Allies: US, NATO, and the Butcher of Dafur 3

It’s getting ever worse, the mess that Obama and some European leaders have made with their interference in Libya “to protect civilians”.

The “civilians” include al-Qaeda operatives and murderous mobs which use the upheaval of war to hunt down and kill “aliens” in their country whose ethnicity they don’t like.

And now Omar al-Bashir, the mass-murderer tyrant of Sudan, has been let in to help the most powerful military alliance in the world with their failing campaign against the tin-pot dictator of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi.

Stephen Brown writes at Front Page:

While the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) says it is protecting civilians in Libya from Muammar Gaddafi, an International Criminal Court (ICC)-indicted fugitive, it has allowed another ICC-wanted criminal to send his army into the country.

In an under-reported event, Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir, currently under indictment by the ICC for genocide in Darfur, recently sent troops across the Libyan-Sudanese border into southern Libya to occupy Kufra, a town located in an important oil-producing area. Only last May in his own country, Bashir, who could teach Gaddafi lessons on killing civilians, had used the same army to ethnically cleanse 60,000 Dinka tribesmen with tanks from Abyei, while his air force is currently bombing Nuba civilians indiscriminately in their mountain villages in possible preparation for a new genocide. Indicating that a deal with the devil may have been made prior to the Sudanese army’s cross-border move, NATO, which controls Libyan airspace, did not oppose the occupation.

“Our surveillance shows that they are not moving the oil, so it is not about money in the short term,” one Western official was quoted as saying.

What the Sudanese intervention most likely is about, however, is oil. More specifically, it is about getting it flowing again, a NATO priority. British officials are reported to “have worked closely” with the rebels in Benghazi to this end.

The role of the Sudanese troops in achieving this goal, it seems, is to provide the oil-producing area around Kufra with protection from Gaddafi’s forces. The Libyan leader’s fighters have been attacking oil facilities around Kufra and elsewhere to prevent the rebels from selling the oil and using the proceeds to prosecute the war against him. Without money, the rebels say they are “incapable of battling Gaddafi.” …

The Sudanese army moved into Kufra only days after the last attack by Gaddafi forces on the area’s oil fields on June 12. Prior to the Sudanese arrival, there had been a lot fighting around the town. What Sudan’s government expects to receive for its help in Kufra is unclear. But one can rest assured that Bashir is not helping out for nothing.

If NATO acquiesced or assisted in hiring the army of a war criminal and mass murderer like Bashir for use against a similarly indicted criminal, as appears likely, it throws a hypocritical shadow over the military alliance’s oft stated mission statement of protecting Libyan civilians. Enlisting Bashir proves protecting civilians from a brutal dictator was never NATO’s priority; rather it proves, as has long been suspected, the war is primarily about oil.

In our opinion, oil is a very good reason for going to war. Oil is the lifeblood of our commerce, essential to our civilization. We regret that the US did not take possession of the major Middle East oil-fields long ago – in 1973 at the latest.

It’s a much more respectable reason than “protecting civilians”, even if that were a genuine reason, and not the hypocritical pretext that it is.

What does it say about our culture that a sentimental lie is thought necessary to justify a war that is actually being fought for the vital interest of at least some of the NATO powers (chiefly France)?

One African columnist, Obi Nwakanma, has most likely discerned the true reason for NATO’s involvement in the Libyan civil war. Britain and France, Nwakanma maintains, feared being shut out of the Libyan oil fields in favour of China and India. Libya contains the largest oil reserves in Africa.

“It is no longer a secret that behind this NATO alliance war on Libya, and far beyond the ‘do-good’ face it …wears…as its reason for bombing Libya to smithereens is the quest to control the oil fields of Libya, guarantee Western access to energy sources in the face of growing concern over the rise of China and India and their…emerging gluttony for oil…,” Nwakanma writes.

It would be just like the sadistic Gaddafi to turn around and make oil exploration deals with China and India after Britain and France had suffered humiliation at his hands in expectation of getting such agreements. But NATO is running out of options in bringing a quick end to the bloody mess the Libyan war has become. The rebels are no closer to deposing Gaddafi than they were last February when the rebellion began. Facing a stalemate in eastern Libya, they have also not advanced from Misrata in western Libya despite having the advantage of NATO air support. As an indication of their weakness, and perhaps of their desperation, the rebels’ ruling council in Benghazi has now offered to allow Gaddafi to stay in Libya, if he would only step down. This offer was promptly rejected.

A possible sign of NATO’s desperation occurred when it was revealed last week France had air-dropped arms to anti-Gaddafi Berber rebels in Libya’s western mountains, defying the UN resolution banning the supplying of weapons to either side. The French defended their actions, saying the weapons, “rocket-propelled grenades, assault rifles, machine guns and, above all, anti-tank missiles,” were to protect the rebels against Gaddafi’s troops. Frustratingly for NATO, the French weapons have not helped so far. The French-armed Berber rebel force, now positioned 50 miles south of Tripoli, first offensive failed. Fighting on flat plains is not the same as mountain warfare.

Failing is bad enough, but making common cause with a blood-soaked savage like al-Bashir is worse. If they weren’t pretending not to be fighting for oil, the Western powers could send an army in and take it. It’s the sentimental pretense that has landed them in a disgusting alliance with al-Bashir.

And to what further depravities and slaughter is it all leading?

Even if NATO does prevail, one must question what kind of democracy does it expect to appear in Libya after Gaddafi’s downfall? The rebel forces are not very united, except in their desire to get rid of Gaddafi, and some have even been accused of war crimes, especially against black Africans. Made up largely of tribes, the opposition forces may eventually start to fight each other over power and control of oil revenues after Gaddafi’s demise, setting the stage for a never-ending, multi-phase civil war like happened in Afghanistan after the 1989 Soviet withdrawal. If this is the case, NATO may inadvertently have created more candidates for the ICC, against which it will again eventually have to act “to protect Libyan civilians.”

  • George

    Anbody who actually believes that Islam is a religion of peace needs their head examined and is most definately a candidate for a psychiatrist couch.    Everywhere you go around the world we have Muslims engaging in mass murder & murder-suicide,  mahem, terrorism, torture, destruction, slavery , mass rape,  hatred ,  and subjugation.  These zealots have no regard or respect  for human life  because they don’t have any respect for their own lives.  They live to kill.  They love to kill.  They live to hate.  They live to destroy. The live to subjugate others.  They enjoy murdering , torturing and enslaving.  It’s part of their 7th century ideological culture still being practiced in our modern day Space Age.  These people have never reformed into modern society because they embrace a belief system that keeps them mentally entrapped in a culture and an ideology of the ancient past.   It is impossible to reason with such individuals with any sort of rational and logical discourse  because in their mind , their indoctrinated theological dogma is what drives them to hate and engage in murderous conquest.  What religion that claims to be one of peace and yet actually practices nothing but murder and mayhem ?  What religion has to force people by the  threat of death in order to get people to conform to it’s tennants ?   
                          Why would any woman with any sense whatsoever embrace and defend a religion that treats her worse than a slave ?   Why would any woman praise a belief system that regards her as the inferior to men ?   Why would any woman give her life and fight to continue the life of a servitude servant of radical and hateful domination and mistreatment of women ?   Why ? 
                             Look at the Muslim countries  and you will see that they have no industry, no modern society , no fun and entertainment, no love , no passion and no intimate man-woman relationships.    Their culture is barbaric, hateful, ancient, deceitful and yet they have the audacity to talk down upon other truly civilized cultures.   You don’t see other cultures engaging  in murder, mayhem and destruction all over the world.  It’s a religion of violence and conquest to dominate and control by life threatening power. 
                         The reason why these fundamentalist  Muslim zealots get away with this around the world is because they haven’t been opposed and stopped. We have the military ability to crush them and free the world and make the world a safe place but we as a world society are so bent in playing the role of —- ” Let’s all get along and be tolllerant , and not reduce ourselves to their level ”    PC bullcrap.  This ultra-tollerance nonsense on our part could very well spell our doom if we don’t get a handle on this problem. We have currently the military power to defeat them but we do not have the will and they know it and are taking advantage of our good nature and civility.
                        The ONLY thing that these murderous 7th century throwbacks understand is brute military force.  We have peace in America because of our firepower superiority and that a**hole Obama is destroying that. It isn’t that Obama is dumb and doesn’t know what he is doing. Oh no , he is well aware of what he is doing and it is by design that he is bringing America down to it’s knees with his anti-American agenda.  This is what the American voters got for putting a neo-marxist in the White House and now we’re all suffering as a consequence .  If we don’t stand up and fight back  , then the world will be driven back to the  Stone  Age and all of our freedoms , justice, independence, enjoyment, entertainment, industry, modern standard of living, and peace in general will be a thing of history and no more. Life as we know it will literally cease to exist and this is exactly what these throwbacks actually want. They couldn’t do what they do and get away with it if it weren’t for our passive mindset and pacifity.  So many people do not understand how serious and dangerous this world jihadist movement situation really is. People had better wake the %$#@  up before it’s too late .  I fear that tyhings are going to get much worse before it gets any better and then people around the world are  finally going to say —– ENOUGH !!!!!!
    Then and only then will people stand up and fight back. I only hope that world civilized society wakes up  before it’s too late or we’re doomed !  Hopefully things will drastically turn around .   This is the era of the time these throwbacks regard as their Holy War and they are literally seeking  world conquest and they are deadly serious. We are the stupid fools acting passive and going day to day acting as if it’s no big deal.   Wait until this problem “hits home” and people will see first hand what fools they have been for ignoring this problem and not taking  this situation as serious as it really is.  The world  had better get it’s collective act together before it’s too late or it’s over for us—– LITERALLY !!!!    

  • George

    How could this “naked” neo-Marxist Obama become the President of our great nation of freedom, justice and equality ?  How could people vote for a man that wants to transform our society into a socialist utopia ?  How could any white person  vote for a man who sat in the pews of  Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years ? Are you %$#ing kidding me ? Obviously not since they supported and voted for him .   Actually Obama is NOT our first  African-American  President. His father is black and his mother is white which makes him the first bi-racial prsident , or mixed race president , or multi-ethnic president.  He is just as much equally European-American as he is African-American . Considering that I am a  black conservative, a white conservative friend of mine knows how I feel about Obama and asked me how did it feel to have Obama , the first African-American to become president turn out to be an individual like Obama who’s screwing up the country. I told him Obama is bi-racial ( half white and half black )  so I guess that makes me fifty percent embarrassed .  He laughed and said —  ” I guess that makes me the other fifty percent embarrassed “.  It has nothing to do with ethnicity  ( of course I wish Col.  Allen West had been our president —–someone I could respect and be proud of ).
                           As a black conservative , I  heard many blacks say openly that they voted for Obama specifically because he is black and they were tired of seeing only white males in the presidential seat.   They also fervently hated Bush.  The vote for Obama was  therefore a protest vote and a PC vote just for supporting ethnic favortism reasons.  What a stupid  reason to choose the leader of our nation. We are now involved in conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya and more involvement continuing elsewhere. We are going broke and this guy ( Obama ) is spending us into oblivion and sending many tens if not hundreds of billions to third world nations and now he wants to raise our taxes to pay for his wasteful out of control spending of which much of the money is going to our open enemies in the Middle East who want to kill us .  How can the American people be so stupid and gullible ?  Why don’t people think anymore and use their logical brain ? Why ?  The Middle East is a “powder keg” and growing worse each day and Obama is perpetually weakening our national defense and handcuffing  our rules of engagement while putting our troops in more and more life threatening danger . More human meat for the grinder for all he cares. Terrorist regiemes are taking control of entire nations in the Middle  East and yet this administration sends them tens of billions of dollars of which they purchase weapons and bombs to kill us with .  Yet people here in  America are jobless, homeless, and in despair and he does nothing in behalf of  American citizens who he is in office to represent  ( not these dirtbags in the Middle East ).
                                    But we must give Obama credit in that he kept his word when he said he was going to transfortm America and bring about CHANGE.  Oh sure , America has become transformed alright —into more and more of a socialist state .  He gave us CHANGE alright———–  a  CHANGE  for the worse and left us with nothing but CHANGE in our pockets.

  • George

    There are blacks in Sudan under slavery right now and also being slaughtered en masse  by the Muslim zealots and since I happen to be black I can say the following  without being called racist ( but I’ll be called worse as a result by my own ethnicity being hoodwinked by liberalism ).  These stinking poverty pimp race-baiting phony so-called black leaders here in America are always whining their butts off  ranting & raving about aledged injustice when they can’t get their entitlement handouts from the government but are totally silent and unmoved when blacks are being  slaughtered and enslaved in Sudan and south Saharan Africa.
                   Then they stick their freakin’ chests out using the term [ African-American ]   when they don’t give a crap  about Africa or it’s people , don’t lift a finger to help anyone in Africa and yet  they proclam to be so pro-Africa. I know I come across as being a “hot-head”  but I can’t stand hypocrisy and double-standard behavior and deceit. My people have been so thouroughly brainwashed that we as an ethnic group have become the laughing stock of the world and as such are looked down upon with such disdain.  Until my ethnic group wakes up and learns to think for ourselves as a people , then we will never regain our rightful position in society as we had many thousands of years ago  in Africa before the continent was ravished and destroyed and sent back to the stone age. Africa is now in shambles and at the point of being totally hopeless and my people here in America sit back and let it happen. What a bunch of %$#@ing fools.
                            My people so foolishly and stupidly supported Obama who has stabbed us all in the back and I knew about him long before he became chosen as President.  Until we learn to think independently and not be so gullible by following the PC crowd we will never advance as we should.
                               I get more detailed and useful  information from  The Atheist Conservative in one day than I do in the mainstream media in an entire decade. I am so embarrassed and ashamed at how my people are so gullible, naive, foolish and stupid !  Sometimes I feel like I want to go and crawl under a rug . It is so pathetic. Sometimes I want to scream. To think that after enduring slavery , Jim Crow segregation, lynchings, domestic KKK terrorist acts , you woud think we would have waken up by now—but oh no , my people continue to be such brainwashed bafoons still falling for political tricks and deceit.  It’s disgusting.
                    There is ethnic cleansing going on right now in the Middle East and North Africa and black men here in America still act like little children dependent on BIG GOVERNMENT as the “governmental substitute state parent” while our families , dignity, self-respect , jobs and future are being flushed down the toilet.  I am  so embarrased and ashamed.  Where is the self-pride ?   Where is the self-respect ?   Where is true honor ?
                                   Generally speaking ,  here we are in America ,  the greatest country on earth and we have the military might to crush these 7th century throwbacks overnight but we as a PC society allow ourselves to be targets for destruction by the PC suicidal crowd that’s currently in political power and control.   I wish  The Atheist Conservative were also available in magazine book form to be purchased in bookstores on a weekly basis to educate the dumb and ignorant masses or published in major syndicated news print media   ( which will never be accepted or allowed in our Christianized saturated society ).
                            The Middle East is an explosive “hotbead”  and if we don’t get a grip on this terrorism  problem soon  , this Middle East problem and attrocities could very well soon reach our shores . The terroists have gotten bolder because they smell weakness in Europe and the West.  They are taking advantage of such and are literally laughing at us  ( at our gullible and foolish stupidity ).  Organized religion is the scourge of the earth and people are so bent on blaming and attacking atheists when they don’t even realize  that they embrace belief systems that have and still are endangering , hindering  and deceiving world society.