichever is suitable to the context. Fill in the blank spaces indicated by dotted lines. (The number of dots is no guide to the number of letters in the missing word.)

Suggest the time period in which it was written.

What would you suppose about the author?

Deep misery and continual oppression are the right words to describe the condition of the …… in the land of their fathers. They are entirely destitute of every legal protection and every means of safety. Instead of security afforded by law, which is unknown in these countries, they are completely under the orders of the …… and the ……,  men whose character and feelings inspire but little confidence from the beginning. It is only the European Consuls who frequently take care of the oppressed, and afford them some protection. With unheard of rapacity tax upon tax is levied on them, and with the exception of Jerusalem, the taxes demanded are arbitrary. Whole communities have been impoverished by the exorbitant claims of the  ……, who, under the most trifling pretences and without being subject to any control, oppress the …… with fresh burdens. In the strict sense of the word the …… are not even masters of their own property. They do not even venture to complain when they are robbed and plundered. Their lives are taken into as little consideration as their property; they are exposed to the caprice of any one; even the smallest pretext, even a harmless discussion, a word dropped in conversation, is enough to cause bloody reprisals. Violence of every kind is of daily occurrence. The chief evidence of their miserable condition is the universal poverty which we remarked in Palestine, and which is here truly astounding. It even causes leprosy among the …… of Palestine, as in former times. Robbed of their means of subsistence from the cultivation of the soil and the pursuit of trade, they exist upon the charity of their brethren in the faith in foreign parts. In a word the state of the …… in Palestine, physically and mentally, is an unbearable one.

The complete quotation and information about who wrote it will be posted soon.

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  • George

    I have to also believe as a guess that it was Winston Churchill , not sure but only guessing as well.   The words are too eloquent and intellectual to have been any recent American President. 

  • Ben

    360 millions of Arabs occupy 14 millions km2, more than Europe,US,China.Their number have rised in 4.5 times during 20 century owing to European medicine.Their population in Palestine began to grow with the Jewish Zionists appearance  by the government measures at the begining of the century.Arab world reaction on Israel have declared the Saudi king who have said if Israel wasn`t she would need to thought of (for Arabs` unity) and that Arabs can sacrifice 10 millions to destroy Israel. Today Arabs and 1.5 bill.Muslims oil money are poured on anti-Israel propaganda and his neighbours arming.
     The demagogy above are the result of this money work.

    • George

           I was listening to a conservative Christian radio talk show host who stated on his program– ” If you want to fund terrorism , just go fill up your car “.    America’s reliance upon foreign ( read-Arab ) OIL  is mind-boggling.    If they ” pull the [oil] plug ” on us and if China  “pulls the [financial monetary ] plug” on us , we would be in heap big doo doo.  I responded to the post by Les K ( of the UK ) hoping that he is indeed right but the world reports that I see and the videos and statements recored by these jihadists is enough to make a person cringe.
                              With their numbers in population and way of indoctrinated thinking , the Arab world would gladly sacrifice 10 million people and think nothing of it .  In their minds , the sacrifice would be considered an honor. Their stealth jihad agenda has been well planned and is being well executed while the rest of the world including America is still mentally asleep regarding this global threat.  We must awaken the “sleeping giant”  or world civilization as we know it will cease to exist.
                              Religious fundamentalists ( of all kinds ) have absolutely NO respect for anyone who thinks or believes differently than themselves. As I stated before, they cannot think beyond their indoctrination.  It’s either their way or the highway. Religion stiffles thinking and their indoctrinated agenda teaches them to forcefully impose THEIR religious dogma upon everyone else and they will stop at nothing to do so. They don’t respect anyone’s else’s rights. The tennants of their organized religious beliefs teaches them via mandate to indoctrinate the world and convert the world by force as necessary to have a ONE WORLD RELIGION ORDER.
                            These murderous religious fanatics could not accomplish their agenda if it weren’t for the fact that people worldwide are so gullible, naive, lazy, cowardly ,  and too tollerant of this crap with this “political correctness” and “multi-culturalism ” bullcrap.  If they win , it will be because world gullible society let them.  If they win, it will be because when we had the chance to stop it , we failed to do so.  If they win, it will be because  we passively allowed it to go on by not  fighting back and standing up. If they win , it will be because we gave them the “green light”  and did NOTHING to stop it ( except TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK and more TALK ).  When I see the vile hatred , mass murder and mahem going on around the world , I’m glad to be old and gray. I just feel sorry for what horrible world our youth and future generations will have to live in.  I love freedom, justice, and equality and I love America and I become more and more frustrated when I see people just passively sit around and doing NOTHING to stand up and fight back and just roll over like sheeple.  Unless there is a drastic world attitude and change , it’s over. At the rate things are going now, and with the unchanging attitudes of the general world populace , it’s a sad thing to say but the handwriting is on the wall and it’s just a matter of time. For shame !!!!

  • Ralph

    Maybe the Jews in Palestine after WWI and before the creation of Israel?
    It reads a bit like Winston Churchill, but that’s just a guess.

    • Scrims2

      I think Ralph got it -I’ll second that guess.

  • George

           This is a clear illustration of life in the Gaza strip.   Perhaps they can change the name of the new Gaza community to  Gaza Estates or  Gaza Heights or Gaza Villa.  People have NO rights, no industry , no infrastructure , no civil justice , no humane treatment ,  and the most empoverished conditions imaginable.   
                              These throwbacks want to convert the world in order  to take the entire world backward to the 7th century with barbarism , death, torture, injustice , violence and mahem as the order of the day.  The great  majority of the people are illiterate and have absolutely no true knowledge of the world outside of their communities which have indoctrinated them solely with the tennants of sharia law Islam, the Quran ,   and the jihadist movement.   They do NOT respect life ( not even their  own ).  They live to kill , destroy and hate .
                         They breed hatred , preach violence and hatred , and live their daily lives with the enshrouded mindset of pure hatred and violence.  They don’t build societies  , but only destroy societies .  They don’t preach a doctrine of getting along with world society but rather they preach a doctrine of conquest and forced submission , exploitation, subjugation , oppression , slavery , rape , murder, lies & deceit. 
                         It is a sub-culture that seeks to convert  the world to it’s sub-culture status.
    Religion of peace my a##  !