America self-defeated 7

America has failed in Afghanistan.

Robert Spencer writes a hard-hitting article about it at Front Page:

Details are still unclear, but it appears that as many as six jihad/martyrdom suicide bombers descended upon the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul Tuesday night. As many as ten people have been murdered, and the Taliban is thumping its chest in victory. …

The Taliban’s continued ability to commit this murder and mayhem in Afghanistan is testimony to the failure of the American adventure there, the loss of thousands of lives of noble and courageous American military personnel who deserved better from those in command, and the wanton waste of billions of dollars. It was not a failure of power: we were not outgunned or outfought. It was a failure of will, stemming from a misdiagnosis of the problem.

Two American administrations have spoken about bringing democracy and freedom to Afghanistan, and yet have not been able or willing to face the fact that the foremost obstacle to those goals was Islam, which respects neither.

The Bush Administration sponsored the implementation in Afghanistan of a Constitution that enshrined Islamic law as the highest law of the land, such that no law could be made that contradicted it. The bitter fruit of that disastrously short-sighted decision began to appear early on: in 2006 the Karzai government put a convert from Islam to Christianity on trial for apostasy, a capital offense under Islamic law. When an aghast State Department protested, pointing out that Afghanistan’s shiny new Constitution guaranteed freedom of religion, Afghan officials patiently explained to them that it guaranteed freedom of religion within the bounds of Sharia. … That meant the institutionalized oppression of women and non-Muslims, the extinguishing of the freedom of speech, and – as was clear from the Abdul Rahman case and other apostasy cases that followed it — the denial of the freedom of conscience. Sanctioned by the Karzai government, not just by the Taliban.

Nonetheless, America continued to pour out her blood and treasure for this repressive state, with no clear objective or mission in view other than a never-defined “victory.” What would victory have looked like? What could it possibly have looked like?

Was the Karzai government, or any Afghan government that followed it, ever going to allow women to throw off their burqas and take their place in Afghan society as human beings equal in dignity to men? Was the Karzai government, or any Afghan government that followed it, ever going to guarantee basic human rights to the tiny and ever-dwindling number of non-Muslims unfortunate enough to live within its borders? Absolutely not. The Bush and Obama Administrations, both drunk on the “Religion of Peace” Kool-Aid they have relentlessly peddled to the American people, completely disregarded the nature of Islam as a political system as well as a religion, and hence made no consideration whatsoever of the likelihood that most Afghans would reject the idea of a secular government, free elections, and equality of rights for all people as a blasphemous rejection of the way that a proper Islamic society should be ordered. …

It is not just that America has failed to achieve  victory in Afghanistan; America has been defeated. Not by force of arms, but by the nature of Afghanistan. It is not a nation but a conglomeration of primitive warring tribes with one thing in common – the dark superstitions and brutal cruelties of the ancient cult of Islam. There never was any possibility that America could transform that benighted land into an enlightened, modern, free, democratic nation-state. American leaders who imagined they could have been guilty of unforgivable stupidity, ignorance, and obstinacy.

America ensured its own defeat in Afghanistan.

The Taliban is so strong that even Karzai has made overtures to it, as has Barack Obama; eight years after it was toppled from power, its claim of Islamic authenticity strongly resonates with the Afghan people, and provides an ever-renewable wellspring of material, financial, and moral support for these vicious thugs as they bomb girls’ schools, music stores, and other outcroppings of jahiliyya – the infidels’ society of ignorance.

With the withdrawal of the American troops, there will be many more Taliban actions like the one at the Intercontinental Hotel Tuesday night. That is unfortunate. But it is nothing that we ever could have definitively and finally stamped out anyway. The mind that believes that the supreme lord and master of the universe promises him a place in Paradise if he kills in his service and is killed in the process (cf. Qur’an 9:111) will not be dissuaded from this conviction by a few bags of rations and a clean new school for his daughters. The mind that believes that no non-Muslim has any right to rule in any part of Allah’s earth, and that it is the responsibility of Muslims to fight against Infidel polities in order to spread Sharia around the world will not be dissuaded by vague and high-toned promises of “freedom.”

The one and only thing that could be redeemed from the long-drawn-out and ill-advised misadventure, the colossal and wasteful disaster, would be the lesson that Islam must be understood for what it is: a vicious, rotten, appalling ideology that should be universally and forever despised and rejected.

The foremost lesson of America’s misbegotten Afghan adventure is that our national unwillingness to face the unpleasant truths about Islam, and particularly Islamic supremacism, costs us lives, costs us money, and makes us even more vulnerable to jihad attack than we already were. It’s time not just to bring the troops home from their foredoomed mission, but to begin a searching and encompassing reevaluation of all our national policies regarding Islam and Islamic states.

But under Barack Obama, that is about as likely as the possibility that he will make his next speech from Jerusalem, proclaiming it Israel’s capital and calling upon the Palestinian Arabs to end their jihad.

So the lesson will not be learnt. Or not yet.

What is all the enlightenment of the West worth; what does the ideal of liberty, and the scrupulous protections of it that the Founders of the United States instituted, profit the American people; how does their military and economic strength, their intellectual power, their political predominance serve them if they, who have inherited and own it all, cannot bring themselves to recognize the nature of their enemy, call it by its name, and use their might to vanquish it?

  • TyS

    How can one possibly define “success” or “victory” in Afghanistan?

    In my opinion, the notion of ‘nation-building’ is an absurd one – The people of Afghanistan have proven themselves to be inherently incapable of anything resembling a ‘civilized’ society.

    Silly notions that ‘education’ and ‘democracy’ will set them free has been proven wrong time and time again; after all, nearly all of the leaders of Al Qaeda and other prominent terrorist groups are highly educated, westernized offspring of wealthy, successful families from relatively secular and ‘free-er’ communities in the middle-east.

    The only quantifiable and qualifiable definition of ‘success’ in Afghanistan is: absolute destruction of the enemy – period.

  • George

    The article is so true .  People even in this modern era of time are still so gullible, naive, stupid, foolish , conned, bamboozled, hoodwinked , shammed  and brainwashed  that reason ,logic, rational thinking and using good plain analytical sense is beyond their ” mental scope”.   We as a civilized world society are committing world cultural & societal suicide by capitulating to barbarism and and a barbaric culture.
                            The  Muslim societies abroad will never allow a secular society of freedom, justice, equality , civil rights and  respect for everyone.  The religious theocratic culture itself is one of subjugation and submission to the sharia law theocratic Islamic rules of the Quaran.   They (Muslims) will never accept anything else and the world is fooling themselves to think otherwise.   Christians are the same way except that as a whole Christianity has “mellowed ” down a tad but the Old Testament of the Bible is just as bad as the Quran in it’s mentality toward those who do not embrace it’s teachings.  The problem is that TODAY it is Muslims who are engaging in worldwide jihad , murder and violence in their attempt to spread their doctrine globally upon everyone and subjugate the entire world under an Islamic empire. Their (Muslim ) mentality is [ believe or die ] ,   [ believe or perish ] , [ believe or be anihilated ] , [ believe or be vanquished ] . They (Muslims )  actually want a Muslimised World Society . 
                         We currently have the military ability to squash them but because of [ political correctness stupidity ] we shamefully DO NOT have the will .   It’s like a hunter being attacked by a grizzly bear while he has a 30-06 high powered rifle in his hands and instead of shooting the attacking bear , he decides to put the rifle down and get down on his knees and attempt to  PET the marauding bear attacking him. We are losing because of our political stupidity and failure to do what is necessay to fight this grave menace.  As I have stated before ————–Stupid is what stupid does !

  • Ben

    “to recognize the nature of the enemy”….”and use their might vanquish it?” There are almost
    1.5 bill of them. To kill? To convert? To re-educate?(in the past). Israeli have built the iron wall(weak help). Was it possible to win the nazism before it have saized the power?
    I see the only possible way to beat Islam: to discriminate Muslims by all means,this`ll change Islam gradually(may be).

    • George

      Good suggestion Ben , but unfortunately the PC pundits won’t go for it.  They are too “weak kneed” to stand up.  Shameful but true.   

      • I think you both have found the root of our problems.  It would be nice to rid the world of Islam, but discrimination against Muslims just won’t work.  As much disdain as I have for the religion, I do have some friends who are Muslim and I just couldn’t condone a USA that actively discriminates against them.  So, what to do?  What we are doing right now (having “small” wars against certain Muslim strongholds) is not doing anything but strengthening their resolve and draining ours.

        So, again, what the hell can we do about it?  It is practically impossible to just root out all the extremists, and leave the others alone.  I just don’t know how to answer this question (and nobody else does either).

        George, I also really appreciate your mentioning how the Bible is just as violent as the Koran, but somehow the violence is no longer perpetrated by its followers (en masse like Islam).  This just goes to show how much of a poison these (Judeo) religions truly are.  I always find it interesting when these Christian politicians/pundits talk about their religion and then blast Islam.  They truly have this “us vs. them” mentality.  The true problem is religion itself, not just Islam or just Christianity.  Of course, I must exclude Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism since these truly are religions of peace.  I have no use for them, but I don’t think any fanatics of these religions pose any real problems for the general public.

        I would love to see a world where are all Judeo (and other violent) religions were obsolete.  I know I am dreaming now…

        • TyS

          As one should not be ‘tolerant’ of a cancer eating away their own body, one should not accept the disease of Islam destroying societies the world over.

          Your Muslim friends might be quite wonderful people – perhaps secular and westernized; but that only makes them naive Muslims and pseudo-believers who want to believe in something that isn’t: an Islam that is decent, kind, tolerant, and intellectual.

        • George

          PareshK ,   I also have friends who are Muslims and I know that they have no desire to behead anyone, or force women to wear burkas or kill their wives if the wives  raped or if their wives desire to divorce them , or engage in suicide bombings, etc.    However just as TyS said they are NOT true practicing Muslims who are truly adhering to their fundamental faith but are Muslims in name only.   When I stated that the  Bible is just as violent as the Koran , I went to explain my point in detail afterward.     Here is my quote—– ” Christians are the same way except that as a whole Christianity has “mellowed” down a tad but  The Old Testament  of the Bible is just as bad as the Quran in it’s mentality toward those who do not embrace it’s teachings”.   It has been said that Christianity has gone through a reformation or revised modern era of Christianity but it actually hasn’t. Christians themselves simply have not in these later times truly practiced Cristianity in it’s true fundamentalist form as per it’s own tennants.
                                 For example the Bible talks about stoning adulterers  ( no Christian that I know of  actually does that today but it’s still in the Bible .  The Bible talks about killing homosexuals.  I know Christians who hate homosexuals but they have no desire to murder them —yet the Bible still teaches them to do so and it’s still in their Bible.  I can go on and on.   If you put the Bible and the  Quran side by side and truly read the intollereant teachings in it’s tennants , both books preach killing, hating infidels heretics and heathens and non-believers.
              The problem TODAY is Islam where the Muslim movement has strengthened because they smell weakness in the “infidels” and are taking advantage of it and this has made them bolder in their struggle to Islamasize the world by any means necessary.  Since they don’t YET have the military means to destroy us, they are using “stealth jihad” tactics to deceive us to believe they are just friends who want to be like everyone else, when in disguise they use these [ taqiiya ]  tactics to get a “foothold” into the societies around the world.  The more they multiply and spread within a society , the more they demand the societies accept the Muslim sharia law for of governing ——and yet  naive and gullible ‘suckers” fall for it and leave themselves and their societies vulnerable.    Look around you—everywhere in the world they are doing this and it’s being successful but people are waking up and some societies are changing to fight back. I only hope the civil societies “step it up” and fight fire with fire because deceit is the name of the game for these barbaric culturtal religious ZEALOTS .