Seventeen thousand three hundred and seventy-nine acts of Islamic terrorism 10

From time to time we quote from the daily record, kept by (the excellent, ironically named) Religion of Peace, of deadly terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims since 9/11. The total, which appears daily in our margin, stands now at 17379.

Here is what Muslims perpetrated in just the last two days in the name of their disgusting religion:

2011.06.26 (Meiram, Sudan) – Arab militiamen attack a train carrying Southerners, killing one.

2011.06.26 (Maiduguri, Nigeria) – Islamists massacre twenty-five patrons at a bar by tossing in bombs and firing into the building.

2011.06.26 (Char Chino, Afghanistan) – The Taliban detonate an 8-year-old girl near a checkpoint.

2011.06.26 (Tarmiya, Iraq) – A suicide bomber hides his weapon in a wheelchair. Three others are killed.

2011.06.26 (Mosul, Iraq) – Mujahid car bombers successfully kill six Iraqis.

2011.06.25 (Logar, Afghanistan) – A huge car bomb at a hospital ends the lives of at least three dozen innocents and de-limbs many others.

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  • George

    Hey Harold, please take a look at these statistics.   Alarming isn’t it ?

  • Anonymous

    They are all crazy and there is no negotiating with insane people.  Those who are just insane should be locked up in an institution for nutjobs.  Those who commit violence should be locked up in prisons, or decapitated for capital offenses.

    • George

      When I was in the Marines  I was taught ———  [   “YOU CANNOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS  …….. You have to kill them or they will kill you ”   ].       Our modern day rules of engagement are suicidal and this PC type of  warfare crap is insane.  We as a society have gotten  “soft”  and our enemies smell weakness and are taking advantage of it.   Instead of  caving in to and negotiating with  these murderous terrorist  wackos , we need to   ‘turn up the heat’   and fight fire with fire.  The primary problem is that we have weak leadership ( or rather NO leadership ) and as a result our society suffers. Bold men of valor in the political  “‘arena”  are now almost extinct  and so we’re  left with a bunch of political limp-wristed pinko misfits in political office who were voted into office by the brainwashed masses  . Is there any wonder why the end results are the way they are ?

  • George

     Yep,  the  TSA  frisks and fondles a 95 yoa woman but somehow they weren’t able to catch some punk Somalia Muslim terrorist who got onto an airliner with explosives in his crotch   ( aka —-” The Crotch Bomber ” ).    Americans don’t want to be offensive toward Muslims but the same Muslims have no qualms about offending Americans.   There are Muslim groups within America pretending as though they are just trying to bring understanding about Islam and all that bulls***.    There are terrorist cells with training camps right here in America and I can’t understand why the FBI, U.S.  Marshalls and National Guard are not rounding them up and arresting them for plotting terrorism activitiy.    There are Muslim groups who  masqurade their true intent by pretending to be an intermediary  ” lets all come together ”  or  ” can we all just get along ”   mediator group.
                           It’s all part of the “stealth jihad”  movement  and stupid fool , gullible, naive  “sucker” people here in our great country fall for it   “‘hook,  line and sinker”.  We have over 17 thousand documented acts of terrorism around the world so far. And these are just the KNOWN and DOCUMENTED incidents that we know about . Imagine all the acts  of murder, “honor killings” , rape , tortue, enslavement , bombings and other horrific incidents that we are totally UNAWARE  of or not informed of.   Neither  George Bush , Bill Clinton, or Obama have done anything to “crush” these groups who are plotting terrorist acts upon us .  I heard a conservative radio talk show host say that both Democrats and Republicans are just two sides of the same coin. He is absolutely right. 

    • George

      In continuation to previous post—————-  I am well aware that the Somalia terrorist boarded the plane originally from a foreign port ( having no TSA ) but in between connecting and transferring flights  he was NEVER  checked . It was reported allegedly that he had a fake passport and his place of departure and was reported to be not from his original country of origin.

  • Ben

    Muslims unites ideologically(it`s not the religion),politically by the oil,gas money. Western world is affraid to “offend” it.Obama,even G.Bush conjure Muslims that Islam it`s o`key!
    The global” war on terror” have been ruined,Hamas is welcomed,everybody want to talk with Taliban and greet Muslim brothers elections.While the West tries to investigate “multiculturalism”, Islam world quietly collect the money for the Jihad against the West first. American Muslim organizations have been cought collecting the money for terrorists,but the prosecutions have stopped for years.That explains the horrible statistics .

  • wmarkw

    Exactly, and this is why TSA has to check every 95-yo’s adult diaper for banned items.

  • Frank

    I have posted this link before but for those who may have missed it I am posting it again.
    The Problem with Islamic Fundamentalism are the Fundamentals of Islam

    • That is a GREAT video Frank.  I think you posted a shorter version of this video last time, because I watched it last time, but never saw the last 2-3 min.

  • George

    Wait a minute , I heard somewhere that Islam is the “religion of peace “.   What’s up with that ?  !!! !      Everywhere that Muslims go , no matter what the country  , all they do is create murder and mahem. They have NO respect for anyone’s else’s culture but they always demand respect for theirs.  The reason they have gotten away with their murderous and hate-mongering  & barbaric behavior  is because other societies and civilizations have been capitulating to them via ultra-tollerance civility which the Muslims will NEVER reciprocate. They ( Muslims ) want to dominate the world and take-over the entire planet globally and they will kill, enslave and create terror and mahem to reach their goal.
                              If we don’t get a grip on this situation , then this very horrific murderous and barbaric culture could be a frequent situation here in the USA.  Do you remember the case of Major Hasan at Ft. Hood ?   Do you remember the “crotch bomber ” from Somalia that had a bomb in his shorts on an airliner and it failed to detonate ?    I heard a radio talk show host state  (alegedly)  that the guy was applying for citizenship into the USA and had signed to the effect a pledge that he would uphold and have allegiance to the USA.   When authorities questioned him about that he was reported to have allegedly replied : —  ”  You are my enemy so I lied ” . Does the word “taqiiya” ring a bell  ?  Have we forgotten already about 9/11 ?    I heard another radio talk show host state–  ” Everywhere around the world we have Muslims who cannot get along with their neighbors “.  Their religion and culture is that of violence , subjugation and control and above all else——murder and violence.  The Muslims who make excuses for this and try to defend and downplay this  are actually supporters of this in disguse. What about the Muslim terrorist caught at the New York  subway ?     
                    In Pakistan a Muslim man was walking home and a bunch of Muslims grabbed him and beat him to death.  In Indonesia a  group of young female children were walking home from school and a bunch of Muslim murderous scum attacked them and murdered them by beheading.  Is this what they call the religion of peace ? In Saudi Arabia a group of young Saudi women were attending a Muslim school when the school caught on fire.  The women were trying to flee and escape the flames by running outside and then the Muslim “morality police” blocked the doors preventing them from exiting and then the girls burned to death because they didn’t have their heads covered.  Can you believe this  s***  ?    
                        Also in Pakistan , a young Muslim female  was riding in a taxi with another Muslim female and one of the Muslim females stated tha she didn’t want to marry the man her family wanted to marry but rather she was interested in marrying another man. The cab driver overherd this and reported her to the local imam Muslim community leader and then the community and also family members grabbed the young females and pushed them into an open grave and burried them alive as they screamed for their lives.  Their male family members ( including women in the community supported this ). When the mother of one of the girls tried to intervene and begged for her daughter’s life the murderous bastards shot her dead right in front of her family members and the family supported this and it was considered legal and proper in their culture as a matter of “honor” .  Can you believe this bulls***  ? 
                  A male relative raped a Muslim woman and so the punishment was to stone the woman victim to death  ( claiming that she was now sexually contaminated ) and nothing happened to the rapist male perpetrator .  That’s Muslim justice for you.   A female of one family was accused to have committed a sexual sin so she was murdered  by her relatives. The father had two young todler daughters and while the were sleeping he beheasded them .  When the mother tried to interfere to stop her husband from murdering their  daughters , the father threatened the wife with the same if she continued to interfere. The mother ran and got the police who arrested the father who had no remorse and said he only regretted he couldn’t have murdered another female family member . Why did he do it ?  Because according to him , he didn’t want his other  daughters to grow up “decadent” like the first daughter who was reported to have sexually misbehaved .   When the Muslim men in the raft were approahing the USS Cole in  Yemen , it was reported that they were smiling and waving at the crew on board the ship moments before detonating their suicide-murder bomb and killing & injuring many crew members  aboard the ship. Religion of peace ?   
             But guess what folks ?   Nowhere do you see ANY atheists involved in any murder, mahem , violence, terror, enslavement, rape , subjugation of innocent people ,  exploitation, oppression , proselytizing in people’s faces, etc etc etc ———–but guess who people have such virulent hatred of ?  ATHEISTS  !!!!!    That’s right folks, the religious wackos ( primarily Muslims ) go out and engage in any and all forms of horror and murder and then atheists become the proverbial scapegoat.   How can any sane and intelligent person engage in such behavior or even think with such mentality ? I guess the question answers itself.   Why is this still going on in this era of the Space  Age  ? Because world  PC society allows it.  Unfreakin’ real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!