Rick Perry’s letter, and God in the White House 6

Rick Perry, Governor of Texas and a probable presidential candidate, wrote to the Attorney General, Eric Holder, urging him to take action against Americans who sail with a flotilla to “break the Israeli siege of Gaza”.

Of course, Holder is very unlikely to do anything of the kind. He only enforces the law for or against persons according to whether he likes or dislikes them or their race. But it will be interesting to see what response, if any, he makes to Perry’s letter.

Here is what Perry wrote, according to the Washington Post:

“The state of Israel is a friend and critical ally of the United States, and the only stable democracy in an increasingly unstable and hostile region,” wrote Perry, a vocal supporter of Israel who is considering a run for president in 2012. “These initiatives to breach Israel’s maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip is an unacceptable provocation.”

Under federal law, anyone who “prepares a means for, or furnishes the money for, or takes part in, any military or naval expedition” against a friendly country can be fined or jailed for three years. Perry also suggested that Holder prosecute the protesters for providing materials or assistance to a terrorist organization. …

In his letter, Perry identified two of the ships as “The Audacity of Hope” and the “The Challenger II,” both of which he said were registered in Delaware. Perry also wrote that the ships will depend on U.S.-based Inmarsat for communications and navigation, suggesting that the organization could be held responsible for the protesters’ actions.

“I write to encourage you to aggressively pursue all available legal remedies to enjoin and prevent these illegal actions, and to prosecute any who may elect to engage in them in spite of your pre-emptive efforts,” Perry wrote.

Perry’s letter would make him our favorite among declared GOP presidential candidates, if he declares. True, he’s in the God camp, but so are they all.

We expect there will be a woman president, a Jewish president, even a president not born in the United States (although that would be in defiance of the Constitution), before there will be a self-confessed atheist president.

But maybe, for once, we are being too pessimistic.

  • Anonymous

    “Sale” with a flotilla??  Maybe that should be “sail”??

    • Jillian Becker

      It should be. Thanks, cheongyei, for pointing out the error, now corrected. 

  • George

    Continuation.  I meant to say “re-elected ” .      Just think , the nations first secular president .      If we’re ever at war and we win , we won’t have to say  [ Thank God ] . We can just simply say   [ Thank Rationalism ].   Man , that would be great.  Just as we have Churchs now which are  Houses Of Worship , we can have  Houses of Analytical Thinking  , Reason,  Rational  Thought and Sensible Inquiry.    Of course the Bible Chompers won’t go for it.  You see, the Bible Kissers will be going “ballistic”  over even the thought.   The Bible Lickers will be going into cardiac arrest in droves .  Just a thought.

  • George

    Hopefully President Barack Obummer won’t get relected and we get a real leader and pro-American President with real honor and patriotic pride.     If  Barack  Osama  gets relected then our society will simply fall apart and become a third world socialist nation.   I like the idea of an atheist  president. Just think , when he swears in , he won’t have to put his hand upon a Bible and say—–” so help me God “.   He can just put his hands by his side and simply say  – ” I truly confirm  “.
                             He won’t have to have prayer breakfasts and prayer meetings and celebrate  [ The national day of prayer ].  Instead , he can have rational  breakfasts and celebrate  [ The national day of reason ].  Instead of a Christmas Tree , we can have a   Rational Tree of Knowledge  & Logic.    Instead of an Easter Egg hunt. We an have a Diamond or Gold hunt , or even a Cubic Zirconia and Silver hunt.   Yeah , that’l work !    
                        We can change the calendar instead of reading 2012  ( based upon the Christian based dating system ) , it could be based upon an intergalatic event such as a Super Nova Explosion , a  major meteor event , etc. ( just simply scientific ).  Instead of  the tired worn out indoctrinated superstition slogan—-  ” One Nation Under God ”  , we could have a rational sensible slogan like —    ” One Nation Under Common F###ing Sense ” .   Darn, Im good .  WE better get crankin’ and get the campaign going ——————–time’s a wastin’ !

  • George

      These dumb  a##   people here in  America will put a freakin’ Muslim in the office of the  President before they will elect a secular freethinker.  Oh , wait a minute ,   ————————————-  Isn’t there already a Marxist leaning Muslim in the white house already  , posing as a  Christian  ?  Here we are at war with radical Islam around the world whereby Muslims are murdering , enslaving, torturing, terrorizing and subjugating people around the world while secularists are simply living law-abiding, peaceful , ethical lives and yet the overwhelming   Christianized saturated society pours out their hatred and disdain toward only one group  as their scapegoat ———  ATHEISTS    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Unf###ing real !!!!!!!!!!  

  • George

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm   , let’s eee—I don’t know  , this is a tough one.  America voted a staunch neo-Marxist anti-American  socialist into the white house  ( President Obummer ).  I’m kinda thinking —considering that  Rep. Pete Stark is an open atheist politician and very open about it —-hmmmmm—maybe .  Now, a pro-American conservative atheist would more likely have a chance if the emphasis was on conservative values and not pushing a special interest agenda.  Just a presumption on my part.